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Daniel Lewis of Lewisdale
Aug 6, 1715 - 1787

Browningsville Area map

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Bennetts Creek is the blue line proceeding from the red star at Browningsville downstream to Green Valley. One or more of the blue lines flowing downstream (up on the page) from Purdum to Bennetts Creek may be Maple Branch referred to in deeds.

Daniel Lewis, born Aug 6, 1715. Founded Lewisdale (see map above); d. bef 11 Jun 1787

Ancestry of Daniel Lewis (Note 2)

  • 1. Richard Lewis. m. Francys, probably in Wales; several of their children b. in Wales. Richard probably arrived in America in 1649; received nearly 1000 acres of land in Lancaster Co, VA for transporting immigrants to Virginia. He d. 15 Feb 1669, at the age of 79. Francys survived. (Note 4)

  • 2. Thomas Lewis, b. ca 1638, d. June 3, 1695/6, probably came to Prince Georges Co, MD from Virginia; may have been b. in Wales. m. Catherine Blyssard, dau of Gyles and Mary Blyssard of Charles Co. Children: (1) Richard, b. ca 1661; (2) Thomas, b. ca 1663; (3) John, b. 1661--married Elizabeth Henry [Note 5]; and (4) Ann. There may have been another daughter.

  • 3. Thomas Lewis, b. ca 1663, son of Thomas and Catherine. m. Rebecca (?); had these children: (1) Anne; (2) Elizabeth; (3) Margaret; (4) Jonathan, b. ca 1680/2; (5) Thomas, b. ca 1692; (6) Richard, b. ca 1698, and John, b. ca 1705.

  • 4. Jonathan Lewis, b. ca 1680/82, d. 1724 in Prince Georges Co. m. Mary, and had these children: (1) William, b. Aug 13, 1708; (2) Jonathan, b. Aug 29, 1711, d. by 1718; (3) John, b. Nov 30, 1713; (4) Daniel, b. Aug 6, 1715; (5) Jonathan and (6) David, twins, b. Aug 7, 1718; (7) Mary, b. July 8, 1720; (8) Jeremiah, b. ca 1722

  • Marriage
  • G1744 m. Margaret;

  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Prior to 1767 Daniel Lewis owned mill land, which might well have been in the Scaggsville area of Montgomery County along Route 29. 1767 Lewis sold this land to B-THOM-12 John Beall, b. 1700, father of B-THOM-125 Lawson "Losson" Beall, b. G1746, since in 1767 at father's death Losson received Mill Land where Richard Scadges (Scaggs) now lives and 70 acres that he lives on called "Addition". Plus part of mill land I had of Daniel Louis. (Daniel Lewis) B-THOM-128 Margaret (Margere) Beall, b. 1749 of John [1700] also to inherit part of mill land I had of Daniel Louis (Daniel Lowe, Daniel Lewis);

  • 11 Sept 1769 B-THOM-121/1732 Robert Beall, son of John of Pr. Geo Co sells to Daniel Lewis of Fred Co. Three Bealls Manner. (FCLO M:492; Heterick III:7) (Note 1)

  • 12 Nov 1779 (Abstract, MCLO A:394, M. Co. Hist Soc) B-WILLSIMP-1 Alexander Beall, b. G1742, planter, to Daniel Lewis, 305A Trouble Enough and 10A Close Tract, graveyard excepted, for 300; wife Elizabeth concurs. Same transaction recorded 19 Nov 1779 (FCLO A:394); Alexander Beall of Montgomery County sells for 300 to Daniel Lewis of Montgomery County "all that tract of land called "Trouble Enough"...lying in Montgomery Co....beginning at a White Oak standing on the South Side of Maple Branch a draft of Bennets Creek...containing and now laid out for three hundred and five acres...also one other tract of land lying and being in Montgomery Co....called the "Gleve"(?) tract beginning at a white oak standing near a creek called (Halther?) Bennetts Creek.. Elizabeth Beall wife of Alexander Beall waived dower. (Daniel Lewis lived on Trouble Enough and gave the name Lewisdale to this area of Montgomery County.-- MCW B:220, Jun 11 1787. A great-grandaughter of Daniel, Aletha Ann Lewis, m. Elisha, a son of William Simpson Beall)
  • 4 Sep 1781 Alexander Beall & John Beall witness to will of Daniel Lewis in which Daniel wills to son Jeremiah tract Trouble Enough and tract called Claose Tract lying on Bennetts Creek containing 10 acres. (Malloy, Sween & Mamud, Abstracts of Wills 1776-1825 in M. Co. Hist Soc; MC Orph Ct, BF:220 4 Sep 1781 - B1:190 11 Jun 1787)
  • 13 Oct 1789 - 14 Oct 1789 Alexander Beall of Montgomery Co sells to William Harvey, Jr, part of Trouble Enough, 40A, beginning at Daniel Lewis' dwelling line to the mouth of William Harvey's ___ branch. John Holmes & L. C. Neale, witnesses. Elizabeth, wife of Alexander, waived dower. (MCLO D:278).

  • 4 Sep 1781 Alexander Beall and John Beall were the witnesses to Daniel Lewis' will in 1781. (MCW B:220 4 Sep 1781 - 1:190 11 Jun 1787)
  • Children

  • General Notes
    The material above is from a database which uses many abbreviations. Some of the more commonly used abbreviations which appear above include:
  • Codes in front of a name are assigned to distinguish one individual from another. Using the "added digit" numbering system, the code is lengthened in each generation by adding the next person's birth order. Therefore B-THOM-12 is "the second child of the first child of a Beall progenetor coded THOM.
  • G in front of a date means that it is a pure guess for the purpose of placing the person approximately in time, and not to be cited for any purpose!

    Numbered Notes

  • Note 1. FCLO Refers to Frederick County Land Office. This deed appears at Liber (Book) M, folio (page) 492 in the Frederick County Land Records, and is quoted in Heterick, Five Families Beall, Section III, page 7)

  • Note 2. Daniel Lewis' ancestry from Lewis Newsletter, Vol III, Issue 4, Oct - Dec 1993, p. 9

  • Note 3. Information on Daniel Lewis, the son, from Lewis Newsletter, Vol III, Issue 4, Oct - Dec 1993, p. 9

  • Note 4. Information on Richard and Francys Lewis, as well as James Lewis of SC/Alabama, from Lewis Newsletter, Vol VII, Issue 3, Summer, 1998, p. 15, Editor's Note

  • Note 5. John Lewis, son of Thomas and Catherine (Blyssard) Lewis, was b. in Prince Geroges Co, MD 1661, and d. ca 1710/1711; m. Elizabeth Henry. His son, John Lewis, Jr, was b. ca 1683 and d. Stafford Co, VA in 1764 and in turn had son Thomas Lewis, who was b. Fairfax Co, VA and m. Elizabeth. Thomas had son James, who was b. Fairfax, Co, VA in 1752 and d. 1810, prob. Fairfield Co, SC. James m. Francs Starke, and son James Jr, who was b. 10 Dec 1781 in Fairfield Co, SC, and moved to Tuscaloosa Co, Ala. (Lewis Newsletter, Vol VII, Issue 3, Summer, 1998, p. 7)

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