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All parts are located just outside of Boston, MA. Email link is at the bottom of the page.

16V Euro Cam For Sale, $150 plus shipping

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Triumph Brochures. TR6, Spitfire, GT6, Triumph full line up

German BBS Wheel and Aerodynamics

Rabbit Bilstein Cup brochure (link below)
Click here for a PDF of Rabbit Bilstein brochure article from Sports Car, March 1980

Stock Corrado G60 sway bar complete with end links

Rabbit Gti sway bar with poly bushings. Could not use with my Callaway down pipe as there was no clearance.

The BBS wheel covers and caps below are not for sale. These are posted here for informational purposes only.

5.5" wide
1.25" tall
inner black cap 09.23.221
outer plastic 09.23.380 & 1H0 601 149G

Corrado 5 lug cap to the far right. The outer ring is plastic whereas the BBS center caps from the RM's are metal. BBS RM's are left and center. However, the center one has four plastic tabs and the far left cap only has three.

Notice the depth between the BBS center cap off the Corrado 5 lug (taller).