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THE DAUGHTER OF A SOLDIER   (Article) A young girl's plea and a soldier's compassion bring tears of happiness.

AMERICA'S ANSWER  (Endorsement) The D&C's choice for Prez and VP in 2012.

AMBUSH AT THE SUMMIT (Commentary) Mr. President, the campaign is NOT over. It is just beginning

HO-HUM (Commentary) "….it is a tale, Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing."

THERE IS HOPE AT LAST…(OR IS THERE?) (Commentary) Apparently there is a new Democratic focus since the Boston Tea Party II

IS IT TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE? (Commentary) Some prognosticators feel that, even if it is successful in the November elections, the Conservative Movement will be too late to save America's primacy in the world

In the aftermath of the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts, I wonder if my Congressman got the obvious message.



TEDDY, SARAH, AND THE DOUBLE STANDARD - (Commentary) If the Media and the Left didn't have Sarah to chirp about, they would have to go back to blaming Bush.

A CHANGING OF THE GUARD - (Commentary) Bipartisanship and compromise are dead; it's time for the RINOs to go.

HOPE FOR THE FUTURE - (Commentary) America's youth are fine. It is up to the older generations to give them the chance to live up to their potential.

SOME CATCHING UP TO DO   (Commentary)  The regular readers of The Drum and Cannon might be wondering about now where the normal three or four articles were last week.

BRINGING THE RIGHT TOGETHER   (Commentary)  A Social Conservative assesses social conservatism

CREDIBILITY IS A PROBLEM FOR CONSERVATIVES  (Commentary)  One of the problems that Conservatives have, when expressing their concerns about the direction that our country is headed, is to be taken seriously.

AN APPARENT HOAX  (Commentary)   If you happened to be browsing on the internet late last night and happened to stop by here at The Drum and Cannon, you may have seen an article entitled Special Report, which appeared for only 30 minutes or so before being taken down.

(Colorado news)  On an issue that mostly affects Colorado voters, but affects other states indirectly, the State Senate on Friday (5/1) failed to vote on a bill that would have changed the way in which Colorado’s Electoral College votes would be allocated.

SUPPRESSING DISSENT BY ANY OTHER NAME  (Commentary)  The rationality and value of any ideology can best be measured by the extent to which its followers must go to suppress competing ideologies.

WHEN THE OBAMA BACKLASH COMES   (Guest Commentary by Jeff Lukens)  Since the inauguration, the president is showing he has different plans than the ones he spoke about during the campaign. It should come as no surprise when the public turns on him just as easily as he has turned on them.


A $50 LESSON  (In my e-mail)   A potential conservative

ON OUR GRANDCHILDREN'S FUTURE  (Commentary)  This was a weekend for the grandkids. Actually, it was a weekend for “Papa Jack”, for I can think of no better way to spend a weekend than with my two grandsons.

THE REAL STORY BEHIND THE PIRATE STANDOFF  (Commentary)  A detailed account of what actually took place in the four-day standoff with the Somali pirates, from the experts..

TUESDAY'S MUSINGS  (Commentary)   I'm feeling mellow today. Maybe all of the world's problems have overwhelmed me.

ARE SOME AMERICANS' RIGHTS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THOSE OF OTHERS?  (Commentary)   There is an worrisome trend taking place in our state and federal governments that hides behind a mask of compassion and social justice. This trend manifests itself in the unspoken belief that the rights of certain groups of Americans are more important than those of other groups.

THE HYPOCRISY IS OVERWHELMING   (Commentary)  It was no coincidence that the day before conservatives held their nationwide Tax Day Tea Parties that Secretary Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security issued its “advisory” to law enforcement groups

THEY JUST DON'T GET IT  (Commentary)   The Denver Post's overage hippie columnist, Mike Littwin, did not think much of the Denver version of the Tax Day Tea Party, according to the  report or opinion piece or whatever it is that Littwin writes, in this morning's newspaper.

THE END OF THE BEGINNING   (Commentary)  If this week’s Tax Day Tea Parties proved anything, it is simply that those of us who participated cannot now fold our tents and retreat into our political comfort zones.

NATIONWIDE TAX DAY TEA PARTY A SMASHING SUCCESS  (Commentary)  The nationwide Tax Day Tea Party movement achieved a resounding success today. As of 10:00pm EDT, Pajamas TV’s live coverage of the day’s events reported that well over 200,000 people had attended local Tea Parties across the country

IT'S TIME TO FIGHT BACK   (Commentary)  It is a strange turn of events, to say the least. The site of hundreds and thousands of flag-waving and sign carrying right-of-center and conservative citizens attending rallies across the country is something new to the American scene.

MEDIA: TEA PARTY? WHAT TEA PARTY?  (Commentary)  It should come as no surprise that the Old Media has thus far given scant attention to the Tax Day Tea Parties that are scheduled to take place this week in hundreds of cities across the country.

A CONSTRUCTIONIST VIEW ON SAME-SEX MARRIAGE  (Commentary)  A person who is as opinionated as I am is indeed fortunate to have someone in the family who can effectively challenge those opinions and give that person reason to question them and either reject them or have them reinforced through contemplative analysis.

A MINIMAL STIMULUS FOR WARD CHURCHILL  (Commentary)  After having to endure four weeks of testimony, jurors in the trial to reinstate the Big Chief’s job as Professor at the University of Colorado pulled a big surprise by first agreeing with his claim that he was wrongfully terminated from his job, then over- generously awarding him damages in the total amount of $1.00 for his efforts.

DON'T ASK QUESTIONS, THE ANSWERS TO WHICH YOU DO NOT WANT TO HEAR... (Commentary)  A media poll backfires...

JUST WONDERING...    (Commentary)  A few questions about what is going on in this wacky world.

A COMMITMENT FOR SUCCESS IN AFGHANISTAN: OR NOT?  (Commentary)  President Obama’s new policy for defeating al Qaeda and the Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan and Pakistan is a welcomed development in both of those countries, and has been well received here in the United States.

CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL   (Commentary)  I just looked out the window of my Colorado home, and was unable to see across the street because of the falling and blowing snow! There is no longer any doubt that Global Warming has given way to Global Cooling.

LET'S CALL TERRORISTS "SENSITIVE ISLAMIC ACTIVISTS"  (Commentary)   In the total absurdity that is now the Obama presidency, George Orwell’s term “Newspeak” from his book 1984 has found a new home.

THERE IS NO "FREEDOM" IN EFCA  (Commentary)  Political paybacks are nothing new in Washington. The primary reason that organizations make campaign contributions is because they expect to get favorable treatment in return for their generosity.

WHERE DO YOU FIT IN?  (Commentary)   Very few of us seem to have either the time or the energy to worry about those types of things that we occasionally hear about that supposedly pose a threat to our freedoms and liberty. To some of us, freedom and liberty seem like remote abstractions and beyond our control. To many others, the threats do not even exist.

SIEG HEIL, MEIN OBERFUHRER: THE SEQUEL  (Commentary)  On loyalty oaths and robots.

STICKING IT TO THE WOUNDED VETS  (Commentary)  There is intelligence. And then there is wisdom. The two are not the same, nor does one presuppose the other. Intelligence is to be applauded. Wisdom is to be cherished. It is not the intelligent that history remembers most. It is those with wisdom. 

ON MICHAEL STEELE AND REPUBLICAN STRATEGY FOR 2012  (Commentary)  It is premature for conservatives to call for Michael Steele's resignation based solely on his recent comments on Roe v. Wade

HOPE, CHANGE, AND BUYER'S REMORSE  (Commentary)  It is beginning to look like more and more Americans are wishing that we could have do-overs of last November’s election.

HOLDING CONGRESS RESPONSIBLE: PART II  (Update)  Detailed results of the congressional voting on the Omnibus Spending Bill have been posted

THE TRUTH BEHIND THE CURRENT MORTGAGE CRISIS  (Commentary)  At least we cannot lay its origins at the feet of Barack Obama. The current mortgage crisis had its seeds sown long before last year's elections.

WE WISH THE NEW PRESIDENT GOOD HEALTH  (Commentary)  We wish the President good health. We wish him and his family long and healthy lives. But we do not wish him success with his policies.

A LITTLE HUMOR IN THE DARKNESS  (Commentary)  If it were not for the economic crisis in this country, the political theater that is playing out in Washington would be hilarious. Who knows? Maybe conservatives and liberals would get along; but then, it wouldn’t be so funny.

LETTING THEM KNOW  (Commentary)   I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree, nor as big a hypocrite as a Liberal...  

UNDERSTANDING THE RECESSION   (Reference)  A new article written by economist Rich Sokol  provides a comprehensive description of all of the activities that went into creating the economic recession that we are now experiencing.

STIFLING DISSENT  (Commentary)   On Friday, Feb. 26, the Senate passed the District of Columbia Voting Rights b\Bill, which for the first time gives D.C. one seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Then the senators got busy adding amendments.

TEST OF THE MITT ROMNEY SPEECH   before the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.

WE KNEW IT WAS COMING: PART II   (Commentary)  A follow-up to the earlier article on defense spending.

INTRODUCING...  (Commentary)   An early candidate for Colorado's 7th Congressional District seat

PAYING TRIBUTE, TENNESSEE STYLE   (News, commentary)  In Tennessee, drivers really do pull off the road and stop for funerals. Nobody moves until the last car has gone by. But this one was special.

WE KNEW IT WAS COMING  (Commentary)   Want to guess where the Prez will be cutting government spending?

THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS   (Commentary)  That old television show that was also known as TW3, had a very brief life span of less than a year in 1964 and 1965 but was one of my all-time favorites. The series lampooned the news stories of the previous week and made things seem far less serious and foreboding than they actually were.

SOME INCONVENIENT TRUTH  (Commentary)   For those of you who look upon the recently approved Stimulus Bill to be the salvation of America, or don't really care one way or another, here are some things to consider. It's about time that more of us did. It's obvious that 60 senators and 246 representatives did not.

HOLDING CONGRESS RESPONSIBLE   (Commentary)  Having Congress know that they will be held accountable is better than signing petitions or sending e-mails

A SOLUTION TO FINDING A NEW COMMERCE SECRETARY  (Commentary)   An idea to help the President.

A NEW ENGLANDER SHOWS GOOD JUDGMENT  (News, Commentary)  The news floating around the internet tonight is all about New Hampshire Republican Sen. Judd Gregg deciding to turn down the offer of being Pres. Obama’s Secretary of Commerce.

IT'S ALL OVER BUT THE SHOUTING  (Commentary)  Now it's time to send a message to the National GOP.

SOME FERTILIZER FOR THE MALL'S NEW SOD  (Commentary)  A new use for presidential rhetoric

IT TOOK JUST ONE WEEK   (Commentary)  We expected it to happen sooner or later. But that it happened just one week into the Obama presidency came as a surprise. To many Americans, it probably is not very important. To most of us who have served in the military, however, it is seen with dismay and worry.

THE RINOs HAVE THEIR DAY   (Commentary)  Perhaps they voted according to the consciences. The problem is that their consciences violated every Republican Party principle, and the Stimulus Bill is unlikely to bring about any real or lasting “Recovery”.  

PUMP THE VOLUME, MAN   (Commentary)  We have all heard it; or at least those of us who have gone through the process of raising teenagers have heard it: “Everyone else is doing it” or, “Everyone else has one.” In the typical teenage mind, these words justify anything and everything. 

