The Distance Skateboarding Challenge

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1. Skateboard one mile, ensuring the course is completely flat, in one of two ways:

a) Skate the same one mile distance TWO times, once in EACH direction; the average will be calculated. The two runs should be skated on the same day, but rest time in between is otherwise unlimited.

b) Alternatively, if a FLAT oval / circular running track is available, such that the start and finish line are the same, it can be skated in one direction, for one mile rather than two.

2. Dead stop / static start. From start line to finish, either pump the entire length, push, or combine pushing and pumping. The start area must be completely flat, with no pre-start gravity bias (ramps, etc)

3. Time starts when board crosses the Start Line.

4. Time stops when board reaches Finish line.

Please e-mail your best RAW times in each direction to pavedwave@comcast.net, with name, location, time1 & time2, gear used, and any comments -- and within a day or two it will be posted below!

Name: Speedy Gonzales
Location: Salt Flats, UT
East: 6:15
West: 5:47
Comments: All push, Sector9 Tri-lam, Flashbacks, slight wind.

** Note, the Cyber Mile records up to 2010 were based on a "flying" or running start, in which skaters would build up to full speed over the Start line, before the timer started. Going forward, we request skaters submit STATIC start times only.


Cyber Mile Personal Best



Skateboard as far as possible within a 24-hour period.

The course should not be biased by gravity. This can be achieved in a number of ways:

1. Loop: A relatively flat loop track of short length (1--5 miles) repeated as many times as possible within the 24 hours.

2. Out and back: A predetermined length of course skated from point A to point B, then from point B to point A. This round-trip can be repeated any number of times, as long as the skater starts and finishes at the same point.

3. Out and back + Loop: The same course as above, only this time, the skater knows in advance that after returning to the original starting point, there will still be time remaining, and they want to maximize the amount of miles skated. The best way to ensure the course remains regulation is to complete the last miles on a loop track.





Skateboard a regulation, 26.2-mile marathon course.

The half-marathon is a 13.1-mile course.

Course times that start and finish in two separate points (A-->B) might offer a gravitational advantage, so any record of such a course would need to be challenged at the same location.

Course times that start and finish at the same point (round trip, or repeated loop track) may be challenged from any other location in the world in the "cyber" tradition, as gravity is ruled out.





World's Best Locations

for Flatland distance attempts


Send your course location / map / descriptive details to pavedwave@comcast.net and I'll add it to the list.


Dorney Lake, UK...

Green Lake, Seattle, USA...

Flaemingskate, Germany...

Goodwood Motor Race Circuit...

Redmond-Marymoor Velodrome is a nearly perfect place for timing the Cyber Mile. Engineered with a flat 'apron' loop track in the center about 6 feet wide, each lap is a quarter mile, and this combined with GPS as backup makes for an accurate reading. Since the place was designed for bikes, and track bikes used on the Velodrome don't have brakes, they have the right of way here. So early mornings are usually the best time to catch a lap or two at the Vel.

I say nearly perfect for this location, only because the inside track asphalt could be improved with a new coating, although I'm not sure that will happen any day soon.

Redmond Marymoor Velodrome website here.


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Other Non-standard Course Records


The TWO MILE record

Name Country Time Location Gear/Comments Pump or Push Date Submitted
jason yerke usa 6:57 michigan Starting from dead stop. 2 miles continuous. push 6/30/11


The FIVE MILE record

Name Country Time Location Gear/Comments Pump or Push Date Submitted
greg feiss usa 19:31 (Splits: 3:54;3:53; 3:55; 3:54; 3:55) Slippery Skates 41.5" foamcore (37" axle-base); Fyre 6.25 front (86a Bzigs)/Seismic 155 rear (85a Avilas) pump 10/3/10
greg feiss usa 20:18 (Splits: 4:05; 4:04; 4:04; 4:03; 4:02) Slippery Skates 41.5" foamcore (37" axle-base); Fyre 6.25 front (86a Bzigs)/Seismic 155 rear (85a Avilas) pump 2/21/10
greg feiss usa 20:28

(Splits: 3:59; 4:03; 4:01; 4:08; 4:17)

subsonic pulse; Bennett 6.0/Seismic 155 w/orange bzigs

all pump

pump 6/14/09
nat halliday uk 24:49 dorney lake loaded fathom, 75mm purple orangs. All push. push 3/22/09
james simpson usa 36:00 brackenridge park, san antonio TX Loaded Dervish, Abec 11 78a Gumballs, Randal 180s with Red Bitch Bushings ? 4/13/08
chadd hall usa


(avg 6 mph)

loop track

6mph wind, Dervish, Paris 180s, Randal Yellows all around w/ flat washers, BigZigs (Lime), Black Panther Swiss Bearings. all pump.

pump 2/18/08