Genealogy of the Stokes Family

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This material is largely unchanged from the original Stokes Web page. Some of the English material, like Henry's London have been moved to the London section of this web page and the text has been updated. The Burlington County Library has the Mirror, an early Burlington County newspaper on-line and so that is a new feature. Newspapers are a great way of filling in the gaps and adding dimension to your family history and now that many are coming on-line they are highly recommended. Burlington County Mirror

The Stokes Tombstone at Rancocas Burial ground. Note: The date of birth of Thomas Stokes is incorrect, according to the Northampton census he was born in 1643. Also Mary Stokes died in 1697, see Genealogical Records of John Wills, National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 42 #2, 1954.

For those new to this material would be the 1903 Genealogy of the Stokes Family descended from Thomas and Mary Stokes who settled in Burlington County, N.J. would be the place to start. Next to that on the menu is an index that should make it easy to find the names your looking for, if they exist in the book.
By and large this book has turned out to be fairly reliable although families who left the area are often missing. Any errors I've found have been addressed by adding links to corrections. Since the book is undocumented additional material has been added to provide documentation and additional information.
The purpose is to provide documentation and corrections to the Genealogy of the Stokes family. Those interested in providing additional documented material can email me at (see bottom of page for address) I'm looking for primary documents (documents written down at the time the event happened) or material from reliable secondary sources such as Hinshaw's "American Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy"

I'm also interested in hearing from people who descend from Thomas Stokes and his sister Mary who married Samuel Lovett There is some information on the Lovetts on the London page, I hope to add documented information aobut their descendants. Or from descendants of his brother John Stokes, if he had descendants.. Also Alice Stokes Paul, (her grandmother was a Stokes), she was active in gaining the right to vote for woman and was one of the driving forces behind the Equal Rights Amendment. Her home at Paulsdale, Burlington County, is now an institute, their web page is
Alice Paul Institute Alice Paul's mother was Taci Parry and her grandmother was Alice Stokes, daughter of Charles Stokes (See page 214 of the Genealogy of the Stokes family). Unfortunately, Alice Paul isn't mentioned, only her parents.
If you have information on any of the above, email me at the below address. .

This book is not copyrighted so feel free to download it, Higginson's books sells a photocopy of this book for those wishing to have a bound copy, their copy doesn't include the last 30 pages, including the index. Their web page is at
Higginson's books
Google Books also has a copy of the book for download for those interested.

In the original volume there were references that pointed to page numbers where additional information can be found, these have been converted to links, one, links to parents, which can take from one generation to the next. From your known ancestor back to Thomas Stokes. The other references says, "See page" these are now links to take you to additional information on those who married into the Stokes Family.

Rancocas Friends Meeting
Photo courtsey of Delane Davidson & Family

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