SIEG HEIL, MEIN OBERFUHRER!   (Commentary)  Apparently, the Dems are serious about stifling the dissent that shows the shallowness of their rhetoric

IS INCOME DISPARITY THE CAUSE OF RECESSIONS?  (Commentary)  A discussion group subject triggers some analysis

REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE PICKS NEW CHAIRMAN  (News)  Republicans on Friday elected former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele as the new Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

IS THE HONEYMOON COMING TO AN END?  (Commentary)  According to the latest Rasmussen survey, as reported at Free Republic, Americans’ support for President Obama’s $900 billion Economic Stimulus Package has dropped from 45% to 42% during the past week, while opposition to the Bill rose from 34% to 39%. Currently 19% are undecided, down from 21%.

TURNING THE SCREWS, PART II   (Commentary)  Now is the time for Republicans to send a message to America; not after the Stimulus Bill is passed

ANOTHER "DAY THAT WILL LIVE IN INFAMY"  (Commentary)   January 28, 2009. Remember this date, Americans. And remember the number 900 billion.

TURNING THE SCREWS  (Commentary)   An idea to keep the Republicans in Congress in line with the Party's goals and principles.

A SPEECH THAT ALL AMERICANS SHOULD SEE AND HEAR  (Commentary)  For many Americans, speaking out against Islamic extremism is not considered to be fashionable, especially in this new era of “change” and “hope”. It does not fit into the conceptual mold of “political correctness”.

RESPECT, WHERE RESPECT IS DUE  (Commentary)  A member of the media eloquently expresses his high respect for the departing President

AMERICA'S DESTINATION  (Commentary)   When voters elect government leaders who follow their hearts instead of their brains, they usually find themselves on a trip to somewhere they really do not want to be. But all too often, they find that they have only a one-way ticket.

IT'S TIME TO COME TOGETHER - NOT!  (Commentary)  Has the English language changed, has economic inflation set in this quickly, or has America, especially the media, become a nation of hypocrites? We report, you decipher.

A CRISIS TOO GREAT TO WASTE   (Guest commentary)  So Barack Obama proposes massive government spending like we have never seen before as our way back to economic prosperity. Yet wasn't it a mountain of unpayable debt that got us into this financial crisis in the first place?

MERELY AN OBSERVATION   (Commentary)  An Obama quote might be useful in the future

iS THERE A CEASE-FIRE OR NOT?   (News and commentary)  FOX News is reporting tonight that the Hamas leadership in Gaza has agreed to the cease-fire initiated by Israel on Saturday, but established the conditions that Israel must withdraw all of its troops within one week and reopen all border crossings into Gaza.

TO A DEPARTING PRESIDENT   (Letter/commentary)  Since everyone else is doing it, I thought it appropriate to post a brief analysis and discuss the legacy of President George W. Bush as he prepares to leave office.

SUPREME COURT DENIES BERG HEARING  (News)  The U.S. Supreme Court announced today that it has denied Phillip Berg a hearing regarding Barack Obama's eligibility to serve as President


THE MIDEAST WAR - TWO VIEWS   (Commentary)  Even if the sponsors and supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah were to sit down at a negotiating table with Israel, neither of those organizations would abandon their main reason for being, the elimination of the State of Israel. Instead, they would use the time provided to rearm and rebuild for the next stage in their plans for the destruction of the Jewish state.

A SHAMEFUL REPORT  (Commentary)   A new report on the civics-literacy of Americans has some frightening statistics

ON THE FRENCH AND EGYPTIAN PEACE PROPOSAL Commentary)  Now that the world has offered its obligatory peace proposal for the Middle East, let israel get on with its business of acquiring its own peace in its own way.

THE GESTAPO SCORES A WIN   (Commentary)  Don't miss the latest article by Jeff Schreiber at America's Right

A SIMPLE LESSON IN ECONOMICS (Commentary)  What they wanted is "change", and change they will get.

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER WAR   (Commentary)  As Americans and Europeans complacently go about their business of wrapping up another holiday season, it is easy for us to all but ignore the turmoil that is taking place in the Middle East.



EDUCATING THE UNEDUCATED   (Commentary)  "Experience keeps a school, yet folls will learn in no other"

THE QUESTION GOES AWAY  (Commentary)   The Supreme Court's decision to deny a hearing in Wrotnowski v. Bysiewic essentially ends the eligibility issue.

A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME   (Commentary)  For those Americans who are ignorant and lazy enough to expect the government to solve all of their problems, they will only find new and greater problems. Unfortunately, it is all of us who will pay the price.

A REPLY TO DAVID HOROWITZ’S ARTICLE AT TOWNHALL.COM  (Commentary)   Ninety-nine point nine percent of the time I find myself in total agreement with David Horowitz’s opinions as expressed on the internet or on talk radio shows. With all due respect, I have to disagree with Mr. Horowitz here.

SUPREME COURT REFUSES TO HEAR DONOFRIO V. WELLS CASE  (News)  As expected, the U.S. Supreme Court announced this morning that it would not hear the case Donofrio v. Wells relating to Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility to serve as U.S. President.

SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT   (Commentary)  The issue regarding Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as President of the United States is beginning now to appear in some of the non-web related media. As usual, any resemblance between what the media is reporting and the actual facts is purely coincidental.

WHY THE SUPREME COURT WILL NOT TAKE UP OBAMA’S PRESIDENTIAL ELIGIBILITY ISSUE  (Commentray)  I have decided to go out on a limb and explain why, in my opinion, the Court will not take this issue on, at least for now.

FRED THOMPSON ON THE ECONOMY -- SOME HOLIDAY CHEER  (Video)   For any Liberals that might watch this video, it is satir- ical. That means that it really isn't serious -- humerous, yes; serious, no.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY  (Commentary)   Where else but in America...?

IN THIS CASE, NO NEWS IS BAD NEWS  (Commentary)  Keeping up with the question of Barack Obama's eligibility to serve

BRING ON THE OUTRAGE  (Commentary)   Is outrage really on the decline?

THE QUESTION THAT WILL NOT GO AWAY  (Commentary)  Taking issue with those who want the eligibility issue to just go away

WHO SAYS THAT WE HAVE LOST OUR MORAL COMPASS?  (Commentary)  Perusing the Sunday newspaper's Op-Ed section

WE, THE PEOPLE  (Commentary)  The question is this. Is the Constitution of the United States, as written, still relevant at all times and in all situations, or is it a tool of convenience to be used only in those cases in which it meets our individual agendas and needs? 

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER  (Commentary)   Join in the celebration of "Victory in Iraq Day"

NO BAILOUT FOR THE BIG THREE   (Commentary)  America must find a way to restore its trust and confidence in our corporate and business leaders if we are to once again have a stable and flourishing economy. To accomplish that, we need leaders who can demonstrate that they are worth that trust and confidence. Right now there are three who cannot do that.

A BRAVE NEW WORLD  (Commentary)   If there is one thing that gets under the skin of humorless liberals more than any other, it is political satire.

THIS WEEK'S CHANGE OF PACE   (Commentary)  With the campaigns over and most of the post-election analyses written, it is time to lighten up for a while.

WAR IS HELL...SOME OF THE TIME   (Videos)  Troops show how to make the best out of a situation.

FIGHTER PILOT: OPERATION RED FLAG  (Video)  It is probably the best military airpower movie that I have seen. If you are interested in the military or things that fly, and have about 48 minutes to watch it, I would strongly recommend it. 

ON THE 45TH REUNION OF USAFA CLASS OF 1963  (Commentary)  The following teaser was posted today at BlackFive, and brought fond memories of a recent class reunion that I had the good fortune to attend.

MORE ON "CHANGE AND HOPE FOR THE GOP"  (Commentary)   Other articles on the need for change within the GOP are encouraging

A DOSE OF REALITY (FINALLY)   (Commentary)  For the first time in over a year, Barack Obama faces reality.

CHANGE AND HOPE FOR THE GOP   (Commentary)  The voices of the Republican Party must focus more on the practical advantages of conservatism rather than the ideological. In short, they must convince one or more generations of people that government is NOT the answer to their problems.

LET THE DEBATE BEGIN  (Commentary)   Whether we like it or not, we live in a different America than that in which we grew up. As conservatives, we must recognize this and adjust our approach accordingly. 

ON ELECTION NIGHT   (Commentary)  To the winners, we offer congratulations, our thoughts, and our prayers. To the losers, we must express our deep gratitude for your effort and dedication. 

ON ELECTION DAY  (Commentary)   Odds and ends from around the country

THE DRUM AND CANNON SAVES THE COUNTRY  (Satire)  Inspired by a liberal friend

ARE TAXES A FORM OF CHARITY?  (Commentary)  True charity is not affected through coercion, by forcing a giver to target a specific group. Nor can it specify an amount to be donated. Under no definition of charity can redistribution of income be included.

I HEAR FOOTSTEPS  (Commentary)   Have you noticed how the Obama campaign’s definition of “wealthy” has been going down in paygrade and becoming more inclusive?

A LETTER TO THE EDITOR OF THE DENVER POST  (Commentary)  Supporters of Barack Obama should not expect their Messiah to unify the country

JOHN WHO?  (Commentary)   Lerew v. Perlmutter: performance will always trump an empty suit with a smiling face.

IT'S NOT TOO LATE  (Commentary)   There is just one week left before the end of the 2008 Presidential Election campaign. The overwhel- ming majority of us have already decided for whom we will vote, and little, if anything, can be done to change that. For those very few who have not yet decided, and for those whose decision may still not be firm, I make this appeal. I make it on behalf of our children and, for some of us, for our grandchildren, who are so important to us.

IT'S A MATTER OF HONESTY   (Commentary)  A Democratic columnist takes the media to task, especially the newspapers.

AN EARLY WARNING  (Commentary)   Joe Biden's prophetic words at a weekend fundraiser will not help his running mate.

NEW POLL: McCAIN AHEAD BY 45%   (Commentary)  No, that wasn't a typo. Check the article for details.

AN EXERCISE IN FUTILITY?   (Commentary)  Conservative warnings about Obama's "distribution of wealth" socialism falls on deaf ears

OBAMA'S MEDIA FRIENDS TO THE RESCUE  (Commentary)  It took less than 24 hours for the slime-rakers and self-designated Obama campaign workers in what is inappropriately labeled the “mainstream” media to trash Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, more famously known as “Joe the Plumber”.

THE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES - ROUND 3  (Commentary)  Even if you believe that McCain won the third debate, it will not change the outcome of the election. It will take much more.

PRO-TROOP ORGANIZATION ENDORSES BOB SCHAFFER  (News)   Representatives from the Move America Forward Freedom PAC participated in a joint press conference this morning in Colorado Springs to express the organizations support for Senate candidate Bob Schaffer.

THE PRICE OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS  (Guest Commentary)  Jeff Lukens once again visits the D&C with an accurate analysis of the current economic crisis

ALL IN THE NAME OF FAIRNESS   (Commentary)  Politicians have quickly learned that they could garner votes by playing that “fairness” card. Barack Obama is the consummate card shark and politician. Just listen to his words.

