Recent Work on the Corrado

Winter (March) 2009

It was a sad day in early March as I sold the Corrado SLC to a good home. It will now reside back in CT where the car once resided. The car has been awesome and taught me a lot about the VR6 when Bill and I did so much work to it back in 2007. Selling the Corrado also reminded me that I am now Corrado-less. I am not sure how I feel about that. I was going through my stash of SLC parts to pass along to the new owner and realized that I had accumulated quite a bit of Corrado parts for the SLC or for a Corrado in general. I still have some used G60 bits around from the G60 days that I will no doubt, donate to Corrado enthusiasts in the spring.

I will keep my eye open for a stock Corrado SLC in the future. They are extremely hard to come by and will only get harder to find. For now, my Gti will get plenty of miles ahead.

Winter (February) 2009

The rear spoiler was serviced today (February 28). The shafts were lubricated and the wing was manually taken through the operation several times by hand. I wish I did this last year. It's not a Corrado without the spoiler going up at 45 mph. I had the wing disengaged as the hand crank was pulled out all this time. Lubrication is key to the longevity of the spoiler mechanism and life.

Fall 2008

As promised, two days before winter, I got the radiator replaced with a new one that I have had for a few months (unopened in the shipment from The good folks at Auto Haus in Salem took care of the SLC. They also replaced the thermostat housing and installed a stock temperature thermostat. A nice mix of G12 coolant and distilled water filled the capacity of the coolant system (3 gallons). Meanwhile, the SLC got a Mobil 1 oil change, replacing the Castol Syntec that barely had 5K miles from last January. Lastly, the stock BBS wheels were installed around the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Summer 2008

Not too much to report on the SLC other than it is so fun to drive. Yes, maybe more refined than the G60. I am planning to replace the radiator with a new one in the fall to get the cooling system which is barely one year old (metal crack pipe, thermostat, radiator fan switch, radiator fan belt, water pump, and G12 coolant) battle ready for the winter. Lastly, I scored a great deal on a set of Borbet Type C's (made in Germany) with practically new Dunlop Sports.

Summer 2007

I've been driving the SLC over the past month since all the work has been done. The total spend in terms of parts came close to $3,000. The SLC received a new Techtonics Stainless Steel exhaust in the process. I have very happy with the decision. I learned quite a bit about the VR6 engine and a lot more about the Corrado working with Bill. His knowledge and patience were priceless. The SLC is a pleasure to drive. I want to prepare some time in the future to repace the glass roof with a Passast one. In addition, I need to tackle a suddenly inoperable rear wing spoiler.

Stay tuned.

Spring 2007

I have purchased over $1200 worth of parts to be installed in the coming weeks. My friend Bill, who has plenty of experience wrenching on Corrado's, has offered his expertise to replace the timing chains, tensioners, and guides in the SLC. This is quite the project in which I had been putting off since I purchased the Corrado. I have a lightened fly wheel and clutch kit to be installed during the process.

Fall 2006

The Corrado got new rear brakes and emergency brake cables. In the process, new wheel bearings were packed.

Winter 2005

The Corrado got a set of e-code headlamps from Germany and a relayed wiring kit so that I can see at night. This was a huge improvement over the stock lights that put out less light than two flash lights.