Basil William Prather
Basil William Prather was born on February 01, 1742  in Frederick County, Maryland, the son of  Aaron Allen Prather and Mary Jane (last name unknown).


He married  Chlorinda Robertson in 1765 in Frederick County, Maryland. In 1778, Basil and Chlorinda Prather moved from Frederick, Maryland to Iredell County North Carolina. The Prathers settled on a farm near Harmony North Carolina along Little Dutchman’s Creek. 
Basil Prather co-founded Mount Bethel Methodist Church near Harmony.  Prather sold one acre of land to the church for five shillings.  Initially known as Prather’s Meeting House, the church was renamed Mount Bethel in the 1830s. 
While in Iredell County, Basil joined the North Carolina Militia.  In 1780, during the Revolutionary War, he accompanied that militia to Camden South Carolina where he fought, and was wounded in, the Battle of Camden. 
In 1800, Basil and Chlorinda moved from Harmony, North Carolina to Clark County Indiana. 
In 1784, General George Rogers Clark laid out the town of Clarksville, Indiana then in the Northwest Territory.  General Clark conquered the Northwest Territory in 1779.   In 1781, the General Assembly of Virginia granted 150 thousand acres of land to General Clark and his men in the area north of the Falls of the Ohio River in Indiana.  This grant was referred to as “Clark’s Grant”. Among Clark’s men were James Robertson and Henry Prather, both of whom were given land for their services. 
In 1789, land was deeded to Basil Prather and in 1804 to John Bottorff, Jeremiah Jacobs and John Swan.  These men and their families established the Methodist Church in Indiana. In 1801 the original Methodist church was broken into several neighborhood churches.   The New Chapel Church was formed in the Jacobs-Prather neighborhood.  New Chapel is the oldest continuous congregation in Indiana. 
Basil and Chlorinda had sixteen children:
 1) Lloyd Benton Prather, b. November 25, 1782;
 2) Nancy Prather, b. 1765;
 3) William B. "Skipjack" Prather, b. August 15, 1766;
 4) Walter Prather, b. February 02, 1768;
 5) Thomas Prather, b. July 23, 1769;
 6) Basil Robertson Prather, b. June 27, 1771;
 7) Catherine Prather, b 1772; 8) Aaron Prather, b. 1773;
 9) John Asa Prather, b. 1776;
 10) Samuel Prather, b. 1780;
 11) Rebecca Prather, b. 1784;
 12) Rachel Prather, b. October 27, 1786;
 13) Sihon Simon Prather, b. November 09, 1790;
 14) Chlorinda Prather, b. 1794;
 15) Susannah Prather, b. 1798;
 16) Asa Prather, b. about 1800.

Basil William died on October 07, 1822 in Clark County, Indiana.  He is buried at the New Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery in Clark County, Indiana.  In front of his tombstone is a plaque placed by the Daughters of the American Revolution, commemorating his service in the Revolutionary War.

Little Dutchman's Creek Harmony, NC

Battle of Camden Site Camden, SC

Mt. Bethel Methodist Church - Harmony, NC

New Chapel United Methodist Church  Clark County, IN

Basil W. Prather Tombstone

Basil W. Prather DAR Plaque

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