FEIGNING REALITY IN THE LOCAL MEDIA  (Commentary)  Not too surprisingly, the Denver Post endorses Democrat Mark Udall for the U. S. Senate

A PARTIAL VICTORY  (Commentary)   Columnist Mark Steyn wins his battle against thought-control in Canada, but almost wishes that he hadn't.

A CATHARSIS, OF SORTS   (Commentary)  The confession of a incorrigible conservative, and other fairy tales.

IT'S TIME TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT  (Report)  Once again the vagaries of recent history allow Barack Obama to get away with a phony assertion

THE D&C SECOND DEBATE SCORECARD  (Commentary)  (Yawn...)

DOWN TO THE WIRE -- PART 1   (Commentary)  The first of a series comparing the candidates in one of America's most closely watched congressional races

DOWN TO THE WIRE--PART 2   (Commentary)  The second in a series comparing the candidates in one of America's most closely watched congressional races. Here we focus on energy issues

WEDNESDAY'S TIDBITS   (Commentaryt)  The debate within a debate, rewarding incompetent CEO's, and more...

ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS ON THE FIRST PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE  (Commentary)   Blessed with the benefit of hindsight, some thoughts on what might have been

MYTHS AND BAILOUTS  (Commentary)   The simple lesson to be learned from the current economic crisis is that social engineering in a free market economy usually cannot work without serious government intervention

FOOD FOR THOUGHT  (Commentary)   This might be traumatic, so read it at your own discretion

THE FIRST PRESIDEN- TIAL DEBATE: A REACTION  (Commentary)  Calling the winner is meaningless

(Video)  Former Sen. Mike Gravel has liberal talk show hosts running for cover as he refuses to follow their script.

IT'S TIME TO MOVE ON  (Commentary)   Republicans have spent the better part of two years disparaging the “rock star” status of Barack Obama, yet we have fallen into the sane blind stupor by assigning that status to Sarah Palin. It is now time for us to move on.

(News, Commentary)  Reports that Barack Obama engaged in secret talks with the Iraqi government could mean the end of his campaign.

(Commentary)  Apparently, the European elitists do not approve of John McCain's selection of a running mate. In other news....

COMMUNITY ORGANIZER  (Visual Commentary)

ON THIS DAY  (Commentary)   Thoughts on the anniversary of 9/11

NEWS FOR DEMOCRATS  (Commentary)   Setting the record straight

OBAMA'S GAFFE OF THE DAY   (Commentary)  The Presidential Pretender steps in it once again

DEAR MR. OBAMA  (Video)   The message brought forth in the You Tube presentation is undoubtedly far above The Anointed One's paygrade to understand, but he should see it any- way.

THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION: A PERSONAL VIEW  (Commentary)   A review of the RNC through the eyes of a state delegate

THANK GOODNESS, THAT PART IS OVER  (Commentary)  The Anointed One's selection of Joe Biden for VP puts this Conservative's concerns to rest.

OOPS! (Satire)  Colorado Rep. Mark Udall and friend San Fran Nan do a historic flip-flop.

BREAKING NEWS" DRAFT OF US-IRAQ AGREEMENT ON TROOP WITHDRAWALS COMPLETED AND AWAITING APPROVAL   (News)  Major networks reporting that a tentative agreement has been reached on troop withdrawals from Iraq.

POLITICAL DEFINITIONS  (Commentary)   As part of our “Full-Service” effort, The Drum and Cannon offers the following definitions and descriptions of political words and phrases that the public has heard and will be hearing more frequently as we get closer to Election Day on November 4th.

A QUESTION THAT NEEDS A (REAL) ANSWER  (Commentary)  A report coming out on an Israeli website has raised questions about the vera- city of Barack Obama’s statements regarding his citizenship, religion, and even his name. Voters deserve a documented answer.

A NEW SPEECHWRITER FOR THE ANOINTED ONE?  (Commentary)   Could it be that the Obama Campaign has hired Yogi Berra as a new speechwriter?

JOHN McCAIN'S SHORT-LIST?   (Commentary)  Political strategist Dick Morris, whose views and opinion we usually agree with, has it wrong in his comments regarding John McCain’s selection of a VP running mate. Morris’s east coast outlook is beginning to influence his judgment on this issue.

CONGRATULATIONS, MIKE COFFMAN   (News)  Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman handily won Tuesday's primary election battle to replace retiring Rep. Tom Tancredo in the state's 6th Congressional District.

COMMENTS ON THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY PLATFORM  (Commentary)  If Conservatives were not so keenly aware of the past and present failed performances of liberal government, we might see this platform as a serious promise to take America along that path called for by our founding fathers, who unanimously agreed that less government is better and that, at best, government itself is a necessary evil.

USS NEW YORK  (News)   The US Navy warship that was built from World Trade Center scrap metals takes to the seas.

NO MORE VIETNAMS  (Guest Commentary by Jeff Lukens)  The war in Iraq may be ending in much the same way the war in Vietnam appeared to be ending in 1973 with the signing of the Paris Peace Accords. We had finally won in Vietnam, but then lost the peace two years later. The outcome of the 2008 presidential election could determine whether Iraq becomes "another Vietnam" should there be a significant renewal of insurgent activity.  

RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF WHAT?  (Commentary)  Barack Obama's lack of experience is superceded only by his naiveté and arrogance.

STRICTLY NON- PARTISAN ECONOMICS  (Humor)  From an economics perspective, a vote for McCain makes sense.

WHY WE SHOULD NOT TAP THE STRATEGIC OIL RESERVES  (Commentary)  The proposal by some Democrats to release oil from our strategic reserves illustrates how complex issues overwhelm them.

NEWSFLASH: tHERE IS MORE THAN ONE CAMPAIGN TAKING PLACE!  (Commentary)   With all eyes focused on the presidential campaigns, America is forgetting the importance of the many congressional campaigns which, when taken together, could have more impact on America's future.

OVERHEARD IN WASHINGTON  (Commentary)   There seems to be an over-abundance of suoer-heroes in the world right now.

THE ANOINTED ONE   (Commentary)  A new name and a new image for the Democrats' presidential candidate

SHIFTING SANDS  (Commentary) Logical reasons for the results of new polling data that shows a very tight presidential race

BAD NEWS FOR JOHN McCAIN   (Commentary)  Republican gets mugged on the way to the Forum

A NEW BATCH OF BUREAUCRATS TO PROTECT THE COUNTRY?  (Commentary)  Is Obama serious about a new civilian department to provide national security?

WILL OBAMA LEARN ANYTHING?   (Commentary)  If Barack Obama is as intelligent as they say he is, he will heed the generals' advice.

COLORADO'S SENATE SEAT BATTLE HEATS UP - PART 2  (Commentary)  Former Colorado Repub- lican Congressman Bob Schaffer came out with guns blazing in the first scheduled debate with his Democratic opponent, Congressman Mark Udall.

WHY DIPLOMACY WITH IRAN ISN'T WORKING  (Commentary)  For diplomacy to work, there needs to be credibility.

TONY SNOW: 1955-2008  (Commentary)   Like losing a brother...

COLORADO'S SENATE SEAT BATTLE HEATS UP  (News)  The first head-to-head public debate between  candidates Schaffer and Udall will take place at 9:00am on Monday, July 14. It is one of this year’s most closely watched U. S. Senate battles

IMAGINE IF....  (Commentary)   Crown Prince Barack is not a humble man, despite his protestations to the contrary. To the casual observer, this scenario would come as no real surprise.

MODERN PROGRES- SIVE LIBERALISM: A FALSE CLAIM  (Commentary)  In the ongoing debate between the political Left and Right in America, the argument is often made by liberals that the founders of our country were Liberals, not Conservatives, and by inference, it is they themselves who are the legitimate torchbearers of democratic thought. They are only half right.

(Change of pace)
We leave our normal subject matter to bring you a touching story that Mark Levin would enjoy.

CONSERVATIVE "PRINCIPLES" IMPROPERLY APPLIED  (Commentary)   For those conservatives out there who feel that the absence of Ronald Reagan or William Buckley from this year’s presidential ballot is sufficient reason to sit this one out, last week’s ruling by the Supreme Court on Second Amendment rights should eliminate such irrational thinking for good.

The U.S. Supreme Court, in a 5-4 ruling, threw out Washington DC's law banning handguns, and reinforced the conservative position on an individual's rights to own firearms.

PUTTING THE CARTBEFORE THE HORSE  (Commentary)  While his heart is in the right place, John McCains offer of a $300 million reward to the inventor of a new automobile "battery" puts the money in the wrong place.

JUST A LITTLE REMINDER  (Commentary)   For the many Americans who have conveniently forgotten, here is a short movie clip to help them relearn just who it was who supported going to war in Iraq.

A WARNING OF A TERRORIST ATTACK IN CANADA: HOW IT AND OTHER EVENTS COULD AFFECT THE ELECTION   (Commentary)  Would Obama honor our NATO commitments if terrorists struck in Canada? This an other issues could seriously affect the presidential election.

The Coalition For a Conservative Majority announces new local chapter in Colorado

MEET THE CANDIDATE -- JOHN W. LEREW  (News)  A look at the newest Republican candidate for Colorado's 7th Congressional District seat.

SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT   (News)  Colorado blogger Rossputin takes apart the Denver Post's false reporting regarding Senatorial candidate Bob Schaffer's investigation of working conditions in the Northern Marianas Islands during his previous term in the U. S. House of Representatives

THE BIG SURVEY QUESTION  (Commentary)   Is our country headed in the right direction? For the first time in my life, I cannot come up with an unequivocal “yes”. I can only hope.

OBAMA SUPPORTER TONGUE-TIED   (Commentary)  It's not very often that we are able to offer kudo's to MSNBC's ultra-liberal commentator Chris Matthews. In fact, we never have before nor probably ever will again.

WAS THE IRAQ WAR WORTH IT?   (Guest Commentary)  History will intimately judge, but yes, early indications are that President Bush's victory was a worthy step in that overall goal. From frequent guest writer Jeff Lukens

A LOOK AT "CHANGE": ISN'T IT REALLY "MORE OF THE SAME?"  (Commentary)   Those calling the loudest for "change" are really calling for more entitlement.

FIVE WAYS TO MAKE THE MUSLIM WORLD HAPPY  (Commentary)  If you don't find this to be satirical, you are as inexperienced and naive as Barack Obama.

AFRAID OF THE FACTS  (Commentary)   Why should Obama go to Iraq when he can learn all he needs to know from the NY Times and MSNBC?

LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION   (Commentary)  Bob Barr's selection as the Libertarian Party presidential nominee will serve as a tempting alternative to many disenchanted Republican conservatives


COLORADO 7th CD ASSEMBLY REPORT   (Report)  Selecting delegates for the Republican National Convention and a Congressional candidate surprise.

BROWSING THE B'SPHERE  (Commentary)   A look at some interesting items from other websites

A BLOW TO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS   (Commentary)  In almost unbelievable fashion, an American public school district put on a very traditional and patriotic presentation that most likely has the ACLU, the NEA, and other communist-front organizations having epileptic-like seizures.

WHITHER THOU GOEST, AMERICA?   (Commentary)  Whatever happened to the American ideals of truth, wisdom, and integrity? You sure won't find them in the Democratic Party

TELL ME ONCE MORE ABOUT "VICTIMS" IN AMERICA  (Photo story)  To realize that today some of our politicians are trying to convince certain groups of Americans that they are "victims" is almost laugh- able, if it were not so pathetic.

