The Department of Labor and Industry is required to commission an annual study to determine whether the fee schedule for health care services is adequate to ensure that injured workers have sufficient access to quality health care.  This Study, first introduced in 1994, was designed to assess the impact of changes in the Workers’ Compensation law on continuing availability of medical providers for Workers’ Compensation patients.



The annual Pennsylvania Medical Access Study depends upon responses from surveys to a large sample of injured workers and medical providers:

Surveys are mailed to a sample of 10,000 Pennsylvania workers who sustained job-related injuries during the first eight months of current year.  Respondents are asked to provide information about the medical treatment they received relating to the injury.  Approximately 2,000 workers have responded to the survey each year.  Survey responses are confidential, whether by internet, or by mail using the business reply envelopes provided.


A sample of 1,800 physicians and providers in specialties important for treating work-related injuries are mailed the Provider Survey.  They are asked about the timeliness and accuracy of payments received for the treatment of Workers’ Compensation patients, and also about their experience in using the Fee Review process.


2014 Medical Access Study Executive Overview

2014 Medical Access Study Full Report

2014 Statistics







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