In 2004, James Peters launched Pavedwave.org to share a passion for skateboarding distances that had grabbed hold of his every waking moment. It was ultimately the endless groove of floating just inches above the ground without ever putting a foot down that screamed at him to be better defined and shared with others. Several years of commuting by skateboard had built endurance, Gareth Roe and the Cascade crew taught him the technicalities of pumping a board through slalom courses, and Derek Munson helped him catalyze the two. Pavedwave.org soon became the home for “LDP” — Long Distance Pumping.

A small and occasionally organized group from the Pacific Northwest skateboarded to support local MS and cancer marathon fundraisers. Even though it seemed like a walk through the park for these guys, very few around the globe were skating marathon distances, and the spectacle drew interest. LDP quickly spread worldwide, with tribes from Germany, Holland, and the U.K. building the international community.

24-hour “Ultraskates” and “LDP” are a couple concepts James added to the skateboarding vernacular, and both focus on an approach to skateboarding that doesn’t mean compromising your body to achieve great distances. When it comes to events and competitions, finishing strong, healthy, and injury-free is what we hope to communicate here. In more recent years there has been a surge of marathon-length athletic events like Adrenalina that have drawn out the fastest distance talent around the world, where speed actually does matter, and sometimes the stakes for the podium are high. What’s encouraging is to see a lot of smart athletes not abusing themselves, but still achieving amazing speeds, alternating between pumping, pushing, and tucking to maximize their efficiency on the course.

Racing and competition have been a tangent of sorts for this site in recent years, although from the beginning, I've always thought events are a great excuse we adults seem to need to meet up and share our stories and interest. No matter which direction this site goes in the future, the true “Soul” of Pavedwave.org will always be in getting out for the long sunrise or sunset rides down the trails and boardwalks, where the wind has died down and the asphalt waves are flat and endless. Pure bliss on four wheels lies just a few steps outside your door.

Pumping a longboard for miles non-stop isn’t as bloody or death-defying as downhill speedboarding. It won’t launch you into the air like a sick pool ride. And it takes more endurance than slicing through a few downhill cone runs.

Try a couple sessions – you might just get hooked. If you surf the forum you’ll see it’s happened many times before!




LDP mileage blog HERE




The Distance Mentality - Inspirational Links

Marathon's 26.2-mile run tests body, mind

Saw Dr. Extreme at REI in November 2007, chatted with some ultramarathoners

Lynne Cox, one of the world's most extreme distance swimmers

The Ultraskate IV experience, by Eric Lowell

Long Distance Skating, by Adam Colton



NCDSA pumping forum HERE

NCDSA is a very vibrant and somewhat chaotic community of slalomers with a smattering of folks from other disciplines of skateboarding.

The NCDSA Pumping forum was also the first place I started posting online about adventures in LDP, around the end of 2004. Then slowly started spending more time on Silverfish, until I created my own forum connected with pavedwave.org. People were specifically asking for Adam to create an "LDP" forum hosted by me on his site at the time, but I actually requested that we not, because I felt it was too "hype-enormous." (a Gesmerian term) I wanted to see LDP grow in a more gradual, grassroots vein -- and am stoked that it has done exactly that.

NCDSA still has a really good Events calendar system, and I hope people will continue to support that.




Seattle Times - Longboard Commuting with Purpose and Buzz 2008

Journal Newspapers - STP 2008

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Distance Longboarding, for a Cause or just for Grins


14degrees off the beaten track

Rob Thomson's Epic bike and skate around the world


A UK site focused on distance longboarding and boarding for charity

Skateboarding Across America for Lowe's Syndrome



Jack Smith's site - the guy who started Skateboarding Across America


BeatsWalkin Europe with BoardFree

4000km longboarding journey over two and a half months - Planned July 2007

Push for the Cure - 4 guys and many others pushing across Canada


BoardFree - 3640 miles across Australia



Skate4Cancer - Rob Dyer - Los Angeles to Toronto


BoardFree in the UK - The Loch Lo Mission

Laura Hatwell rides 25 miles in the BoardFree mission!



