This isn't Sk8kings team rider Brad Jackman wearing a RoeRacing shirt. It's me playing with mspaint :-D


A lot changed in slalom just over the last decade. Basically, a big shift from cambered boards that flex, to relying more (sometimes solely) on the concave-kicktail shape of the board's mold.

In LDP, we need that flex for comfort over the longer rides. But in slalom, you're off the start ramp and at the finish line usually within a minute.

Once you remove the technology of the flex, it's really only the shape that matters. And Sk8kings proved the point repeatedly that you don't need to spend $300 on a carbon-foam version to be on the podium.

The custom ROE MAGNUM

Shaped by John Stryker, this baby has actually been my main racing axe for GS, Hybrid, and Cyber slalom for most of 2006 and all of 2007.

It's like a pumped-up Crossfire, a much wider shape with ample nose - and a reservoir tip!

I've wanted a board that I could use for all courses and this one, with just change-ups in wheels, fits the spec. Usually run 66mm for Cyber and Hybrid, and 70mm or 75mm for GS.

Currently I'm testing out this new 71mm 84a / 81a Bennett combo that's sticky sick!!


2007 Foamcore Roe SlingBlade

This may likely be my board for 2008 -- removed the custom C-foam blocks and went flat on the nose, might do the same for the tail, but leaving that alone for now.

Currently shown with a tracker offset in the rear, I'm going to change this to a splitfire rear and keep the modified Bennett in front (machining work courtesy of Spencer Smith!) and if I run across a good deal on a Radikal front, may finally do the upgrade.

This board is so lightweight, snappy, and fast! Gareth still makes each one of these by hand in his garage.

2007 and 2008 RoeRacing prototypes

I'm just lucky to be living where some of the best racers race, train, and test boards throughout the year. All through the rainy Northwest winter, the parking garages are our test labs.

These decks have a magical, new snappiness from Roe's secret deck recipe being sandwiched into a concave mold.

The wicked 2008 surf shape!

So far Gareth has only produced a handful of these for team members.



Subsonic 30 Poliwog Model - Scott made one of my best long distance boards years ago and it only made sense to come full circle, back to have a deck made that fit my evolving slalom style. I tested out Poliwog's deck last year and got locked into the concave immediately. Plus the deck is extremely versatile right out of the box, pre-drilled with several wheelbases, you could almost go the full range of slalom courses on this one. Primarily made for TS and Hybrid.

Running the ZigZags on one and Hot Spots on another -- a Japanese GUS truck + Tracker RTS combo on the longer wheelbase, and a Tracker 85mm Midtrack + Tracker off-set on the shorter wheelbase version.


RoeRacing 2005 S-camber cutaway 28" - wood/performance series. Indy offset back truck, Split-fire front. 3dm Avalons front and rear, Mango + Green. This deck grips the turns!!

The lowered tail on the S-camber makes a perfect "pocket" for your back foot, and with a slightly wider stance, traction and turning accuracy is unbelievable.

A little farewell salute to David Pirnack, who ate up the courses on his RoeRacing S-camber throughout 2007 (he now rides for Pavel):





Custom Chopped down Landyachtz Mummy - custom shaped from a Landyachtz longboard by John Stryker, stiff short and wide, been riding this one on hybrid and Cyber-slalom.

Started with Avalons 86a front, 82a rear. Tracker RTX with Stims in front, Split-fire with Radikal / Khiro bushing combo in the back (stiff)

Then switched to Split-fires both front and back.

For Cyber and Tight Slalom, now running 66mm Retro ZigZags - 86a front and 83a back!! SICK uber-bouncy new urethane from Abec11!!!



RoeRacing Keith Hollien - wood/performance series. Radikal back truck, Split-Fire front.

88a Flashbacks front and 80a Avalons rear, a sick ride. I like the cutouts front and back, as it allows mounting of larger wheels without use of excessive risers, keeping the deck lower to the ground.

A buddy, Corey Moy, brought this to setup to one of the slalom practices in North Seattle early in 2005 and I instantly dug it, so he graciously let me ride it in 2005 Hood River TS -- where I subsequently proved that technique, not gear, is the majority of the game. Hollien was even giving me some great coaching, but still couldn't get through the cones that day. I learned a ton, how a course can completely psych you out. We mix up our practices a lot more now with tighter stingers and more random offsets...getting stoked for the coming year.

Though I may not be riding the Hollien much more, will continue to test setups on it. The wide shape in the back fit my "surf stance" well.


RoeRacing 2003 Crossfire 30" - wood/performance series. Tracker-S back truck, Tracker-X front. Sticky Grippins in the back and Mango Avalons up front. Versatile board for TS and Hybrid courses.

This was my first Roe deck, and it was about a Med-Stiff. In 2005 I drilled out a long wheelbase on it for the Hood River GS -- with a Seismic up front and Indy in the back this thing cooked.

Current setup is a 90mm Split-Fire up front and a 107mm Split-Fire in the back.


Flexdex 21" slalom deck - (Mini Kelly Slater model) - this was a tiny experiment for slalom and since its original wheelbase was only 10", a bro drilled it out farther and we mounted some Cambrias and Stingers. It was a fun setup, but probably best as a 'backpack' board, for a college kid wanting to bop from class to class. Sold it while I was cleaning out my quiver, since I wasn't putting any mileage on it.

Flexdex also sells a board they brand "slalom" but I wouldn't count on using one at races unless you're just there to cruise. Love the boards for carving, always have -- but for slalom performance, you need something stiffer and snappier.


Loaded Slalom Board - twas an experiment ...

Too stiff for me, this one is for sale now!

Was a flex 2, so with the wheelbase reduced to 21" it's now a very stiff setup, good for someone 200lbs+. Has a foam c-block concave built into it and gripped.


RoeRacing Bottle Rocket 28" - foam core. Super light, fast, and technical TS deck. Traded this one off to Stryker for Hollien deck and some trucks.