THE DOUBLE STANDARD  (Commentary)   Why is it that being on the political Left in America automatically lowers the bar on what you can say or do? Why are those of a conservative bent required to adhere far more diligently to the laws of “political correctness” than others?

HUFFINGTON IS IN A HUFF  (Commentary)   If ever there was proof positive of liberal bias in the media, Arianna’s lame attempt to claim otherwise is there for all to see.

THE YARD WILL HAVE TO WAIT   (Commentary)  Spring yard work takes a back seat to a political lesson and second-guessing of Rush Limbaugh's recent remarks.

BUSH ADMINISTRATION BOWS TO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS  (Commentary)   Documents obtained by the Associated Press news agency show officials in federal agencies have been asked not to use the terms jihadists and mujahideen, describe al-Qaida as a movement, or refer to Islamo-fascism.

(Commentary)  We wanted "change" in 2006 and voted accord- ingly. What did it buy us?

GLOBAL PRESSURES OUTPACE MILITARY FUNDING  (Guest commentary)  Jeff Lukens joins us again this week with his article on misplaced spending priorities

ADVANCED DEMENTIA  (Commentary)   It’s getting harder to determine who the real loony-toons are without a scorecard.

THE UNRAVELING OF A CANDIDACY   (Commentary)  As far as Republicans are concerned, the unraveling of the Obama Campaign couldn't come at a better time.

TIME FOR NEW "FEARMONGERING"  (Commentary)  Despite the refusal of some Americans to believe it, the threat of radical Islamic Jihad does exist.

JUST A FEW THOUGHTS...  (Commentary)   [T]here is a very serious credibility problem with both Dimmocratic candidates. Why are so many Americans too stuck on stupid to recognize it?

A FREELANCE REPORT- ER'S COMMENTS ON THE WAR  (Commentary)  Michael Yon's new book is a "must read" for all Americans who are concerned about the War

A TESTIMONY TO GREATNESS   (Commentary)  A letter from an Australian whose son is serving in Iraq

CHURCH AND STATE ARE MUTUALLY SUPPORTIVE  (Guest Commentary)  Frequent guest writer Jeff Lukens discusses the relationship between the government and religion in America, as provided for in the U.S. Constitution rather than in the modern liberal interpretations.

CHARACTER MATTERS  (Commentary)   The Left tells us that we should be "non-judgmental" regarding the personal failings of politicians, at least those who also happen to be on the Left.

THERE WILL NOT BE PEACE AND HARMONY  (Commentary)  America is at a crossroad, and the political tranqulity that some people "hope" for will not come about until our journey is over.

THE NEXT WILLIAM F, BUCKLEY, JR.?   (Commentary)  For some stimulating and intelligent commentary on the state of American politics, visit ClearCommentary.com

THE STATUS OF THE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT IN AMERICA   (Commentary) A four-part series that takes a look at the ailing Conservative Movement in America today.

OBAMA WINS BIG IN WYOMING  (Humor) Obama regains momentum after big win in the Cowboy State.

AT LONG LAST, OBAMA SHARES HIS PLAN FOR AMERICA  (Commentary)  Barack Obama's plans for the US Military, and why he is as big a threat to America as Islamofascism

THAT EXPLAINS IT  (Commentary)   For those of us who did not understand why Michelle Obama felt proud of America for the first time in her adult life, Power Line's Paul Mirengoff explained why.

A NEW MIDEAST WAR IS BREWING   (News, Commentary)  After continued rocket attacks, Israeli leaders are bracing the people for a new round of war against Hamas in the Gaza strip

FINDING SYMPATHY FOR THE ENEMY  (Commentary)  I just wish that some of my fellow conservatives would quit being so damned nice, and let the current civil war raging within the Demo- cratic Party work itself out.

MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE   (Commentary)  Will history be repeating itself? If America doesn't wake up soon, we can count on it.

IS CHRISTIAN TOLERANCE TOLERABLE ANYMORE?   (Guest Commentary)  Blogger Jeff Lukens visits us once again to discuss the true meaning of "tolerance", not the dodging of responsibility that passes for tolerance among liberals.

AN APOLOGY IS CALLED FOR   (Commentary)  Equating Hillary Clinton to the Swiftboat Vets is a slap in the face--to the Swiftboat Vets

THE TRUTH CAN BE BRUTAL  (Commentary)   Here is a short video clip for those who want to withdraw our troops from Iraq

GENTLEMAN, START YOUR ENGINES  (Commentary)  The time trials are over, and the race is almost set to begin. Youth and skill are no match for old age and treachery.

A MARINE RESPONDS  (Commentary)   The letter from Marine Capt. Lund to the Code Pinkos would have made them look foolish, if they hadn't been far beyond that point already.

A true story? Maybe, maybe not. It doesn't matter. It's the thought that counts.

ROMNEY ENDORSES McCAIN, FREES DELEGATES  (Campaign News)  Mitt Romney today issued his endorsement of Sen. John McCain for president, and freed his delegates to switch their votes.

SCHAFFER, UDALL RACE STILL DEADLOCKED  (Election Poll)  In the race for the soon-to-be vacated Senate seat from Colorado, the polls remain unchanged with no favorite emerging.

"MR. CONSERVATIVE" ADDRESSES CPAC  (News)  Newt Gingrich calls on Republican conservatives to hold candidates to conservative principles, and to build up a grassroots organization at the local level.

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO AL QAEDA?  (Commentary)  It is not as dangerous when a political candidate flip-flops as when a nation does it. And America has flip-flopped.

QUESTIONS FOR JOHN McCAIN   (Commentary)  Once again Jeff Lukens visits The D&C, asking candidate McCain some important questions. His article is entitled Candidate McCain and Economic Straight-Talk

A "SWIFTBOATING" OF HILLARY?  (Commentary)  A phone call and an internet lookup raises an intriguing possibility

ADIEU, MITT  (Commentary)   As a relative newcomer to the practice of grassroots politics, I suppose that after today I should be totally discouraged and depressed. For the second time in as many years, I have tasted the bitter fruit of defeat.

NEWS FROM PELOSI COUNTRY   (Commentary)  Considering the geographic location of its source, the news concerning the Berkeley City Council should come as no surprise to anyone.

POST-SUPER TUESDAY: RESTORING SANITY  (Commentary)  Conservatives, come to your senses.

CALLING ALL CONSERVATIVES   (Commentary)  It is time for conservatives to come together.

COLORADO IS ROMNEY COUNTRY  (Campaign news)  An estimated 2,000 fans of Mitt Romney turned out Friday to see their favorite candidate during a brief campaign stop in Denver.

BILLY BOY GETS SOMETHING ALMOST RIGHT (FOR A CHANGE)  (Commentary)   A heckler brings out a bit of reality from the former President, but then he slips back into the world as we wish it were.

WE REST OUR CASE  (Humor)   The nation's best news- paper headlines in 2007

SOME SECOND THOUGHTS ON THE "INTEGRITY" ISSUE  (Commentary)   John McCain's distortions of Mitt Romney's position on the War in Iraq raises a question.

DUBYA'S FINAL STATE OF THE UNION  (Commentary)  At least Senator Wayne Allard and I were impressed

THE CHOICE IS REALLY QUITE SIMPLE  (Commentary)  A canadian journalist offers his thoughts on the Presidential race in the United States

NOTES ON THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN (Commentary)  Kerry stewed, Dems feud, and Fredheads scr... well, never mind.

2008: THE BATTLE FOR THE FUTURE OF AMERICA  (Commentary) Politically, America is more politically divided than it ever has been since the Civil War. Don't expect it to end in November.

A LITTLE HUMOR IN THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN  (Commentary)  The comments of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama demonstrate that neither candidate is even remotely qualified to become Commander-in-Chief

A SPEECH WE WILL NEVER HEAR   (Commentary)  Actor/writer Mike Kaminski recreates the speech scene from the movie Patton, discussing the current War on Islamic Jihad.

POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS VS. ELECTED REALITY  (Commentary)  Any resemblance between the two is purely coincidental

NEED HELP SELECTING A CANDIDATE? (Information)  A new feature at the Advance USA blog pro- vides an easy reference to the candidates' stances on the issues.

THE NEXT GREEN BAY QUARTERBACK?   (Commentary)  If serving as the First Lady counts as experience for the Presidency, then Deanna Farve is qualified to be the Packers' next quarterback.

WHO'S ON FIRST? WHAT'S ON SECOND?... (Commentary)  This year's Presidential campaign brings to mind the old comedy routine.





ON FAITH AND FOOTBALL: MITT'S SPEECH  (Commentary) The fact that he found it necessary to even give the speech is a sad commen- tary on American politics

ON YouTube  (Information)   Interesting videos for the well-informed

RANTING FROM THE HALLOWED HALLS OF HOLINESS  (Commentary)  Response to a university Professor of Theology who thinks he is also an expert in constitutional, political, and military matters

THE BIG DEBATE FLOP  (Commentary)   An analysis of last week's Republican Presidential Debate

THE PC POLICE: TO- DAY'S CARRIE NATIONS  (Commentary)  The Seattle School District
as the Grinch who stole Thanksgiving

TIGHTENING THE NOOSE ON IRAN   (Guest Commentary)  Once again Jeff Lukens pays a visit to the D&C to discuss American options with Iran

ENDORSEMENT OF MITT ROMNEY FOR PRESIDENT  (Commentary)  It's not as if it will uni- laterally affect the outcome of the presidential cam- paign, but I feel that it is time to take a stand and do whatever is remotely helpful to hold the Republican Party together.

SMEAR TACTICS WILL BACKFIRE -- (Commentary)  The perpetrators of the recent attack on Mitt Romney's religious beliefs are the real losers.

A SPECIAL THANKS- GIVING MESSAGE  (Special)  Don't worry about the date. The message is timeless.

JUST ONE OF MANY AT THANKSGIVING  (Commentary)  Giving thanks for family, and regret for not being able to spend the day with all of them.

A NEW TOP PRIORITY   (Commentary)   Why the imposition of Emergency Rule in Pakistan increases the probability that Jihadists will have access to nuclear weapons that already exist.

AN EARLY SPRING IN IRAQ?   (Commentary)  The comments of Michael Yon and Major General Fil have an effect like the first warm day of Spring.

THE SUNDAY FUNNIES  (Commentary)   That a Democratic governor would act like a Democrat comes as a surprise to the Denver Post

MORE GOOD NEWS FROM IRAQ   (News, commentary)  "Al Qaeda is defeated", according to prominent Iraqi leader. The latest from Michael Yon.

COLORADO VOTERS: IF YOU LIKE HIGHER TAXES...  (Commentary)  ...then Mark Udall is your candidate for the U.S. Senate

AROUND THE WATER COOLER  (Commentary)   If you are too lazy or too disinterested to learn the candidates' true positions on the issues in order to make a rational choice, stay home on election day.

SO LONG, FOR NOW  (News, commentary)  A friend and shining star in Colorado politics is leaving the state; temporarily, we hope.

The CD-7 race will be wide open, with several candidates' hats already in the ring. The D&C is pulling for Mike Coffman to jump in.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BOSTON RED SOX  (Sports)  Hats off to the Boston Red Sox, who totally derailed baseball's super-train.