Friendly links



Hearts of Hills - Christine Maier's Grrrrl skater site (English and German)


LDP forum in Netherlands


Maryland LDP Crew's Blog - "Rise Up Longboarders"





Silverfish Longboarding


World Skateboarding Map


NCDSA - Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association




LongboardZ Forum (German)


Ontario Longboarding Forum


Freestyler Forum (Italian)


Munchh Boards, England


Kris's Sacramento Skate Blog Page


Dan Hughes' Skate Pages


Evan's FrogTaco Blog


Chris Stevens oldschoolskateboarding - history, culture and cool vibes from the NW


The Skateboarder's Journal - all-around skateboarding culture


SlalomSkateboarderCom - Pacific NW Forum


Northwestlongboarding, a growing forum and gallery from Shane Donough


Cheka-Looka Surf Shop, Fremont


Gravity Sports, the oldest surf and skate shop in Washington


Purple Skunk Skateshop (it doesn't get better than this!!)


Roe Racing Slalom Skateboards


Skaters for Public Skateparks


Skate Northwest, the inline community that invited us into their fray over the past few years, with events that drove and promoted distance longboarding-- a very cool group!



"How to" pumping links



One of the better technical descriptions on pumping is arguably Dan Gesmer's essay. Read and digest in parts, sleep on it, don't try to get it all at once and you'll be better off. Some say Dan's got it wrong, but I guess if you're going to commit anything to a document, there's always going to be critique. Parts of it work well for me, particularly the weighting and unweighting descriptions.

You can completely overthink and oververbalize 'how to' pump, and I see it happen too often on skateboarding forums.

Ultimately, you're not going to get better pumping by finding the perfect words for it, you're going to learn by visualizing and doing it. So watch some vids, visualize yourself doing it, then most importantly -- go skate!

Pavedwave "How to" Page

How to Pump - Dan Gesmer


For inspiration and visually picking up good form, watch videos of the top dogs in slalom, Mitchell, Dong, Richy, Mollica, etc. Watch over and over their form whippin through the cones, and note that there are several types of good pumping forum and not just "one way" to do it.

Here's a few short vids of pumping form:







Get a copy of "This is NOT skateboarding" or any of the newer slalom DVDs from sk8kings and study the forms of the pros.




Optimize your setup for pumping, check out the "gear" page...

And once you get some basic pumping down, just get out there and keep at it, to maximize your most efficient pump, and to build endurance!




Morning commute - "...this ride helped define my quest..."

Broken Kingpins - "...took its toll on my body while learning the limitations of the hardware..."

Long Distance no-touch ride - "...Wahooey! -- Redmond to Woodinville without a touch in between. ..."

Cure The Carve Addiction - "...there's no longer a hill to climb on foot because you never have to leave the board...."

Maintaining momentum - "...efficiencies...appropriate motions for building and maintaining momentum..."

Something Profound - "...the universe is knotted up in a total paradox. It has to be that way - if it weren't, there would actually be things called "answers...."

Vertical Gears - "...this moment changed my ideas on approaching hills..."

LDP 2 - "...a style developed by Tahitians in 900 A.D..."

LDP 1 - "...like trying to explain garlic to a guy without a tongue..."


Cool vibes


Hello hello!

I wanted to thank you for posting a suggestion in my thread about buying a Sk8kings Maximus. I took it out for a longer ride today and suddenly pumping REALLY clicked. The ride back ended up being 5 miles, and I only pushed 5 times. It's truly a great board, and I completely understand your passion for LDP.

Just wanted to give a genuine thank you for sharing the stoke,



Just wanted to say thank you so much for your work with Larry longboard's walkabout. Just got my complete tonight and got back from a 9 mile excursion on the stock config with lime bigzigs. What a comfy, flex, snappy, and aesthetically attractive board. Really just an awesome experience. Felt really connected with that board.

