16V Euro Cam For Sale, $150 plus shipping

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Here's a few pictures of the interior. Pardon the messy rugs and such. Due to an overwhelming number of inquiries I wanted to post something real quick. This is merely to give you an idea of what an A2 console conversion looks like underneath the Rabbit dash. A bit of trimming was required on the console and around the ash tray area on the Rabbit dash. To finish it all off, some interior paint will do. As you can see, I've been rather lazy.

Here is a closeup of the Mk1 Scirocco grill conversion on my Rabbit. This entails some extensive work with a dremmel tool. I spent some careful hours cutting the inner grill of a Rabbit. You'll then need the lights and buckets from a Mk1 Scirocco. Minor trimming is needed on the Scirocco grill and the buckets. The look is nice, rare, and cheaper than a Cabriolet front end.
Here is a quick picture of the 16V conversion. Note the modified CIS-E lines into Motronic lines. I have since purchased the Motronic adapters from Virtual World Parts, Inc or otherwise known as Potterman. It results in a cleaner look using the 16V Scirocco lines and the Motronic injectors.