Eugene Ultraskate 17

October 1st 9 a.m.!

on the forum

Kiefer Dixon - 1st at the Shoekill!

August 14, 2011, Philladelphia, PA

Results coming soon on NCDSA



NLDSA Half Marathon Results

1st - Paul Brunninkhuis
2nd - Iemke Postma
3rd - Lennart Van de Peppel


UK Goodwood Marathon goes off!

A story from the butter-smooth racing course - by Tim Pritchard, on the podium!

Full Results coming soon

Adrenalina Marathon - PUERTO RICO! -- 8/28/11

Check out the special discount codes for registration!!

Enia Paula Lobo

Spreading the love and stoke of LDP in Brazil!

Imports to Brazil can be cost prohibitive for those just wanting to jump in and get a taste of LDP. Recently she's worked up an LDP shape via a local board builder "BLACKBOARDS" and blogs about it here.


(Use Google translate on the page if your Portuguese is rusty)


Adrenalina NYC - July 30, 2011

Marc Juvinall kills it at

The Morro Bay Mile Skateboard Push Race

3:46 Mile!

Details on Jack's FB page


CO to Coast

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_104248659669533

A buddy I recently skated with at the Atlanta Chief Ladiga race is now making his way across a portion of the US - Zander Louden and friends - an awesome adventure already!



Deippe to Paris in 3 days!

An eco-friendly ride for the British Red Cross

on the pavedwave forum

"...As the sky darkened we moved onwards, running from a major storm for quite a few hours!! We skated through light showers of rain for a few hours, but by 11.00 pm on Saturday we were fighting a huge thunder storm, and were forced the trek on foot for 3 hours!! ... sleeping turned into resting our eyes whist enduring a pleasant spluttering of rain to the face! ..."



D-Rock 13.1-mile Memorial Push Race


1st Robin McGuirk
2nd Brandon Desjarlais
3rd Abel Cardenas
4th Conan Gay
5th Jonathon Brostowitz

1st Carmen Shafer
2nd Ilee Erickson

Maurie Jacobs Park, Sunday June 5th, 1 p.m.


The Chief Ladiga / Silver Comet Sk8Challenge

WORLD's 1st Skateboarding Stage Race

188-Mile Finisher RESULTS


On the pavedwave forum


Maribeth McHugh and Cami Best at the Finish
Racers Paul Kent and Conan Gay on the left
Supporter Jordan Evans on the right


23 racers Day1, 15 racers Day2, and 13 made the gauntlet of Day3.

Paul astounded all with a 6:45 finish on the third day in near-100 degree heat.

Conan launched from the gate and stayed with Paul for the first part of the morning, and just behind them was a "peloton" of Joshua, Jeff, Billy, Andrew, and James. Joshua split from this group and made his surge toward the front, then I felt the effects of heat and pace after a couple hours and pulled back a notch, reducing the peloton to three. Jeff, Andrew and Billy stayed together until Cedartown where Jeff committed himself to a faster pace -- and note he was also on the injured list!! By the end, things turned around quite a bit with everyone in the top six throwing down hard.

Greg Feiss pumped to a fast finish on Day1 (as one-day racer), Luke Ayata knocked out most of Day2, with Mario Trujillo pulling him out of a near-exhaustion situation, and a badly injured Marion Karr still had a few pushes to send us all off on Day3. Chadd Hall buttboarded to a 1st day finish with a patented upper-body rubber-sole technique you'll have to ask him about!

Cami Best aiding an injured Maribeth McHugh all the way to the last day's finish summed up the true spirit of the weekend. Unforgettable.


Thank you Marion Karr, Skanunu Ken, Rockmart EMT, Chadd and Georgia Hall, all the sponsors who donated time and schwag -- and everyone else who supported this amazing, EPIC race!!!



On Facebook

On Pavedwave Forum

Check out the Atobe WIGGLER WHEELS

Jeff Vyain signature distance wheels -- rebound AND cush!

Congrats Jeff!




Chris and Tim's Excellent Adventure!

