NOTE:The Genealogy of the Stokes Family shows only one child of William Stokes and Sarah Laskey, clearly this is an error.

Compiled and Collected by E.R. Stokes of West Philadelpia at various times, and written out here in this book, in the Spring of 1899..
Elwood R. Stokes (the writer) died suddenly of apoplexy after only a few hours illness at 9 o'clock, May 26, 1899.

The children of my grandfather and Grandmother, No.8 of my great grandfather's sons was William Stokes, born 2nd month 4th, A.D. 1779.
Sarah Stokes, his wife was Sarah Laskey married by Bishop White of Christ Church, November 12, 1801. These items are copied from Grandfather's Family Bible, since Father's death in January 1893, in the possession of T.F. Stokes of Washington, D.C.


Louisa Stokes born Dec. 12, 1802 Ann C. Stokes " Apl. 14, 1805 Kezia Stokes " Oct. 14, 1806 Caroline Stokes " Sept. 27, 1808 William Stokes " June 3, 1810 Elwood Stokes " March 8, 1812 Margaret L. Stokes " Oct. 24, 1814 William Stokes " March 22, 1817 Mary E. Stokes " July 19, 1819 Theo. F. Stokes " January 2, 1822 Theodore's descendants Amanda C. Stokes " March 13, 1825

Children of Wm. Stokes Jr. and Rebecca, his wife. married July 4th, 1839.

A son, Thursday Am, April 16th, 1840 at 9:30 O'clock, Elwood Redman Stokes
A daughter, born on Sunday Am, Feb. 26th 1843, at 6:30 O'clock, named Isabel Stokes
A daughter born Monday Am, May 24th 1847 at 5' O'clock and 15 minutes name Mary Stokes
A son, born on Friday Evening, July 30th, 1852 at 9:00 o'clock, and 15 minutes named William Stokes
A son, born on Wednesday, am, at 2 O'clock and 20 minutes on the 8th of March 1853 named William Stokes.
A son born April 1st, 1859 in the Am named James Reeves Stokes.


Ellwood Redman Stokes and Ella K. Roberts, eldest daughter of Wm. A. Roberts, all of West Philadelphia, were married on April the 18th, 1868 on Tuesday evening by the Rev. Stephen W. Dana, Pastor of the Walnut St. Presbyterian Church-which was the first Wedding after his pastorate in this church.
At the residence of Wm. A. Roberts in West Philadelphia. Those present were; William Stokes & Wife, Sameul J. Downs and Isabelle his wife. Mr. &Mrs. Joseph Curlin (Mrs. Melissa Curlin), Mrs. Kezia S. Reeves, Miss Margaret L. Stokes, Norton A. Downs, William J. Downs, William Stokes Jr., and Mary Stokes and James R. Stokes, Dr. Thomas A. Downs.

Family of Ellwood R. Stokes and his wife Ella K. Stokes

On Saturday evening at 6:30 O'clock on February 13th 1875, William E. Stokes
On Wednesday Am at 1/4 of 10, May the 28th, 1879 Twin boys named Howard Robert Stokes and Walter Thomas Stokes, the middle names Robert and Thomas being named after Robert and thomas Bell of Phila., also twins.
On Tuesday Pm at 1/4 of 9 O'clock Isabell Downs Stokes, Nov. 23rd 1880 after Bell Stokes Downs.
On Friday Am December the 10th, between 7 and 8 O'clock, Lissia S. Stokes, 1886, After Mrs. M. Culin.

Isabell Stokes Downs was married to Samuel J. Downs at her father's residence, corner of Barrington and Preston St., West. Phila. Both Stokes and the Downs family were present.
Ella Roberts Downs was born ?

Bella Stokes Downs was born ?

Mr. Downs, formerly with Lewis Ladamus Jewler at 8th & Chestnut and at one time with Mr. George Darden at Newborne N. Carolina was at 4030 Market St., a very successful Jewler in West Phila. In the winters he went to Hibernia Florida via Jacksonville. Mr. Downs, after spending a number of years in the winter in Florida was taken ill, and died there 1400 miles from home, he was well treated at Fleming's Island, where he died, while there he received a letter addressed to him at Emerald Fla., the letter travelled all around, and finally found him at Hibernia Florida.


Departed this life at Winamoc, Pulaski County, Indiana, August 9th, 1844. While on a visit to her son Theodore. Mrs. Sarah Stokes, after an illnes of ten days with bilious fever, aged sixty one years, six months and four days. Her remains were disinterred at Winamoc, and brought to Philadelphia, her native place and deposited in Monument Cemetery in September, 1845.

Departed this life in the City of Philadelphia, at the house of John S. Cash, his son-in-law.
William Stokes, Sr., after an illness of twenty two days, aged Sixty Eight years, Nine Months and two days-- died on Saturday Morning, November 6th, 1847, at 25 minutes past Six O'Clock, and was buried on Tuesday, Novermber 9th, 1847 in the Monument Cemetary in the same grave with his Wife--buried in September 1945.

Caroline Stokes died June 8th, 1809, aged eight months and eleven days.

William Stokes died March the 15th, 1811, aged nine months and twelve days.

Mary Stokes died June 30th, 1821, at 20 minutes past 5 o'clock--aged one year eleven months and eleven days.

Amanda C. Stokes died April 4th, 1828, at 8 o'clock P.M. aged 3 years and twenty-one days.

