Fall of 2005

I was obsessed with getting a 90-92 Jetta Gli for a long time. There was something about the big bumpers, BBS wheels, and Recaro interior that caught my attention while I was in my Rabbit Gti years in college. It was not until 1998 did I find the perfect one after a 18 month search.

This is a Jetta Gli with the 2.0L 16V Motronic engine. This came from the dealer with fog lights in the front bumper. The Gli only came with the big bumpers from 90-92. In addition, the car came with 15 inch BBS rims. Furthermore, the Recaro seats keep the driver and passenger secured. The front lights have been upgraded to the European headlights. I have put over 105K miles on it's 181K odometer. I have upgraded the necessary items with long term consideration.

The car has been a daily commuter until three years ago where it became the primary winter car and was used for the occasional drive up north in the summer months. I sold the car to a good friend in the fall of 2005. I assure you that it went to a good home and will get the attention that the Gli deserves.

Nice example of a GLI.

The front end has been converted to the European H4 single round head lights.

Cooper Cobra GT tires.

You'll notice chips on the hood which is the result of a New England commute.

Drivers side with the occasional parking lot knick.

Alpine CD head unit replaced the stock Aktiv system many years ago.

The BBS wheels were professionally straightened when I purchased the car.

Rear end including the stock rear deck wing.

Surface rust below drivers side tail light and some on the trunk lid.

Gli 16V badge.

Gli 16V floor mats from the dealer.

Clean bolsters on the Recaro seats.

The following has been replaced recently to chase down an oil light and buzzer.

Here is a quick time line of repairs and is by no means complete.

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