4/7/02 - Journal Entry - first long distance no-touch ride  
Wahooey! Today I did it- Redmond to Woodinville without a touch in between. I did take off with one push, but after that, the next time I touched was at that Woodinville park. My favorite thing about this is that I thought I had set an impossible goal. I didn’t think I would ever be able to do this... I just kept chipping away at the tough parts of the course, and it eventually all came together. Very interesting stuff there. I don’t know if my focus is going to be on greater distance or other things right now. I guess I’ll see…

My ride started off strong- I felt good. I hadn’t ridden in a few days, so my legs were rested. I was riding into a light wind, but it was warm and didn’t bog me down. The two hills were good, and I felt confident the whole time.

Once I got to the promised land (the newly paved stretch out past the winery), I knew I had it. I still had about a mile and a half to go, but I felt totally comfortable, and I knew the only things that could get in my way were arrogance or lack of attention. I had to remind myself to focus several times, because I didn’t want to lose it on something stupid. I decided to step off in Woodinville, although I toyed with the idea of seeing how much further I could go. But then I decided to end on a good note.

Maybe this is a sign that my life is trivial and pathetic, but I honestly believe this is one of my greatest accomplishments. I know I’ve done other things that have received much more public praise, things that have served our world more effectively, and things that have held much more apparent promise for drastically changing the course of my life.

But it all comes down to this: I set a goal that I thought was impossible, and 9 months later, I’ve proven myself wrong. As trivial as this accomplishment may be, I know it will cause me to see the other limitations I’ve put on myself, and help me believe in my ability to rise above those as well…

©April.2002, derek munson