The Paris-LDP Challenge

by Tim Pritchard: Pavedwave Forum

by Chris Vallender: Here & There Blog

THE $10,000 MAN, Jeff Vyain

shares some humble racing insights and distance stoke in a pavedwave.org interview---

Congrats again Jeff!!


ADRENALINA 26.2-Mile Skateboard Marathon


Men's Overall

1st - Jeff Vyain - $10,000

2nd - Theseus Williams - $5,000

3rd - Andrei Bublikov - $2,500

Women's Overall

1st - Sara Paulshock

2nd - Melanie Castro

3rd - Maribeth McHugh

Front page Miami Herald points to the event!






Concrete Wave answers the question:

WHY ultraskate?

Concrete Wave - 100% Skateboarding


Bustin Boards: Longboarding NYC


Holland, Australia, UK, (US?)


Toronto Board Meeting 2010

"September 11, 2010 is a day to be remembered in the evolution of longboard skateboarding. 450 skaters gathered in Toronto, Canada to raise awareness for various non profits and the passion we share, longboarding. The event exceeded attendance of previous years..."




Jeffrey Vyain takes 1st at Philly Push Race!


^^ Congrats Team Subsonic in the Top Ten ^^




Night Ride through Indianapolis - Garrett Wilson and JeffVyain

Ultraskate 11 News:

CONGRATS Jo Coles and Jack the Lad

New Women's Ultraskate World Record: 154 Miles!

CONGRATS Andrew Birchman - 200 miles!

Jesse Beau from Holland joined the 200+ milers, and more of Wizzy and his crew are now up on the 100+ mile Ultraskater list -- repping Holland big-time!

April Fools Ultraskate 9

"Overall I chalk up both ultras a huge success, due to setting a new PB in Seattle, and for being part of Jo's highly successful charity Skaiti by lending some energy, skating 100+ miles, and meeting tons of stoked skaters from all over Europe. "

"The highlights were having Jack skate along with me on his Illuminati during breaks in the rain, and especially skating alone after dark for hour after hour with some killer tunes to keep me company watching a big yellow moon battling through the clouds. I covered 138 miles in total, slow but steady. "


Mr Jim On Longboard

"This is my story of a journey from Northen Thailand all the way down to Singapore. I will do this trip for the love of longboarding, the love of these beautiful countries and amazing people. I will also do this in benefit for childhood cancer foundation, my goal is to raise 50 000 sek, but hopefully I will raise a lot more."

Home Page: http://www.mrjimonlongboard.com/

Blog: http://www.mrjimonlongboard.blogspot.com/

Peru y Bolivia HD vid

13-year old "Jack the lad"

Skates 50 miles for Autism!

"The trail was wet and sluggy but it dried up through the morning. The first ten miles went well but it got a bit harder towards the fifty. All the while it was energy gel, energy bombs, energy nut bars, energy fruit bars, energy drink, ENERGY EVERYTHING! ..."

Way to go, Jack!

Much more info HERE

flex your soul

Follow our progress as we cover the 27-mile Burke-Gilman trail from Redmond to Seattle Washington -- without touching foot to ground.

"That's fantastic. I've never heard of that before," said Michael Brooke, publisher of the Canada-based skateboarding magazine Concrete Wave. "I've heard of people pumping ... but that's unusual if they're going for miles and miles."

- 5/17/03, The Seattle Times

Cyber Mile - log your current pump mile, and track your improvements over the year!

100-mile week - motions in pumping are centered around the core -- the abs, back, and spine...

Morning commute - "...this ride helped define my quest..."

Broken Kingpins - "...took its toll learning limitations of the hardware..."

Long Distance no-touch ride - "...Wahooey! -- Redmond to Woodinville without a touch in between. ..."

Cure The Carve Addiction - ".. no longer a hill to climb...you never have to leave the board...."

Maintaining momentum - "...efficiencies and motions for building momentum..."

Something Profound - "...the universe is in a total paradox... "

Vertical Gears - "...this changed my ideas on approaching hills..."

LDP II "...a style developed by Tahitians in 900 A.D..."

LDP I "...like trying to explain garlic to a guy without a tongue..."

2007 Official Guinness World Record

184 miles skateboarded in 1 day!