Elwood Stokes died February 1st, 1833, at 10 minutes before eleven o'clock P.M., aged twenty years ten months and twenty three days.

Margaret L. Stokes was born Oct. 24, 1813 and died Oct. 25, 1887.

Kezia S. Reeves was born Oct. 14, 1806 and died Sept. 11, 1880.

Ann C. Stokes was married to Casper Garrigues

Kezia Stokes was married to Allen Reeves. His first wife was Catharine Fraley, who died a few weeks after their child was born, she was taken ill at ther Mothers and died soon after.

Elwood Stokes was a member of a Phila. Volunteer Fire Co., and was run over in running to a fire, after an illnesss, he went to his uncles Josiah Stokes of Woodberry, N.J. and was thrown from a young horse he was riding, and injured again, from which injury he never recovered.

William Stokes Jr. was born March 23, 1817 and died January 5th, 1893.

Theodore F. Stokes was born January 22, 1822. He married Elizabeth.

William Stokes Jr. married in July 4th, 1839, Rebecca Redman of Haddonfield, daughter of John Evans Redman.

Edward Laskey died May 6th 1800 aged 52 years, 8 months and 2 days.

Catharine Boyd died February 18th, 1808, aged 32 years 2 months.

Margaret Laskey died April 24th, 1809 aged 28 years 8 months and twenty five days.

Catharine Laseky died December 27, 1810 aged 59 years, 10 months and 3 days.

William Stokes died January 5th, 1993 at 20 minutes past Eleven o'clock in the AM.
Mr. Stokes had felt for several years that he had some Kidney trouble; which he ascribed to his almost constant sitting with but little exercise in the office of the firm of Reeves & Whitaker, afterwards Reeves, Buck & Co. and then the Cumberland Nail & Iron Co., of Bridgeton, Cumberland Co., New Jersey; whose office was at No. 43 N. Water St., Phila. for 40 years from 1840 to 1880. The Co. was chartered by the State of New Jersey for the manufacture of cut nails & afterwards of gas tules (?) also. H was ill from Jan. 1 only to Jan. 4th, 1893.

Miscellanous Stokes Family Matters

Edward Boyd was a son of Alexander Boyd, his mother was a sister of Aunt Fraley-also of Aunt Rebecca Oldenburg, Aunt Gardner, Grandmother Stokes and Aunt Harriet-the latter died at Fraleys Homestead, No. 129 North 10th St., Philadelphia, of Consumption. They were all named Laskey.

John Urban Fraley was married to Catherine Lasky and lived for many years at No. 129 No. 10th Street. His children were, Catharine Fraley, (Mrs. Allen Reeves), Mary A. Fraley (died April 8th, 1805), Frederick Fraley, Laskey Fraley, John Fraley, died years ago. Laskey Fraley died after his marriage some years and left one son, John W. Fraley, now of New York.

Mary A. Fraley died at #129 N. 10th St. aged 87. Single

John Fraley lived in Philadelphia for a number of years, and then moved to Marshall, Harrison Co., Texas where he kept a Dry Goods Store and I think married twice-he wrote to Mary A. Fraley often and so did his children. Mollie Fraley from Texas and Florence Fraley. Mollie Fraley married and came to Phila. on her wedding tour. She was very graceful and pretty and her husband was much liked here,- They spent several weeks at 129 N. 10th St. with Mary A. Fraley, She died in a singular and mysterious manner, suddenly, soon after her return to Texas. I think her mother was an artist of some ability.

Miscellanous Deaths

Elizabeth H. Sellers Widow of Cornelous B. Sellers in the 58th year of her age. Funeral from the Residence of Augustus Oldenburgh, No. 874 N. 8th St.

Oldenburgh. Suddenly on the 9th inst. Daniel A. Oldenburg, aged 66 years on Tuesday Am, at 10 O'clock from his late residence 874 Nth 8th St..
---------------------From the Record of June 8th, 1886.

Fraley. On Monday April 8th, 1895, Mary A. Fraley, in the 87th year of her age, Funeral Services at S. John's Lutheran Church, Race St. above 5th St. on Thursday, April 11th at 11 Am. prescisely.-------------------------------------------1895

Bickel- On the morning of 20th inst. at Morton, Delaware Co., Penna.
John M. Bickel in the 72 year of his age, on Friday 22nd inst, services at 2229 Spring Garden St., internment at Charles Evans Cemetary, Reading, Penna.. By the 945 am train on Saturday.
Known as ____ . John M. Bickel-his wife was Mrs. John Schall's sister Phebe.
He formerly lived at Ornigsburg, Schuylkill Co., Penn & also built a fine residence at Broad & Jefferson St., Phila. John M. Bickel was formerly a Captain in the Grays of Orninsburg, Schuylkill Co., Penna, in 1847 they had an Encampment at Reading Penna. Mr. Bickel was at one time State Treasurer at Harrisburg. He had only one son, Frank Bickel, he at one time went to Texas to raise sheep, for the wool. I believe he went with several others and after several years returned to Phila. where he married Miss Sherk, a duaghter of Mr. Sherk of Rodemocker and Sherk, who the proprietators of the Homeopathic Drug Store at Phila. on Arch St. west of 10th.
The Grays of Ornigsburg had a camp at Reading, Penna. the camp was named Camp Kosciusco, commencing May 18th and terminated May 24th, 1842.