STARK'S DIATRIBE BRINGS AN APOLOGY, SORT OF...  (Commentary)  Labeled the "foul-mouthed poster boy for Liberal Double Standards” by Michelle Malkin, California (where else?) congress- man "Pete" Stark says that he is sorry if he offended anyone.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN  (Sports)   A primer for Red Sox fans as they get ready to play the Colorado Rockies in the World Series

A NEW TERRORIST THREAT?  (Commentary)   Democratic House staffers immunize themselves against health threats posed by NASCAR fans.

THEY HEAR ONLY WHAT THEY WANT TO REPORT, OR, THEY REPORT ONLY WHAT THEY WANT US TO HEAR   (Commentary)  For those of you who still believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, and MSM objectivity, here is proof to the contrary

MORE THOUGHTS ON THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN  (Opinion)  A follow-up to the September Article, Thoughts on the Presidential Campaign

THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE, OR TOUGHT CONTROL?  (Commentary)  Another attempt by the Far Left to bring censorship to the airwaves

COLORADO SENATE RACE A "DEAD HEAT" (News)  A new Ciruli poll shows tight race between Republican Bob Schaffer and Democrat Mark Udall.

CHILDISH GAMES IN CONGRESS   (Commentary)  One meaningless resolution deserves another as our representatives play tag rather than doing any work.

CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW ARRIVAL  (Commentary)  Another idea for another govern- ment giveaway

INTERESTING DEVELOPMENTS IN THE COLORADO SENATE RACE  (Commentary)   Senatorial candidate Mark Udall blasted by members of own party for not being far enough left.

INTERESTING DEVELOPMENTS IN THE COLORADO SENATE RACE - PART II   (Commentary)   Congressman and Senatorial candidate Mark Udall introduces a meaningless "I gotcha" Resolution targeting Rush Limbaugh

WHY ARE AMERICANS NOT WORRIED?   (Commentary)  A look at the statements of a threat to America that is greater than Ahmadinejad and bin Laden.

GOOD RIDDANCE  (Commentary)   Alaskan voters are fed up with their big-spending Republican senators

COVERING MOVEON.ORG'S BACK   (Commentary)  Only one Colorado Democrat in Congress opposed the Resolutions condemning the organization's anti-Petraeus ad in the NY Times according to the Daily Kos

REGARDING A LIBERAL'S LETTER TO THE EDITOR  (Commentary)  A typically Far Left Liberal expresses an opinion, which gets "disrespected"

GETTING BACK TO REALITY  (Commentary) Various observations in the aftermath of the Petraeus/Crocker testimony before Congress.

A RESPONSE TO SENATOR KEN SALAZAR  (Letter)  In response to the Senator's inquiry regarding policy on Iraq

WE ARE MAKING PROGRESS   (Commentary) Slowly but surely, public opinion in America is once again shifting away from a "cut-and-run" approach to the war in Iraq

THOUGHTS ON THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN  (Commentary)  Of all the presidential candidates from both parties, only three are qualified to be president. Someday I will have to pick one.

BAD NEWS, IF REPORTED AS SUCH, IS GOOD NEWS TO SOME  (Commentary)   AP's August figures for Iraqi civilian deaths from the war are misleading

AUTHORING "THE PETRAEUS REPORT"  (Commentary)  The left is in a snit because the Administration itself will be preparing the forthcoming report on progress in Iraq. However, that is only a part of the story.

WE RECOMMEND...  (Commentary) The D&C presents three articles that you may have missed, but which provide very good reading.

A LETTER TO THE DENVER POST   (Commentary)  A liberal newspaper reaches a new low in serious political discourse

"FLYING IMAMS'" LAWSUIT DROPPED  (News)  The six Muslim clerics who were removed from a U.S. Airways flight last November drop their lawsuits against fellow passengers, thanks to new law.

THE WINDS OF CHANGE  (Commentary)   Gen. Pataeus' report on September 15 about progress being made in Iraq will bring about changes, but which direction will the changes take America?

THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX   (Commentary)  Congressman Tom Tancredo's suggestion for protecting American cities makes far more sense than most people are willing to admit.

GETTING AWAY (REALLY ISN'T) (Commentary} Even while on vacation, political thoughts emerged when I least expected them.

LEVITY AIN'T NO JOKE (Humor)   A change of pace is good exercise

MARINE GENERAL POINTS OUT SUCCESSES IN IRAQ  (Special Report) Whether you agree or disagree with the war, you owe it to yourself to objectively read the General's comments and then form your own opinion.

THE WAR IN IRAQ 101: A BASIC COURSE FOR THE WAR'S CRITICS (Commentary)  Saddam's Army was not disbanded. Like an old soldier, it just faded away.

TAKING LEAVE OF THEIR SENSES   (News, commentary)  Congressional Democrats shoot down amendments that would prohibit lawsuits against Americans who report potential terrorist activities to the authorities

IN THE NEWS  (Commentary)   The Senate's all-night party is a failure and embarrassment, a McCain speech, and a pessimistic request for proposals from the anti-war crowd.

THE PRIME MINISTER'S BLUNDER   (Commentary)  Will the Iraqi PM's statements be used by the defeatists in Congress and the media as justification for bringing the troops home?

AN OLD MARINE'S STORY  (Tribute) Honoring our fallen heroes

FOR THE SAKE OF ACCURACY, A RETRACTION  (Commentary) Yesterday's article about Sen. Pete Dominici's position on the War in Iraq was not accurate and has been retracted. Nonetheless, we alsodisagree with the more accurate description of his recently announced position.

RICHARD NIXON RECONSIDERED   (Guest Commentary) Jeff Lukens joins the D & C again to discuss Richard Milhous Nixon, the man, the politician, and the President.

A REFRESHING CHANGE (Commentary) A recent grad of the U. of Colorado-Boulder apparently was not paying attention to his professors

A 4TH  OF JULY FAMILY REUNION, SORT OF. (Interview) A discussion with real immigrants (ancestors) about today's immigration issues

BUSINESS FOR THE SHREDDER   (Commentary) A plea from the NRSC will go unanswered.

MORE TROUBLE FOR HILLARY? (News) Internet news services report the existence of a videotape that could prove lethal for Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions

PROVE TO US THAT YOU STILL HAVE COURAGE (Commentary) A discussion around Frank Salvato's excellent editorial piece in New Media Journal

OPERATION ARROWHEAD RIPPER (News, commentary) Free-lance journalist Michael Yon reports on the ongoing battle in Iraq's Diyala Province.

DOES THE GOP HAVE A CHANCE IN 2008?  (Commentary) It is now time for the Republican Party to clearly redefine, but not necessarily change, its core values. Then it will be up to the candidates to come to those positions, rather than have the party change its positions to suit the whims of individual candidates.

POLL QUESTION - IS AMERICA HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION? (Commentary) The question remains the same, but the cast of characters is changing

THIS PRETTY WELL SUMS IT UP (Commentary) Once again a Democratic candidate appeals to class envy and paranoia to gather support. They have it down to a science.

THE IMMIGRATION REFORM BILL -- A LABYRINTH DESIGNED BY A COMMITTEE (Commentary) A lot of work needs to be done on this Senate bill before it is worthy of becoming law

AN INSURGENT COUNTEROFFENSIVE IN IRAQ? (Commentary) To many, the anticipation of a summer counteroffensive by the insurgents seems ominous. To a few of us with confidence in our military, it brings optimism.

BUILD THE FENCE NOW (Guest Commentary) Jeff Luken's call for resolving the border security problem before trying to resolve the immigration problem as a whole.

eonlineFINAL (Ben Stein's last column) A long-time writer and friend of the Hollywood elite says farewell with his message for America that will probably surprise you.

THERE IS A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE (Commentary) So much for Nancy Pelosi's promise tp provide “the most honest and open Congress in history.” But there will not a whole lot that Republicans can do for it if they decide to roll over and play dead.

MEANWHILE, CLOSER TO HOME... (News, commentary) The arrest of six would-be terrorists in New Jersey raises questions. It is not the first such series of arrests for planning terrorist attacks in America.

THE WAY AHEAD IN IRAQ (Guest Commentary) Once again Jeff Lukens visits this website, discussing the War in Iraq and presenting the opinions of retired Army General Barry McCaffrey on the approach America needs to take.

LIARS, ONE AND ALL? (Commentary) It's time to dust off an old article about who-said-what during the run-up to the War in Iraq

WHERE HAVE ALL THE FORMER AUTO EXECS GONE?  - (Commentary) Looking at exceprts from Lee Iacocca's new book Where Have All the Leaders Gone?, co- authored by Catherine Whitney.

THE AWAKENING RUSSIAN BEAR -- (Guest commentary)  Jeff Lukens is back with an analysis of the changes taking place in Russia's attempts to regain its major-power position in the world

CONFRONTING EVIL -- (Commentary) The Belmont Club website has a must read on the issues of freedom and how we deal with the negative thoughts that we all have.

BACK-BURNER LOSERS -- (Commentary) Don Imus gets burned in what should have been a non-issue and Alec Baldwin once again shows his lack of human competency

GUILTY! - (News) Former QWEST Communi- cations CEO Joe Nacchio was found guilty today of 19 of 42 counts of insider trading of stock shares in 2001.

IT'S TIME TO BOYCOTT NBC - (Commentary) The irresponsible and needless airing of the Virginia Tech killer's self-promotion was the final straw. It's time for the American public to tell NBC that it will not tolerate the network's reprehen- sible actions.

WHEN  IT'S SPRINGTIME IN THE ROCKIES (OR ANYWHERE ELSE, FOR THAT MATTER) - (Commentary) We are often reminded that there are many things in the Bible that are considered to be “abominations”. If the US Tax Code had been around back when that was written, I am sure that it would have made the list.

BITS AND PIECES ON THE MEDIA - (Commentary) What the BBC and PBS will not show on TV, the Don Imus flap indicates Americans may be finally learning about the Constitution, and Michael Yon hits another homerun.

MORE EUROPEAN HYPOCRISY - (Commentary) Two new polls suggest that a majority of Europeans favor military action to stop Iran's development of nuclear weapons, as long as someone else does it. Is that surprising?

DON'T ASK QUESTIONS, THE ANSWERS TO WHICH YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR... - (Funny but true) Submitted by an e-mail friend

SINCE WHEN IS HONORING A FALLEN HERO "PROMOTING VIOLENCE"? - (Commentary) I didn't know Danny Dietz, but I wish I had. Some don't like his statue.

RATIONAL POLITICS ASIDE, LET'S PLAY GAMES - (Commentary) Getting inside the minds of  Congressional Democrats and the anti-war Left

LETTING SOMEONE ELSE'S FINGERS DO THE WALKING - (Commentary and Links) Finding out what is really going on in Iraq, and why Dems don't really want to know.

How can voters on the Religious Right support a candidate whose views on key moral issues disagree with their own? The opinions of some experts.

CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY & THE BLAME GAME   -- (Commentary) A must read article from Frank Salvato on the sorry state of affairs in America.

LIBERAL PABLUM -- (Commentary) Jonathan Alter says that Rudy Giuliani is "out of sync with history's pendulum" because he is not the type of leader to "build bridges" by being flexible and humble.

