Comments on the trail, and the hardware issue...


Are you breaking kingpins?

- The 1st thing to do with all your Randals is upgrade the kingpins to Grade 8's.

- The 2nd thing is to FLIP the kingpin as shown (pics courtesy of 'slim' on ncdsa.)

These two simple pieces of advice will extend your kingpin life immensely.



- You ride a skateboard 12 miles to work? WHY?? (ex-coworker)

- Long distance pumping? That's demented! (Gary Fluitt)

- Boy, that looks like a lot of work... (random bikers)

- You guys are just pumping, right? (Dan Hughes)

- Do you know how crazy you guys look? (everybody)


The concept of pumping a longboard has been around since the beginning. We've had no delusions of grandeur about being the first to pump energy out of a longboard, but we're pursuing a sport that has a unique combination of specific tenets, both physical and artistic.

And I found that only by pursuing an 'absolute' goal of not touching foot to ground led to some very interesting discoveries - both in hardware (trucks) and in software (injuries.)

Some have asked why we wore helmets and pads in some earlier videos when we're only moving 8-12 mph. The answer: really, really, really unpredictable wheel bite.

The turning point was when I broke about 4 stock randal kingpins over a 2-week stretch -- and when hardware breaks, it's not like you see it coming, like a ditch or a rock. I went down hard many times. When I was lucky I'd hear the bolt "POP" then all the stuff falling apart first, and just quickly jump off the board before the wheel BIT right into the deck. Wheelbite has this mean streak to conspire with gravity and throw you quick and hard to the asphalt, leaving you on your back, listening to the jingle of your broken hardware scattering off the trail.

After searching endlessly for the "unbreakable" bolt, I decided it's better to just change out the kingpins BEFORE they snap. Compared to the E.R. and x-ray bills the economics of a $1 kingpin make perfect sense. If you are just pushing and pumping a while on a longboard, your kingpins will last 1000+ miles - or more, who knows?

But when you're really keeping your feet off the ground...well, that's what we wanted to find out.

And thus began the quest for the longest rides and the hardware setups that can handle it.



- You guys are groovin! (random)

- That looks like fun! (the same bikers that used to diss us)

- Long distance pumping? Let's see it... (unnamed slalom heavy)

- Are you guys nuts? (most people in the 'skateboarding community')


©2007, jpeters