I started this site as a venue to post pictures of my cars (past and present) while providing updates when modifications or significant maintenance occurred. I remain the proud owner of the first three below. The 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco and 1983 Callaway Rabbit Gti see limited action in the best of weather. I take them to Volkswagen shows and events when appropriate all over the northeastern region of the United States. The Scirocco is new to the stable as of 2014. The 1983 Rabbit Gti was the recipient of a Stage I Callaway kit instalation in the summer of 2010. Meanwhile, the 2008 Gti has been the daily driver since the fall of 2008. This allowed me to sell each Corrado with the G60 Corrado selling in late 2008 and the Corrado SLC selling in March of 2009. I would like to get my hands on a Rabbit Pickup in the future. However, for now, I have my hands full with the 1981 Scirocco, 1983 Callaway Rabbit Gti, and a MkV Gti.

1981 Scirocco

1981 Scirocco

History on the Scirocco

2008 MkV Gti

2008 United Grey with 18

History on the Gti

1983 Rabbit Gti - R&A Applied Arts prepared former Stage II Callaway Turbo

R&A Applied Arts prepared  
Rabbit Gti

History, photos, and updates on this Rabbit Gti

Do you have any Callaway Turbo or New Dimensions Turbo parts? Please contact me.

Callaway Badge

1984 Rabbit Gti - Stage II Callaway Turbo Rabbit Gti

Stage II Callaway Turbo

History and additional pictures on this Rabbit Gti

1992 Corrado SLC


    Techtonics Tuning Stainless Steel Exhaust
    K&N open filter element
    Lightened and balanced flywheel

Historical updates to the Corrado SLC

Corrado SLC details and photos

1990 Corrado G60


    Kompressor Kanada Stage II with 68mm pulley
    SNS Tuning Stage II chip
    3.5 bar fuel pressure regulator
    Techtonics Tuning Stainless Exhaust
    K&N Air Filter

History and updates on this Corrado G60

Detailed photos and specifications as of November 2008

1977 Scirocco - R&A Applied Arts prepared Stage I Callaway Turbo Scirocco

Stage 1

History and photos of this Mk1 Scirocco

1983 Rabbit Gti 16V


    2.0L 16V engine conversion with Motronic
    Scirocco Mk1 Headlight Conversion
    15X7 Team Dynamics DTM
    European Bumpers
History of this Rabbit Gti
Interior Pictures including an A2 Console conversion

1991 Jetta Gli 16V


    Techtonics EPROM
    Techtonics Stainless Exhaust with Borla muffler
    K&N Air Filter
    Eurosport Upper Strut Brace
    Nuespeed Short Shift Kit
    Hella European 16V Headlight Conversion
    H&R Cup Kit
Additional pictures and information
Click here for some history of this Gli, including H&R Cup Kit install, 01/09/04

1984 Rabbit Gti

Project Gti

    10:1 block
    Hydraulic Head w/AUTOTECH Sport 270 cam
    AUTOTECH Tri-Y Header
    AUTOTECH Sport Tuned Exhaust
    K&N Air Filter
    Boge struts with Nuespeed Sport Lowering Springs

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The Rabbit Gti Page Nice compilation of Rabbit technical and turbo information

Callaway C1 turbo projects forum A decent forum of Callaway turbo owners

The Callaway Archive dedicated to the Callaway Turbo as it relates to our Rabbit, Jetta, or Scirocco

Kompressor Kanada Need a G60 rebuilt?

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Parts for Sale

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