THE SCIENTIFIC ABSURDITIES OF LIBERAL ACTIVISM -- (Commentary) Ever wonder how those Liberal activist groups are able to generate large crowds. Here's the answer.

RERUNS OF THAT 70s SHOW -- (Guest Commentary by Jeff Lukens) Many antiwar activists are so cut off from reality that they imagine America's defeat in the Middle East without consequence. Even when the root causes of terror- ism clearly lie in that region of the world, those nostalgic for the 1970s continue undermine our efforts there, and to search for ways to "blame America" for its barbarism.

NOT YOUR NORMAL FATHER-SON DISCUSSION -- (Commentary) A secular social-conservative blogger discusses the East-West culture clash with his son who is now completing his Doctoral Thesis in Christian Theology

WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING -- (Commentary) Retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters holds the Congress' feet to the fire.

IT'S JUST ANOTHER POLL, BUT.... -- (Commentary) A new poll suggests that the majority of Americans still want to win the War in Iraq and want our troops to stay there until victory is achieved. But should this poll drive our actions in Iraq?

UPDATE FROM BAGHDAD -- (News, Commentary) Iraq The Model reports a significant decrease in the number of terrorist attacks in Baghdad in the last few days

CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATIC COWARDICE ILLUSTRATES PANDERING FOR VOTES. -- (Commentary) Democratic cowardice and subterfuge was on full display in Congress last week plus Jack Murtha, today's Benedict Arnold, and "Easy Slide" Hillary Clinton are up to their usual antics.

229 Democrats in the House are joined by 17 "White Flag Republicans" in an oxymoronic  position statement that "supports the troops but opposes their mission."

PROFILES IN COURAGE POLITICS -- (Commentary) House Resolution 63 is not only irrational, but it is unprecedented and could end congressional careers as well

IF ONLY THE PEOPLE IN CONGRESS WERE THIS BRIGHT... -- (Commentary) An Iraqi response to the new anti-terrorism strategy

DEMOCRATS BEAT AT THEIR OWN GAME -- (News, comment) The Senate's non-binding, anti-buildup Resolution goes the way of al-Zarqawi thanks to unexpected Republican unity.

FUN AND GAMES IN THE SENATE -- (News, commentary) Sen. Warner decides to help block his own resolution while McCain and Co. introduce a resolution supporting more troops in Iraq.

OPERATION VICTORY -- Join OPERATION VICTORY, a grassroots effort to win all Republican congressional support for the President's new Iraq policy

IN THE TROOPS' OWN WORDS -- (Commentary) If the troops say the insurgents are losing the war, and most of our our congresspersons say that we are losing the war, then who the hell is winning?

MAN BITES DOG, AND THE NY TIMES REPORTS SUCCESS IN IRAQ -- (Report) A report in the NY Times validates the D&C prediction that the Iraqi government would take on the Shiite militias and quell the pessimism of the so-called "experts"

FEAR MONGERING VS. REALITY -- (Commentary) The President's new strategy will bring about the inevitable face-to-face confrontation with Iran. You saw it here first.

DEBUNKING THE WHINING OF THE LEFT -- (Commentary) The responses of Congressional Democrats to the President's new plan for Iraq are irresponsible and reprehensible.

REINING IN THE MILITIAS -- (Commentary) The Pentagon says that the Shiite militias have become the greatest threat to security in Iraq. It is time to do something about it.

PLAYING TO WIN IN IRAQ -- (Guest Commentary) Guest writer Jeff Lukens visits The Drum and Cannon again this week urging Americans to retain their focus on achieving success in Iraq.

SNOW AND OTHER HOLIDAY THOUGHTS -- (Commentary) Catching up after two weeks away from the job.



AMERICAN WAR STRATEGY TO BE DETERMINED BY PUBLIC OPINION POLLS? -- (Commentary) Senator Harry Reid seems to think so

JUST A FEW QUESTIONS -- (Commentary) Can anyone take seriously the ICG's recommendation to enter into negotiations with Iran and Syria?

THE END OF AN  ERA -- (Commentary) A champion of traditional American values and leadership calls it a day.

REMEMBERING WHY WE CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS -- (Guest writer) The D&C's first guest writer, Jeff Lukens, reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas and how it is being lost in America.

AN "EVIL" WASTE OF TIME -- (Commentary) "When you're up to your ass in alligators, you don't worry about draining the swamp"

QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ASKED -- (Commentary) What was really behind the removal of Muslim clerics from the US Airways flight in Minneapolis?

CONFIRMING THE OBVIOUS -- (Commentary) The Iraq Study Group gives conservatives a reason to gloat. We haven't had much to gloat about lately.

HIDDEN BENEATH A MANTLE OF OBJECTIVITY -- (Commentary) Once again an LA Times reporter twists the truth in reporting on the War

WHAT IS A "PALEOCONSERVATIVE"? -- (Commentary) A new buzzward triggers some thoughts on the recent election

AMERICA HAS SPOKEN -- (Commentary) Looking back sadly yet optimistically at a lost election

COLORADO CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 7 NEWS -- Pre-election news and commentary dedicated to CD-7

GET OUT AND VOTE -- (Commentary) The media is telling us that Republicans will lose big this year. We will if we sit home and don't vote.

THE REPUBLICANS' OCTOBER SURPRISE...JOHN KERRY -- (Commentary) Kerry proves that his post- Vietnam contempt for the American soldier is alive and well.

A MEANINGLESS REVERSAL -- (Commentary) NY Times Editor Byron Calame now says that his newspaper should not have revealed the existence of the government's program of tracking terrorist money flows.

CALLING ALL REPUB LICANS... -- (Commentary) The reported irrational decisions made by some disenchanted Republicans to refrain from voting or to vote for Democrats could cause far more damage than they realize.

INTO THE DEN OF INIQUITY -- (Commentary) This week's issue of the Drum and Cannon is abbreviated and a few days late due to other commitments

HUGH HEWITT ADDRESS- ES GOP VOLUNTEERS IN COLORADO -- (News) Hugh Hewitt meets with GOP volunteers prior to "Get-out-the-vote" neighborhood walkathon

COLORADO GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE FACING NEW CHALLENGE -- (News) The DA's office in Denver provided 152 plea bargains that prevented illegal aliens who committed felonies from being deported while the current Dem candidate for governor served as DA.

GREAT SCOTT! -- (Commentary) Scappleface hits another homerun thanks to Slick Willy's meltdown on FOX News

Hugh Hewitt is coming to Colorado this weekend, and all he can talk about is Minnesota?

THE SEASONS AND OTHER THINGS ARE A'CHANGING -- (Commentary) The lack of positive proposals and plans coming forth from Democratic candidates have improved the GOP's chances in the upcoming elections

ANOTHER REPORT OF OSAMA BIN LADEN'S DEMISE - DOES IT REALLY MATTER? -- (Commentary) Even if the French reports are correct, the War on Islamic Jihad will not go away as many Americans would like to believe

ETHNIC SENSITIVITY REACHES A NEW LEVEL OF ABSURDITY -- (News, commentary) In England, Moslem leaders are to be consulted before any raids or arrests can me made of suspected terrorists

INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY -- (Commentary) Unless proven otherwise, candidate Bill Ritter's accident was just that, an accident, and should not become an election issue.

JUST ANOTHER TERRORIST THREAT? -- (Commentary) Al Qaeda leader issues warning of another attack on America in interview with Pakistani journalist

TWO VIEWS ON THE THREATS THAT AMERICA FACES -- (Commentary) An analysis of articles by Clifford D. May and Gene Lyons on the Islamic threat

GOOD NEWS IN THE WAR IS MINIMIZED IN THE DENVER POST -- (News commentary) Agreement between tribal leaders in Iraq is given scant attention.

LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP -- (Commentary) Voters owe it to themselves to become as well-informed as possible about the issues and the candidates

CHANGING PRIORITIES -- (Commentary) Takeover of the Democratic Party by the Far Left will seriously change the election scenario

A CLEAR CHOICE IN COLORADO - (Commentary) Dem Perlmutter jumps on the Far Left bandwagon

SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT  - (News) FactCheck.org reports on a Democratic campaign ad that purposely included innacurate and misleading information

WHILE I WAS AWAY - (Commentary) The New Media Journal.us hits a grand-slam with an outstanding collection of commentary


WHITHER THOU GOEST, AMERICA? - (Commentary) Report on an interview with the U.S.Comptroller General on America's long-term economic health. And it ain't pretty if we don't change some of our basic paradigms.

ON THE GROUND IN CD-7 -- (News, commentary) The latest in one of the most critical House elections in the U.S.

DON'T MISS THIS ONE -- (Humor) Howard Dean continues to provide laughs

POP POLITICS -- (Commentary) Simple answers and pop-slogans are what many Americans use today to form and express their opinions regarding complex issues.

BITS AND PIECES -- (News/Commentary) Israel v. Hezbollah, the Dem's new Slogan for mid-2006, a new conservative website, a new poll on the Colorado Governor race, and a political endorsement by Al-Jazeerah

WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS...   -- (News, Commentary) Defending Israel's right to defend itself by whatever means necessary

O'DONNELL ISSUES POSITION STATEMENT ON HEALTH CARE -- (News) Colorado Republican Candidate (7th Congressional District) beats Dem opponents to the punch by issuing Health Care plan.

A STAND-UP KIND OF GUY -- (Commentary) Howard Dean provides comedy relief during the fighting in the Middle East.

WHAT ARE THE REAL ISSUES? -- (Commentary) Sometimes we political junkies (and political candidates) need to be

WHERE IS COLORADO HEADED? -- (Commentary) Progressive blog endorses Ritter for Governor as a temporary expediency

Let the fun and games begin

THE WIND THAT SAVED AMERICA -- (History) A little known story about the birth of America

TO: PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD -- Just wondering....

CU PROFESSOR WARD CHURCHILL ON THE WAY OUT. -- (News) Univ. of Colorado Chancellor begins process to terminate controversial professor

ANOTHER RETIRED GENERAL WEIGHS IN ON THE WAR -- (Commentary) A different perspective that the anti-war crowd will choose to selectively ignore

THE AMERICAN MEDIA JUST DOESN'T GET IT -- (Commentary) The American media graciously provides the insurgents with the infor}mation that captured American troops cannot provide to them.

DEMOCRAT COURAGE, OR EXPEDIENCY? -- (News, commentary) Votes in Congress illustrate Democrats' true colors

HOLTZMAN LOSES ANOTHER BATTLE IN COLORADO GOVERNOR BID -- (News) Denver judge refuses to modify current rules regarding
signature requirements for petitioning to get candidates' names on Primary ballots.

SOME SANITY RETURNS -- (News) The "Bridge to Nowhere" is now "No Bridge to Nowhere", thanks to House Republicans

TIES AND LIES -- (Commentary) The anti-war crowd selectively changes history to fit its own agenda

FIRST DOWN AND ONE TO GO -- (Commentary) Getting Zarqawi was a victory, but we shouldn't stop there.

CALIFORNIA RESULTS ENCOURAGING FOR REPUBLICANS -- (Commentary) Republican victory in hot CA Congressional battle should boost GOP hopes in mid-term elections

THE CLASS OF '63 LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY - (Commentary) A small group of Academy classmates joins in a debate over the War in Iraq. A 3-part series.