Raising awareness of the LDP niche, and preparing for the 2007 Seattle to Portland, where proceeds go to supporting cancer survivors through the LIVESTRONG campaign.

2005 Unofficial Record

25 miles pumping without a foot down!

Derek Munson rides the MS Skate almost-marathon with two bicycle escorts stopping traffic and thwarting other impediments.

168 miles - DONE

Brady Lane, 17 year old from Victoria, Australia traveled to Peru in late April of 2010 to assist with a humanitarian outreach to build houses for a marginalized community in Ventanilla.

Through skateboarding, Brady was raising awareness and funds for the NGO that he traveled under, Voices4Peru and TICM. He skated Melbourne, Australia for 24 hours on February 12, 2011.



Longboard Commuting

with purpose and buzz

"(The commute was) totally unexpected and euphoric... The kind of ride that leaves you buzzing — a morning shot of endorphins instead of caffeine." - James Peters

"Living in the city, you just don't really need a car so why make your life cost more than it needs to? It just ties up your freedom... My board takes me everywhere." - Sheldon Lessard

Seattle Times, May 2008


PUSH to End Alzheimer's 2010

Grab your skateboard, longboard, etc. for a 6 mile distance skate in Downtown Charleston, WV to raise awarenes, hope and funds for Alzheimer's Disease Research. Part of this years Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk. Prizes donated by Marc's Board Shop, CDS Skateshop, SOHO's @ Capital Market and Blossom Deli to be awarded for different divisions. Sign up today for a great time for a great cause! 1.800.491.2717 or www.alz.org/wv


ROGUE RACE 2010 - August 21st / 22nd


1. Evan Tonack 14, Edmonton, 1:03:42
2. Mitchel Malyk 14, Calgary, 1:04:59
3. Alex Castro 13, Red Deer, 1:05:12


1. Annanator O'Neill 18, Calgary, 1:13:21
2. Camie Beaulieu 16, Stony Plain, 1:31:01
3. Kelsey Stroeder 26, Edmonton, 2:00:35


1. Paul Kent 28, Calgary 0:53:21
2. Jesse Anderson, Edmonton 0:54:21
3. Jeff Radomsky 20, Calgary 0:55:05

Full Results



Ultraskate VI

The Maryland "Rise Up" Crew

Rise Up Blog

"My favorite point at the end of the ride was around 109 miles in when I passed a group of young male teens on the trail. They were hanging out leaning against a building looking at me- here I was a slow, pitiful-pumping, exhausted looking guy ... trying my damndest to go a measly 7 miles an hour. Putting my head down as I skated past, I expected the worst kind of criticism. Instead I got four waves and a "Hey, nice longboard!" After that, I felt great and finished the ride strong with my head held high."


Minnesota Crake

Notes from thee ultraground

The bar has been raised.

Paul Kent sets a new 24-hour record: 250(.4) miles!

Updates to be posted here

Congratulations Paul - enjoy some sleep!


189 Miles, 2 days

6,200 feet of Vertical

R.S.V.P. 2008 AND 2010

(Ride Seattle to Vancouver and PARTY)

Thank you Cascade.org!

Seattle to Portland 2008

204 miles, 23.5 hours

We managed the weekend on very little sleep, brand new miles and miles of chipsealed roads, 95 degree temps, and Barefoot Ted conquered the hills with grace. This was my third STP and hands down the best vibe coming through the finish, feeling strong and realizing we want another one of these sooner!

Thank you Dave and Holly Nottingham for taking this shot of us!


2008 World Record - 242 miles in 24 hours

Congratulations Barefoot Ted!


Details to be updated on the LDP forum:



Fremont Solstice Parade 2007


A great time had by all!


204 total miles in 2 days!


13-mile OUTLAW race. Derek Munson blazed to a uber-fast 1st place finish!


41 Miles, Brewery to Brewery.


Munson's world-record 25 miles without foot to ground! $1100 to MS.


26mi benefit for homeless.


Longboarding for Breast Cancer Research. $1100 to UofW.


24.7 miles, raising $1025 for Multiple Sclerosis of King County.

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