Thank you also for putting together an awesome site/resource for LDP. I only just got into longboarding 2-3 months ago haven't been on a skateboard since my teens 20 years ago. LDP and carving seem to be what my body wants to do. So nice to experience the ease and groove of such nice LDP setup (204 on a medium flex set to 28.5 wheelbase).

Inclines are now laughable and I'm quite shocked.to be accelerating to 15 mph or so with pumping. Thanks again and feeling the stoke!



I am really stoked to this LDP thing. I am kicking myself for wasting so many years not longboarding. The LDP concept is a godsend for me, in terms of fitness and fun.



...Thanks for the help. I love this sport you've created!



I just wanted to say thanks to you and your site, it taught me to pump!



So, 31 lbs down since November started. LDP is awesome. Thanks for being a proponent, pioneer, and professor. If you ever need a product tester for your new line of LDP gear (hint,hint) let me know.



BTW, your web site has been both a treasure trove of information as well as an inspiration to keep trying to improve my LDP. I’m not in your league, but I enjoy my rides here in terminally flat North East Florida. My quick run is an out and back 5.5 miler that is mostly on trails and wide sidewalks. I try to squeeze that one in at lunch during the week. On the weekends I’ll shoot for 12 to 15 mile runs where I explore whatever I can find. I don’t usually use my GPS or time the runs since that tends to make me a little crazy, but I have managed to average 13+ mph on the 5.5 miler, and I’m pretty pleased with that at my age.

Thanks again,



I have been reading the Pavedwave site, very enthusiastically, for
the past couple of weeks. Like you, I have a Rolls Rolls that I
purchased from Mike Allen of recent Ebay fame. Pushing is fun but,
I live out here in flat flat Illinois just north of Chicago and I
would like to learn how to pump on a skateboard. If you have the time
to answer a couple questions it would be great. Otherwise I'll just
say you have an awesome, possibly life transforming web site!



... I'm from Lille, north of France a few kilometers from the belgian border. The land is as flat as in the song of Jacques Brel "le plat pays" with quite a lot of ways for bicycles, not as much as in Belgium or Holland, but it is not so bad.

I started longboarding at the end of last summer and I discovered LDP at the same time thanks to the pavedwave website. It immediately interested me, first as a natural way of commuting. Second I like endurance, I'm also a marathon runner. I think I'm addicted to skumping now. ...

Happy new pumping year



> > you guys at pavedwave are such an inspiration. the articles are really
> > moving because i understand that stoked feeling, i experienced it with
> > skating for the first time when, during my first week of skating, i
> > spontaneously learnt to how to pump on a 3 mile ride at night. during
> > it and afterwards, i was filled with such a sense of well-being. that
> > was a little over a month ago on a luke nosewalker with tight trucks..
> > i didnt know it would be possible to pump endlessly. when i came
> > across your site a few weeks ago, it was really fascinating to read,
> > and as my pumping is getting more efficient, the idea of even going up
> > an incline is beginning to seem possible. i live in fort william on
> > the west coast of scotland where both the roads and pavement are
> > rather gritty so its hard on the wheels as well as requires more
> > momentum. i havent got the hang of long distance pumping yet, im still
> > figuring out how to not get tired too quickly but i think its just a
> > matter of time. i want to get to the point where i can comfortably
> > ride the 5 miles i have to travel to get to work. knowing that there
> > are people out there doing this, and having your writings and
> > expertise to refer to, is a huge inspiration. thank you.
> >
> > t.

Dear James,
I am new to the world of skateboarding. My good friend bought me a board for my
birthday last October, and I thought she was nuts for giving me such a gift
considering that I, for one, didn't ride, and for two, always thought she was
crazy for taking so many risks on her skateboard. Now, I am crazy about riding,
and with some help I have learned the basics. I said recently that I wanted to
learn more and she told me that pavedwave was the site to look at if I wanted
to get into more complicated things. I am BLOWN AWAY! Are the people on the
site the only people in the world that do this? Is this new for you or have you
been doing this for a long time? Do you ever teach others? Amazing stuff!


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