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William Beall of Long Lookt For
ca 1720 - ca 1763

Major thanks to my fifth cousin, Janice Taylor who did the majority of the research looking up all the Beall wills and deeds that could be found.

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Bennetts Creek is the blue line proceeding from the red star at Browningsville downstream to Green Valley. One or more of the blue lines flowing downstream (up on the page) from Purdum to Bennetts Creek may be Maple Branch referred to in deeds.

William Beall of Long Lookt For, #144 on my Ahnentafel, must have been born sometime in the vicinity of 1720. He had at least one son, named Alexander, his "eldest son and heir." It is likely he also had a younger son John Beall.

Two facts affect guesses about his age. First, William received a warrant for land in 1753, and clearing and settling land was a task for young men. If William was born 1720, he would have been 33 in 1753; a birthdate much earlier than 1720 might make him too old for the task at hand. Secondly, his son and heir Alexander was able to transact legal business, and therefore was an adult, when William died in about 1763. To be 21 in 1763, Alexander could not have been born later than 1742, when William, if born 1720, would have been 22.

On Oct 3 1753 William received a warrant for 10 acres of land which was surveyed Jan 10 1754 as Long Lookt For. [Note 1]

For and in consideration that William Beall of Frederick County...hath due unto him 42 acres of land....ten acres part thereof by virtue of a warrant for that quantity granted him the third of October 1753...and for the remaining 32 acres has paid the sum of One Pound Twelve Shillings Sterling Caution for the same as appears in our land office and upon such conditions and terms as are expressed in our conditions of Plantation of our said Province bearing date five April 1684 remaining upon record in our Province together with such alterations as in them are made by our further Conditions bearing date Four December 1696 - together also with the alterations, etc...We do therefore grant unto William Beall... parcel of land called Long Lookt For Beginning at a white Oak standing near the head of a Branch called Mapple Branch, a draught of lower Bennetts Creek...containing forty two acres...and laid out for 42 acres of land to be held of Conigocheige Manor....William Beall his heirs and assignees for ever to be holden of us and our heirs as of our Manor of Conococheague in fee and common...by fealty only for all Manner of Services Yielding and paying therefore yearly unto us and our heirs at our Receipt at our City of Saint Mary's at the two most usual feasts in the year viz. the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Michael Arch Angel by even and equal portions the rent of One Shilling Eight Pence Half Penny Sterling in silver or Gold and for a fine upon every alienation of the land or any part or parcel thereof one whole years rent in Silver or Gold or the full value thereof in such commodities as we and our heirs...etc....Seal Ten January 1754. [Words arranged "The Great Seal" vertically and "Horatio Sharpe" horizontally. [Note 2]

William Bealles cert 42oo
Long Lookt For Pat
10 January 1754.

Frederick County: By virtue of a warrant granted out of his Lordship's land office of this province to William Bealle of the aforesaid County for 10 acres of land bearing date October 3d 1754. I therefore certify as Deputy Surveyor under his excellency Horatio Sharpe, Esq, Governor of Maryland that I have carefully laid out...that tract of land called Long Lookt For beginning at a bounded white oak standing near the head of a Branch called Mapple Branch a draught of lower Bennets Creek...and now laid out for 42 acres of land to be held of Conigocheige Manor surveyed Jan'ry 10th 1754. Isaac Brooke.

1755-1756 William Beall was listed in Frederick County Debt Books for Long Looked For, 42a and Close Tract, 34a.

On 25 Feb 1762 he was listed as grantee of Long Looked For. [Note 3].

William died between 1762 and 1767:

"Indenture...between Alexander Beall eldest son and heir at law of William Beall of Frederick Co. deceased...and Stephen West of Prince Georges Co. merchant...whereas the said William Beall father - of the said Alexander Beall...did in his lifetime on or about 21 June 1762 execute a bond or writing obligatory unto or between John Bayne...of Frederick Co. planter for a valuable consideration had and recieved of him well and truly to make over and convey unto the aforesaid John Bayne...part of a tract of land called the "Resurvey On Long Looked For" containing 505 acres...and whereas the said William Beall happened to die before the said deed of land be executed and the said John Bayne hath sold the said land to the above named Stephen West for a valuable consideration and hath duly assigned...bond to Stephen West and whereas the said Alexander Beall upon due notice of the said assignment...willing to...make over and convey to Stephen West the land according to his Fathers bond...doth give, grant, etc....all that tract or parcel ofland lying in Frederick Co. being part of a tract of land called the "Resurvey On Long Looked For" patented to the said William Beall 25 February 1732 [sic] beginning for said part at the end of the ninth line course of the said Resurvey...etc...containing by estimation 505 acres... [Note 4]

In addition to Alexander, named above as eldest son, William is very likely to also have had a son John. John and Alexander act very much as brothers in passing family property back and forth, and both are ancestors of a substantial number of descendants who live today in the area of Long Lookt For, and around the world.
  • 1. Alexander, b. abt 1742, eldest son. To make over property at his father's death ca 1763, Alexander must have been 21 in 1763, therefore born NLT 1742
  • 2. John, (probably) b. abt 1744 (+)

  • William and Alexander are two of the most common names among Maryland Bealls. Surely William Beall is kin to other Bealls in Maryland! Perhaps so, but an examination of the other Williams who might have been alive at the same time leaves the distinct impression that the necessary link has not yet been found!


    Note 1. There apparently was an earlier tract bearing the title Long Looked For. See deed 27 Nov 1700 from John Smith of Prince George's Co, Planter, to James Stoddard of Prince George's Co., gent, for 100 sterling, 50 acres of a tract called Long Looked For, in Prince George's Co. on the south main branch of Deep Creek bounding on land formerly laid out for Maj. Thomas Brooke called Little Grove and on land of Richard Marsham; also a 200 acre part of which was formerly granted to Maj. Thomas Brooke and is now in posssession of Murphey Ward, and part of which was granted to Murphy Warde called Wards Pasture; the second tract is on the west side of the Patuxent River in Prince George's Co. on Deep Creek and bounds on Little Grove and on land of George Lingan being part of Long Looked For. PGLO A:343, 24 Feb 1700, in Md Connections Queries, Vol 2 (No 1-6), 1992-1993, p. 27. From Celene Beall Butler.

    Note 2. Horatio Sharpe was Governor of Maryland at this time. Hall of Records, BC&GS#1:183; Y&S#8:704

    Note 3. Montgomery County Land Records K:549, 19 Jul 1803; date erroneously appears as 25 Feb 1732 in Frederick County Land Records K:1310, 18 June 1767

    Note 4. Frederick County Land Records K:1310 18 June 1767

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