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John Duckett King of Kings Valley
1778 - 1858

King's Valley Area map

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King Grandparents

K-JOHN-1 John King, Sr. Some sources say he was born 1711 and immigrated to Maryland in 1720, settling in what is now Prince George's County.(1) Marriage If John King was born in 1711 and married at age 21, then the marriage took place in 1732, and children began to arrive the following year. Wife said to be Elizabeth Morris. Will. John King recorded his will in Prince Georges County in 1789(2). John King, Sr, recorded a will in 1789 which states: First, I will and bequeath unto Elizabeth Darcey and John King, my beloved daughter and son, all my goods and chattels now in the possession of my son Benjamin King, living near the Sugar Lands in Frederick County, viz, one mare, bridle and saddle, seven head of cattle, two large pewter dishes, and three basins, one bed and bed furniture, two bedsteads, two pots and one pair of pot hooks. Likewise all my moveable effects, also I will and bequeath unto the rest of my beloved sons and daughters in the manner and form following, unto my sons Edward King and William King I give and bequeath one shilling each. Likewise my daughter Mary Peacock and son Thomas King I will and bequesth one shilling each. I also will and bequeath unto my beloved son Benjamin King and my beloved daughter Rebeccah Vermillion one shilling sterling each. I likewise constitute make and ordain John Darcey and Elizabeth Darcey the sole executors of this my last will and testament....this eighteenth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand, seven hundred and eighty nine." The will, proved on January 12, 1790, does not name the wife of John King, Sr, but land entries in the county during 1792 suggest that she may have been Elizabeth Morris, born c. 1711. Children included:

1. Elizabeth, b. G1733, m. John Darcey

2. John, b. G1735

3. Benjamin, b. G1737

4. Edward, b. c. 1740

5. William, b. G1742, m. Letitia Duckett

6. Thomas, b. G1744

7. Rebeccah, b. G1746, m. Vermillion

8. Mary, b. G1748, m. Peacock.

Duckett Grandparents

John Duckett, b. 1706 and Sarah Haddock Waring, b. 1721, of Prince Georges County. He was the son of Richard Duckett and Charity Jacobs of The Jacobs Family of Dover, Kent, England. She was the daughter of Basil Waring and Martha Greenfield, and a descendant of Kittamaquund, Tapac of the Piscataways.

1. Rebecca, b. ca 1742, m. Edward King, b. Prince Georges County c. 1740.

Parents of John Duckett King

K-JOHN-14. Edward King, b. Prince Georges County c. 1740 of John [1711], Immigrant, and Elizabeth Morris. Marriage to Rebecca Duckett. He married Rebecca Duckett, b. ca 1742 and daughter of John Duckett, b. 1706, and Sarah Haddock Waring, b. 1721, of Prince Georges County, and If he married at 21, that took place in 1761, and children followed soon thereafter. Additional Marriage? After 1777 he may have married L-LEWIS-132-152 Margaret Lewis (10 Jan 1754 - 15 May 1803), dau of Stephen Lewis of Clarksburg, b. Clarksbug June 10, 1754, d. May 15, 1803, or possib. daughter of Daniel Lewis. After Edward King's death,-- after 1784 or 1789 -- she m. Jonathan Browning, son of Jonathan Browning and Elizabeth Lewis. Both bur. on Jonathan Browning's farm. There appears to be confusion regarding Margaret Lewis' parentage and marriages.

Residence. Edward King he moved to the area of Montgomery County subsequently named King's Valley, near Damascus; no records of land ownership by Edward exist. The move may have taken between 1764, when daughter Sarah was born in Prince George's County, and 1769, when daughter Charity was born in now Montgomery. In 1776-1777 lived North West Hundred (wife named Rebeckah) (Ref: K-1:223, R-31:17)(3) In the Census of 1790, Edward King was listed next to Elisha Walker and Charles Miles; Edward's son John Duckett King married Charles' daughter Jemima Miles, and his daughter Sarah married Elisha Walker. Revolutionary War Service. Private, 4th Co, Lower Bn, Militia, Aug 1777 (Ref M-199, T-5:47). Took Oath of Allegiance before the Hon. Edward Burgess on Feb 28, 1775 (Ref T-3:64, L-1:42) Private, 1st Co, Lower Bn, Militia, July 15, 1780 (Ref: M-204). Peden, Patriots, 187. Death. His death date is given as 1784, however, this would make him predecease his father by 5 years--and he is named in his father's 1789 will as still living at the time.

1. Elizabeth, b. prob Prince Georges Co 1763

2. Sarah, b. 1764 m. Elisha Walker, son of Francis and Catherine Walker, b. Mar 20, 1762, and moved to New Market Dist. after 1800.

3. Mary, b. prob. Frederick Co 1767

4. Charity, b 1769

5. Benjamin, b. 1772, m. Nov 1, 1804 to Nackey Penn.

6. Edward King, Jr, b. 1774

7. Rebecca, b. 1776

8. John Duckett, b. June 20, 1778 (+)


K-JOHN-148. John Duckett King, b. Montgomery Co June 20, 1778 of Edward King [1740] and Rebecca Duckett(4). His birth in Montgomery County contradicts family accounts which stated that, "The story of the King family of Montgomery County begins with the arrival in the United States of one man John Duckett King from England about 1798, who had been born in 1774 or 1779 in England.(5) Marriage. On December 16, 1800(6) he married Jemima Miles, b. in Clarksburg March 8, 1782, d. October 30, 1861 and daughter of Charles Milesand his first wife, Elizabeth Poole. (Charles Miles later married Elizabeth Beall and Mary "Polly" Layton, to whom his children are sometimes attributed). Residence. John Duckett King built the house which is still standing on the farm of Leslie King, one of his descendants,"(7) in King's Valley, Montgomery County. In the Census of 1800, Jemima Miles was out of her household and living with her husband, no children. In the Census of 1850, they were in the 2nd/Clarksburg District. Will. John Duckett King's will, dated April 24, 1857(8) indicates he was a slave owner. He left to his wife negro woman Matilda Green and her son Ignatius Gren. Daughter Harriet Ann and son John A were each to receive one dollar and no more. He indicated he had previously given one negro girl each to his five daughters, who received all the personal property. To his remaining six sons other than John A, he left his lands totalling 217 acres, to share jointly, as well as two negro men, Jeremiah Mason and Samuel Mason. Death. d. May 14, 1858 at Clarksburg, Montgomery County. John Duckett King and wife Jemima are both are buried in the King Cemetery on the Leslie King farm, locally known as Kingstead Farms.(9) They had 14 children:

1. Middleton b. 1800 or 1801

2. Elizabeth "Betsy" Miles, b. 1802

3. Jemima, b. Apr 11, 1805, d. 7 Feb 1892 m. John Lewis Purdum. Bur. Browningsville, MD

4. Harriet Ann, b. C. 1807

5. John A., b. Oct 1, 1808

6. Singleton, b. Oct 21, 1810

7. Mary Ann T, b. 1813

8. Charles Miles, b. Apr 5, 1814

9. Rufus, b. Jan 25, 1816

a. Sarah "Sallie" Rebecca, b. 1818

b. Edward J, b. Jan 10, 1818 or 1821

c. Mary, b. 1822. Not mentioned in will. Family stories report that she fell into a fire at an early age and died from the injuries.

d. Luther Green, b. 1825

e. Eveline, b. Jul 4, 1828


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