Part 1. Leading Up to the War

Part II: Factors Affecting the Conduct of the War

PART III: So, where do we go from here?

O'DONNELL ANNOUNCES PLAN TO STOP DEFICIT SPENDING - (News Item) Republican candidate for U.S. House seat provides details

WHO ARE THEY TRYING TO KID? -- (Opinion)   ....our universities are becoming the very antithesis of classical intellectualism.

HURRY UP AND WAIT -- (News, comment) Military experience proved valuable at the Colorado Republican State Assembly

GOOGLE CENSORS CONSERVATIVE BLOG -- (Opinion) Google joins PC police in determining what is appropriate material for the internet

COMPROMISE: VICTORY OR SURRENDER? -- (Opinion) In politics, you often have to give in order to receive. Let's resolve the immigration issue.

AD HOC COMMITTEE ISSUES RESULTS OF WARD CHURCHILL INVESTIGATION - (News report) CU prof Ward Churchill appears to be headed toward suspension or dismissal from the University

BLAME IT ON TENNYSON - (Comment) The British poet gave me two good reasons to slack off.

WE HAVE THE PRIORITY, THEN WE HAVE PRIORITIES -- (OpInion) One big issue facing our country makes the others pale in comparison.

NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR CONSERVATIVES TO JUMP SHIP --  (Opinion) We must resist the temptation to sit out this year's elections

ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI: THE RIGHT VERDICT FOR THE WRONG REASONS --  (Comments) Parting ways with fellow conservatives as well as the jury on the final verdict

TAKE A RIDE WITH THE NORWEGIAN AIR FORCE -- (Movie) This is not for the gastro- intestinally challenged

UNITED 93, THE MOVIE  --   (Comment) A 'must see" for everyone, or almost everyone

IMMIGRATION RALLIES A BAD DECISION -- (Opinion) Protests and boycotts are causing a backlash, losing support for immigrants' positions. Charlie Daniels weighs in sans guitar.

"OPEN BORDERS" ARE A ONE-WAY STREET -- (Comment) An American businessman describes the difficulties of getting into Mexico

A LIBERAL MAKES A REVEALING ADMISSION -- (Comment) A letter writer inadvertently states a basic but erroneous assumption of liberal philosophy

CONSERVATIVE OPINIONS ARE "SPAM" ACCORDING TO STATE DEMS -- (Comments) Colorado political website using spam filters to block conservative opinion.

COLORADO SENATE PASSES BILL TO SELECT STATE'S ELECTORAL COLLEGE DELEGATES BASED ON RESULTS OF NATIONWIDE POPULAR VOTE FOR PRESIDENT -- (News item) State Dems continue their "end around run" of the US Constitution despite the will of the state's voters.

RICK O'DONNELL AND SUPPORTERS HOLD TAX-REFORM RALLY -- (Report) Congressional candidate and supporters greet last-day taxpayers dropping off their returns

A MORE FITTING SENTENCE FOR A TERRORIST -- (Opinion) A death penalty for Zacarias Moussaoui would give him the easy way out and make him a martyr for the cause of Islamic Jihadism



A MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION FOR LIBERALS -- (Opinion) Democrat readers can select an answer that they feel best reflects progressive thought on how we should deal with Iran

A MAJOR VICTORY IN IRAQ? -- (Report) The Washington Times reports a top US general on the ground has declared that al Qaeda has "conceded defeat" and is leaving Iraq.

WHO WILL YOU VOTE FOR AND WHY? -- (Opinion) Voting for a candidate means identifying priorities and being informed

COLORADO CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 7 UPDATE - Colorado Dems pick apart each other as well as their candidates for this important House seat.

LET'S SEPARATE BORDER SECURITY FROM IMMIGRATION REFORM -- Congress is spinning its wheels and accomplishing nothing by failing to separate these two issues.

A TRIP TO GRASSROOTS POLITICS -- (Report, Comments) A blogger gets to see and participate in how the work gets done at the county level

DEMS UNVEIL NEW NATIONAL SECURITY PLAN -- (News item) Democrats provide clues on new plan to "Make America Safe Again"

A NEW PRIORITY IN IRAQ? --  (Comment) Have sectarian militias replaced Sunni and al Qaeda insurgents as the #1 threat to peace?

I HATE TO SAY "I TOLD YOU SO", BUT I TOLD YOU SO -- (Comments) George Bush's Chief of Staff is gone, in what may be the beginning of a general Cabinet shake-up.

RELEASED DOCUMENTS GIVE BUSH THE CHANCE TO TURN THE TIDE, IF HE WILL TAKE IT - (Comments) New documents re;leased by CIA and the Pentagon give lie to anti-war, anti-Bush rhetoric. Will he use it to his advantage to regain support?

COLORADO CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 7 UPDATE -- The latest goings on in a closely contested campaign.

AMERICA DOES NOT SUCCUMB TO THREATS - (Comments) New al Qaeda threats to America reported.

O'DONNELL KICKS OFF CAMPAIGN FOR COLORADO'S 7TH - (News) Sole Republican candidate kicks off campaign for the crititcal 7th Congressional District House seat from Colorado

AN OPEN LETTER - petition for fair taxes and a balanced budget

OUR TAX DOLLARS GO FOR THIS? - (Opinion) Colorado high school teacher's classroom rants defy logic and rational thinking

THOUGHTS ON AN ISLAMIC REFORMATION -   (Review, Comments) Discussion on the online debate "Can Islam reform itself?"

"WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH,...ETC." - (Opinion) Now is the time for Conservatves to get busy to ensure continued Republican control of Congress.

DON"T MISS THESE - Good articles on a variety of issues

IRAQ ON THE BRINK OF CIVIL WAR - Sectarian violence threatens viability of a united, democratic Iraq

THE CONSCIENCE OF A CONSERVATIVE - REVISITED - (Opinion) How the words and writings of the Father of Modern Conservatism affected a young man and how those words and writings apply to politics today.

WILL WE CONSERVATIVES NOW CHANGE OUR TUNE?(Comment) Will new Abu Ghraib photos change Conservatives' call for freedom of the press as they did for the Danish cartoons?

MAN'S GREATEST FOLLY(Opinion) War has been called "Man's Greatest Folly". Going to war over the Danish cartoons would be an even greater folly for Man.

LIKE, WHAT'S GOING ON HERE, DUDE? -- (Comment) California kids are getting to learn all about the  "Religion of Peace"

HICKENLOOPER NOT A CANDIDATE FOR COLORADO GOVERNOR -- (News) Denver Mayor ends speculation, announces that he will not be in the race to replace Bill Owens.

ANOTHER SARAJEVO?-- (Opinion) Could the flap over the Danish cartoons be another trivial spark that starts a full world war?

POTENTIAL BOMBSHELL REGARDING NSA WIRETAPS-- (News) Speculation points to Dem Senator as source of leak regarding NSA wiretaps

LET'S NOT JOIN THE CHILDISH GAME -- (Opinion) In-your-face approach by the West over Danish cartoons could help Osama exceed recruiting goals

THERE'S A BETTER WAY <or> MY ONLY COMMENT ON THE STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS -- (Comment) Kaine's words were right, but the implication was wrong

DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN -- (Opinion) Just like before Iraq War, Dem's are again making hawkish statements that they will later explain away, contradict, or deny

TODAY A LEGACY IS BORN - The swearing in of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court is a defining moment in the Bush Legacy

WILL REID BE STEPPING DOWN? - Dems are mum on whether the $60,000  contribution from a Jack Abrtamoff client will bring about the undoing of Harry Reid

FORMER PRESIDENT CALLS FOR SUPPORT OF HAMAS-LED PALESTINE - Once again the peanut farmer displays the naivete that cost him the Presidency

BEING LED TO THE SLAUGHTER - Hugh Hewiit undresses Joel Steyn

IT'S BEEN A SLOW MONTH - The news seemed to have a holiday hangover

THE RISKS OF DEALING WITH SLOW LEARNERS -- Iran's quest for nuclear weapons is not rational, and that makes it far more dangerous and more likely to bring about war. America must acknowledge that and be prepared.

GOING OUT ON A LIMB - The Drum and Cannon's Super Bowl pick

I DON'T UNDERSTAND - Why do some people in our culture refer to believers as "religious fanatics"?

YET ANOTHER DOUBLE STANDARD OF THE LEFT - Rev. Pat Robetson's comments bring a flurry of criticism, while Mayor Nagin gets a free pass

THE KENNEDY/SCHUMER CESSPOOL - These guys are an embarrassment in the Senate

MEANWHILE, THE REV. PAT ROBERTSON CONTINUES TO BE AN EMBARRASSMENT FOR CONSERVATIVES - The last thing that the conservative movement needs is to have religious fundamentalists publicly quoting from the Bible to make their points regarding world events.

LET THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY - Regardless of who it is or which party, those who knowingly accepted bribes from Jack Abramoff should be put out of office.

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING II - Constitutional scholars support the legality of the NSA wiretaps.

MORE ON BIAS IN THE MEDIA - A new study supports claims of liberal bias in the media.

NOW, THIS IS DANGEROUS - A rational comment from a liberal reader in the DailyKos



OPPOSITION TO THE WAR IS RUNNING OUT OF STEAM - The Administration's new offensive is for the most part shutting up the defeatists of the Left regarding the War in Iraq.

AMERICA'S NEW BLUENOSES: POLITICAL CORRECTNESS RUNS AMUCK - Carrie Nation and friends had nothing on the "PC-At-Any-Cost" crowd on the Left Coast

OUR FOREFATHERS' COURAGE - Terrorism, courage, and the desire for freedom have been around for a long time.

A MILITARY LOVE AFFAIR WITH THE REPUBLICAN PARTY; AN UNHEALTHY ALLIANCE? Is there a potential problem with the military's fondness for the Administration?

WE SUPPORT THE TROOPS, BUT... Annoncing the winners of the Annual Cheerleading Award

AT LEAST IT'S NOT A FOOTBALL/BASEBALL ANALOGY -- A cheesy analogy to the War in Iraq

ODDS AND ENDS -- "The World Can't Wait", problems with Republicans in Congress, and major newspaper downsizings opposed by MoveOn.org

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A RESPONSE TO GARY HART'S ASSESSMENT OF THE WAR - A response to former Colorado Senator try to echo the party line, which really doesn't exist

THE DEMS GO ON THE DEFENSIVE - The President's Annapolis speech has Dems trying to figure out which way is out.

A LETTER HOME - A soldier in Iraq asks his Mom to help him get the true word out on the War

NO CUT AND RUN - House Republicans call the Dem's bluff, defeat immediate withdrawal from Iraq 403-3

AT LAST - A NEW FRONT IN THE WAR ON TERROR - the President goes on the offensive to regain support for the War

THE WARNER/FRIST AMENDMENT: UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES, A.K.A.LACK OF FORESIGHT - Senate Republicans try to outflank Dems, end up giving them more talking points instead

DON'T GIVE UP YOUR DAY JOB,  BARBARA - Hollywood singer, actress, and wannabe political guru is still getting stuck on stupid

THE UN GETS IT RIGHT, FOR A CHANGE - The Security Council extends the mandate for Coalition forces in Iraq. Now, if ony some Democrats would wake up and smell the coffee.

