Carve Board - one of the BEST slow, downhill, wide-S-shape surfing/carving machines, feels most like a surfboard and wheels STICK to the pavement as you carve perfect lines down the slopes. Not at all recommended for flatland cruising, the pneumatic tires lose momentum too fast. At the same time, even CarveBoard recommends you don't go too fast on this either.

So basically the board thrives on really long, winding, gradual slopes. One of the heaviest boards, but addictive as hell, you forget the weight and just keep charging up the hill for the next run.



Flexdex Pro60 - 60" x 10", Long Distance Pleasure cruiser. Gullwing Cruiser 60 trucks front and back. Grippins front, Flashbacks in the back.

Incredible flex due to the length -- although its a little on the heavy side, it maintains great momentum in the flats. I've owned Sector9 Nosewalkers and long Gravity decks, but no other big wooden "ironing board" type flat deck has had this kind of perfect flex and return in the carves.

I was so sold on this deck that I bought a 40-board pallet of these from Flexdex when they went out of business, and sold most of them on eBay for cheap, just to share the stoke and pay for the skate addiction. I've also donated a few in events and school auctions.

Flexdex made only a couple wooden decks but they somehow nailed the flex almost the same as their fiberglass boards. Like no other...


RoeRacing Pintail - the least known, hardly publicized, and one of the most shredilicious boards in the RoeRacing longboard line.

Gareth designed this board in 2008, yet only published it once in Concrete Wave, not even on the RoeRacing site.

L: 44"
W: 9.8"
WB: 31.5" and 32.5"

Loaded Vanguard - great for downhill carving, all around downtown cruising board. A little softer and springier, a snowboarder's dream deck for the off-season. The ones I owned were the oak cores. This deck has same physics as a snowboard, vertical laminate, absolutely worth the price.




Landyachtz DH Race Drop Deck - one of the most stable decks in the quiver, although at one point I moved the Randal DH trucks to another deck and put Exkates with black bushings on this one, with Gumballs -- turned it into a faster version of the CarveBoard. Great for shooting vids of slalom races, riding straight and fast down the middle of the cone lanes.

I'm no hardcore downhiller but I dug the way this deck "pockets" your feet and gives you more power with each carve.

Then one day, it was mounted with 101's and some crazy dude pumped it until it snapped!

Well, boards are made to ride, and this one lived a good long life.


Original Super Carve - 47" x 9", perfect flexy flat deck. Original spring-loaded Carve Trucks, and big gummy Avilas. High performance sports car with the cushioning ride of a Caddy.

When I originally posted the above description (2004?) Original was making all-birch decks. The one I own is now a museum piece. Now Scott Imbrie's gone with fiberglass and shapes still centered around carving and high-performance riding. Nice work.


Dregs Supertanker - 56", big cutouts for big wheels, or else the way I had it setup was with 76mm Gumballs and 8" hangar Original trucks - with only 1/2" risers so it still rides LOW.

Perfect carveboard, fits the Original trucks nicely. Traded this one off for a rollsrolls deck.


Flexdex Jim Rippey 36" - Original setup with Flexdex 65mm wheels and Gullwing trucks, it's got the nasty lady graphic that will turn heads on your morning commute. I seriously doubt Flexdex would produce another of these, they probably caught so much crap for this one!

Flexdex Stinger 36" - flexy cutaway carver and cruiser. Nice shape and the perfect length for all around cruising.

Randal 180's on it now but I'll be experimenting a lot more with this one. Will try a bunch of carve-centric trucks: Revenges front and back, then Originals, and finally Seismics just to see what its like. Flexdex's magic is in the downhill carves.

Flexdex 41" cruiser - billed also as the "Pro41" on their other more colorful designs. Classic carving machine with a slightly thicker and heavier flexdex material. Stock black Kryptonics 70mm wheels mounted on stock Gullwing trucks.

The stock trucks are not carvy, but the flex in the deck makes up for that -- sometimes mounting really carvy trucks like Originals can make the carves just a little too "gooey", so its better to stay with a more traditional design. The stock Gullwings that come with Flexdex are...Okay, but Indys are better, but Randal 150's with loose/carvy bushings are probably the best so far.

This is one of the decks Flexdex is bringing back in the re-issue in Fall of 2005.


Flexdex 30" - the museum piece...there were only two decks in the quiver that hadn't touched asphalt and this and the clear 29" Wahine were it -- but this flowery patterned deck has always been one of my nostalgic favorites.

Mainly because one of my first skateboards in the late 70's was some kind of flexy plastic, and had this amazingly hippie-esque flowery print on top.

Well, now since the Bennett Alligator 62mm's came out, they inspired me to finally christen this board on the asphalt, and after some more truck tweaking, this one's going to be seeing a lot more cruising and carving mileage!

Flexdex 32" Bee - yellow striped deck that's a little beat up and almost the exact same deck in terms of length and flex, so I know exactly how this deck would ride.

29" Wahine - apparently this "lexan" material does not hold up to elephants the way all the other flexdex material does, but doubtful I'll ever be pounding on this deck that hard. Nice little barefoot ride for the summer. Have all the original grip tape for it but prefer the clean look without.

Riding these shorter flexdexes is like having a 44" longboard with just 30" of deck.

Stand toward center of the deck, and carve hard, to get a surfy pump out of each turn. Notice that the deck is whats absorbing the turn, more than the bushings/truck combo. With stance more over the trucks, you'll pick up speed in the turns like on a wood deck, but notice the flex still kicks in. Really no wood board ever rides or carves like one of these. The main difference is that wood decks are probably much better for sliding, and you don't worry as much about slamming a curb.

Sticky wheels on a Flexdex are great, haven't tried this yet but seems like the red cambrias (62mm) would be best...

Flexdex 28" Classic - This deck is also in mint condition, but the difference is I'll definately be riding it. Used to have two of these and sold the other on eBay. I've used this one for riding parks and also for carving hills. The shortness of this one keeps your feet closer to the trucks which stiffens up the ride a bit when you're carving pools, but if you find a good slope just stand to the center and you're back on a surfboard.

Currently I've got Rainskates Yellowjackets on it, almost ready for the park. Flexdex is correct saying their decks will last forever -- in terms of jumping up and down on the deck itself -- but the only weak area are the impact zones, nose and tail, where the fiberglass will splinter if you jam one into the concrete (DUH!)

So the only mod I'm planning to do is glue on a front and rear 'bumper' like the ones we use on nice slalom decks. A couple strips of automotive weather-stripping on the front and back, extends the life of any deck that's not meant to be slammed.