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The videos presented on this page are provided for your entertainment, enjoyment, or political commentary. Wherever possible, their sources will be furnished. If you have suggestions for videos to add to this page, click HERE.


1. HOME I'LL BE: a tribute to our military men and women serving in combat zones around the world, and their thoughts of home. Produced by Jack Ott, and featuring the combined BYU Choirs singing the song by the same name.

2. UNTIL THEN...: Another video tribute to our military men and women serving overseas. Accompanied by the BYU Choirs siging "Homeword Bound". This is just one of several video military tributes sponsored and produced by the employees of GCS Distributing Co., Idaho Falls, ID

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3. QUIET COMMERCIAL: Watch the famous Anheuser-Busch television commercial of soldiers passing through an airport.

4. WE STILL HOLD THESE TRUTHS: this is one of the best, if not the the best, politically conservative videos ever made. In just under 20 minutes, the video summarizes all of the principles, goals, and objectives of the conservative movement in America. It is a product of The Heritage Foundation.


5. OH, AMERICA: A very inspirational tribute to America by the singing group The Celtic Women. You might need a tissue for this one.

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6. AMERICAN JOURNEY: See scenic beauty from all 50 states as your take this brief video slideshow tour accompanied by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing their famous Battle Hymn of the Republic. Slideshow produced by Jack Ott.

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7. THE AMERICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT: So you think we live in a democracy? Think again, Kemo Sabay. From

8. HERE'S TO THE HEROES: An inspirational salute to our nation's armed forces. Produced by luckylucie.

9. TAKIN' BACK OUR COUNTRY: Great country music from Colorado's western slope to accompany the unraveling of the progressive agenda of those elitists on the east and west coasts. (Featuring Joyce Shaffer)


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10. NEWS REPORT FROM IRAQ: See why Iraqi insurgents don't do any more news interviews. Author unknown.

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11. A PERCEPTION: Larry the Cable Guy at Home Depot or, "How Democrats View
Tea Partiers." Courtesy of the Jay Leno Show

12. ACHMED, THE DEAD TERRORIST: He and his friends "Walter" and Jeff Dunham will "keel" you and your Infidel friends with their humor.