NEW RADIO ADS SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS IN THE WAR ON TERROR - Move America Forward announces three new radio ads calling on Americans to supoort our effort in Iraq.

CONSERVATIVES WANT TO ESTABLISH A THEOCRACY - NOT! - Liberals make one ridiculous claim after another, but this one tops all.

THE TERM "SECULAR CONSERVATIVE" IS NOT AN OXYMORON - Not all conservatives are people of faith, nor do they feel threatened by "the Religious Right".

WHO IS IT THAT IS PRICE GOUGING? State and Federal taxes far take more of  your gas dollar than the "Big Oil Companies" get in profits

DEMS IN CONGRESS HAVE NO MONOPOLY ON PORK - Except for just a few Congressional Republicans, the rest are as fiscally irresponsible as  their Democratic counterparts could ever hope to be.

LET SLEEPING DOGS (AND THE "ELITE") LIE - Peggy Noonan asks where America's "elite" have gone. Wherever it is, let them stay there.

CALL A TAX INCREASE WHAT IT IS, BUT FIRST DO IT RIGHT = an analysis of Colorado Referennda C and D

SLINGS AND ARROWS - a look at polls and approval ratings; how meaningful?

POWER AND LOYALTY -- "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

JOHN McCAIN KNOWS BETTER - no former POW should want our enemies to know precisely what to expect if captured

BUSH, AL QUAEDA IN AGREEMENT ON IMPORTANCE OF IRAQ - both recognize the War in Iraq as the frontline in the War between western civilization and Islamic Jihadism. Too bad that so many Americans can not or will not recognize this.

SATURDAYS ELECTIONS IN IRAQ - another milestone in bringing democracy to the Middle East and making the anti-war crowd look even more foolish.

AMERICANS (AND THEIR GOVERNMENT) PREFER TO BURY THEIR HEADS IN THE SAND - the real issue of stopping illegal immigration is neither votes nor low-paid workers. It is national security, but no one seems to care.

WHY HAVE THERE BEEN NO TERRORIST ATTACKS IN AMERICA SINCE 9/11? is it really because of our successes in the War on Terror, or is it perhaps that the jihadists recognize that Americans lose interest and the will to oppose them if they don't hit us?

MISSED OPPORTUNITY: - a one-sided debate with an anti-war advocate in 5 installments

A BAND OF BROTHERS - anti-war protesters in same league as bin Laden and al Zarqawi

AND A MIFFED CINDY SHEEHAN -- Ms. Sheehan complains when upstaged by Hurricane Rita

"YOU DON'T SPEAK FOR ME, CINDY" TOUR STOPS IN DENVER - on their bus trip to Washington DC for rally on Sept. 24

DON'T GET STUCK ON STUPID - how did such a stuck on stupid dumbass get so rich?

POST-KATRINA: A DOSE OF REALITY - forget the garbage that the know-nothing politicians, pundits, and entertainment world freaks are saying about the storm and its aftermath. See what the worker bees are saying.

A NOTE TO ALL NEBRASKANS - an urgent need.

TRASH-TALK - Hurricane Katrina - helping out the Democrat trash-talkers so they don't get a hernia of the tongue.

CHURCHILL'S ETHNICITY NO LONGER AN ISSUE - CU FACULTY COMMITTEE - Faculty subcommittee finds that Churchill's claim questionable of Indian ancestry has no bearing on his academic credentials

BITS AND PIECES - more on Cindy Sheehan, John Roberts, the leftstream media, and Intelligent Design

AN OPEN LETTER TO MS. CINDY SHEEHAN - a gentle request to not dishonor her son and those others who have given their lives in the War on Terror

THE LAST CHANCE FOR DEMOCRACY IN IRAQ? - can the Shiites find the courage and wisdom to compromise?

JOHN ROBERTS - HE'S SAYING THE RIGHT THINGS - he is making it difficult for the Dem's to oppose his confirmation

ANOTHER MISSED CHANCE TO PREVENT 9/11? - why is it not surprising that the Clinton administration blew yet another chance to prevent 9/11?

THE ANTI-IRAQI WAR QUAGMIRE - while the rats are jumping ship, their rhetoric is becoming more irrational than ever.

IN THE WORLD OF SPORTS - Political correctness runs amuck even in the world of sports; do some people in the NCAA not have enough work to do?

KEEP GWOT, CAN SAVE -  It appears that secret operatives from the DNC’s “PC and Nuance Police” have infiltrated the Administration’s Inner Circle, or perhaps some members of the latter group are rapidly approaching burnout.

DISCO, PET ROCKS, AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS - Hopefully, PC-ness will eventually go the way of other fads

SOME AMERICANS PREFER SURRENDER OVER SACRIFICE - the "Pull-out-of-Iraq-Now" crowd cares not if America loses this
       war, and can neither foresee nor comprehend the effects in the General War on Terror

CONTINUING B S - CBS again shows its true colors

TOM TANCREDO'S NUCLEAR BLUNDER - the Colorado Congressman's foot-in-mouth episode

IN THE NEWS - various items from the week of July 24, 2005; the London bombings, Tom Tancredo, and the Rove controversy

IS IT ANY WONDER THAT THE DEMS CANNOT WIN FOR LOSING? This time it is Paul Begala making assinine statements, claiming that the Administration wants to kill him 

PLAIN AND SIMPLE - What this conservative would like to see from whomever the President nominates to the Supreme Court

THE THREAT OF A NUCLEAR IRAN - What realistic options does the U.S. have in coping with the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran?

AMERICANS' SUPPORT FOR THE WAR IN IRAQ IS NOT ERODING - A recent GALLUP Poll shows that what we are being told by the MSM and the Dem politicians regarding support for the War is not the truth

NEWS FROM THE WARD CHURCHILL FRONT - Churchill's latest comments regarding the fragging of soldiers' officers as an anti-war methodology draws responses

THE JURY IS STILL OUT ON WARD CHURCHILL'S ETHNICITY - A  study of the professor's genealogy casts serious doubts on his claim of Indian ancestry, which he used to obtain his position at the U. of Colorado.

INDRA...WHO? - Conservative bloggers have much bigger issues to address than the relatively obscure comments of a soda-pop queen.

WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN (OR ARE THEY EVEN CAPABLE)? - Newsweek proves that they are part of the MSM with their
phony "Disrespecting the Koran" report next to which Abu Ghraib pales in comparison.

WHY? - the cold-blooded murder of a Denver Cop begs a questions that, either no one has thought of, or no one had the courage to ask it.

WHAT WAS KEN STARR REALLY TALKING ABOUT - (C)BS once again twists the facts, this time regarding Ken Starr's comments on the Senate filibuster. MSM like CBS and NEWSWEEK are no longer bound to the truth, since, after all,  they are the media and they are morally superior to us mere peons.

HELEN THOMAS DISCOVERS NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION - Helen Thomas appeals to the Tooth Fairy to help resolve nuclear issues with Iran and North Korea.

PRO AND CON - Two views on the alliance between  religious and non-religious conservatism

SETTING THE FOCUS - Looking at the true liberal and conservative agendas regarding judicial nominations


WHY THE US AND THE UN NEED JOHN BOLTON - One thing we do NOT need is a Miss Congeniality representing us at the UN

FURTHER PROOF THAT OUR UNIVERSITIES ARE FAILING US - half-satirical, half-serious comments regarding students' anti-war protests

QUO VADIS, JOHN McCAIN? - Will a former hero of mine let down his Senate, his President, and his party?

SACRE BLEU! LES MÉDIAS FRANÇAIS ME VEUT! - A French journalist intervews The DRUM and CANNON

POPE JOHN PAUL II, BORN KAROL JOSEF WOJTYLA (MAY 18-1920 - APRIL 2, 2005) - A tribute to a modern hero

MISTAKEN IMPRESSIONS - Liberal fallacies regarding Conservatives in America

LET A FLICKERING LIGHT BECOME LIKE A BEACON - Now is not the time for conservatives to drop the ball and
forget the tragedy of Terry Sciavo's death

DENVER'S TOWN HALL MEETING - The Pres comes to Denver to talk about the Social Security problem

(GETTING) BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN - General comments on events after a writing hiatus

A HOUSE OF CARDS - The crisis at the University of Colorado deepens

MORE ON WARD CHURCHILL - It is no longer a "free speech" issue. Churchill must go.

IS AL QAEDA IN MORE TROUBLE THAN WE REALIZE? - Bin Laden's call for al Zarqawi to attack homeland America suggests that al Qaeda may be hurting more than we think.

YET ANOTHER ATTEMPT TO ESTABLISH A WORLD GOVERNMENT? - The UN's "Framework Convention on Tobacco Control" attempts to impose international control over Americans' rights

THE ENLIGHTENED AMERICAN ARISTOCRACY - NOT! - A look at three separate issues that illustratse how far off the self-appointed "enlightened" liberal left is from the American mainstream

AMERICAN EDUCATION AND INDOCTRINATION ARE SYNONYMOUS III - A reply to George Haddad regarding the status of education in America


TEDDY'S "TORTURE CRISIS" OF NAIVETÉ - Massachusetts' senior senator wants to announce to the world (including al Qaeda) just what interrogation methods terrorists can expect if they are captured.

TO HEAL THE WOUNDS, SEND A VALENTINE TO A LIBERAL - Help satisfy the liberals' insatiable desire to be loved by everyone

SOME SERIOUS QUESTIONS FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO - The University must be realistic in facing the alternatives regarding Ward Churchill

SO MUCH TO SAY, SO LITTLE TIME...FEB. 3, 2005 - A potpourri of thoughts and comments during the eventful week of
January 30th


JANUARY 30, 2005: A DAY OF HOPE AND CELEBRATION - Celebrating Iraq's Fourth of July

LET THE TOADY SPEAK - Initial comments on the Professor Ward Churchill affair

TEACHING A MAN TO FISH - The UN's Millenium Project is calling on developed nations to increase their unrestricted handouts to the have-nots

THE ROLE OF SCIENCE: EAST vs. WEST - Some relevant and interesting sites on the Internet (funny, too!)

BE THE FIRST TO HAVE YOUR OWN TERRORIST - A solution to the issues surrounding the treatment of terrorist prisoners

1775, or 2004 - The opening quotation of Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities" describes the current Culture War

OBITUARY - The passing on of Common Sense

IRAQ IS NOT ANOTHER VIETNAM (YET) - Despite the rigorous efforts of the left, most Americans have not yet become the impatient vegetables of thirty-five years ago

WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND - with Proposition 36 failing miserably in Colorado, two state legislators in California will introduce a bill in that state for proportional assignment of presidential electors.

IT IS TIME TO RESTORE COMMON SENSE TO AMERICA - it's time to do away with what "political correctness" has become

CANADA BUSY SENDING BACK BUSH-DODGERS - Canada's problems with "undocumented immigrants" - satire

MORAL VALUES: A COUNTER-REVOLUTION? - are we seeing a move back to traditional values, and can conservative bloggers be leaders in the effort?

FLY-OVER COUNTRY - a visit to a red state that voted 68% for George Bush

A QUESTION OF MORAL ISSUES - what were the real moral issues in the election?

. . . AND THE BAND PLAYED ON - a semi-satiric look at the 2004 and 2008 election results