Long Distance Pump enthusiasts worldwide -- Keep the stoke flowing and the mileage growing... Müsst ihr pumpen, und nicht pushen!



Current Dwelling: Auburn Washington – SOUTHside!

First Ride: 1966 Red “Roller Derby” with pitted metal wheels, wrapped masking tape around the wheels to help it roll around the block.

First Skateboard: 1976 25” flexy Santa Cruz, Bennett Hi-Jackers, Road Rider 4’s, purchased at Ride-On skateboards on “The Ave” in Seattle. My first Greenlake pumper.

Best Distant Memory: 1978 Road trip to SoCal; skated Skatetopia and Skatercross skateparks as well as several pools. I met a local guy who pointed out the Dog Bowl as we drove by.

Best Recent Memory: 2006 Pumping once around Greenlake with James Peters and Derek Munson on a 29” slalom board without pushing. Having Derek proclaim “Patrick you need to raise your expectations”. A few weeks later pumping around Greenlake 3 times (8.4 miles) without pushing. Thanks Derek!

Current Quiver:
- Slalom: Sk8kings Axe II and Axe III with Radikal Dragon Claw trucks up front and SplitFires in the rear, Abec 11 70mm Retros and white 77mm Seismic Speed Vent wheels.
- Medium Distance Pumper: 38” Sector Nine Trylamina cambered and concave, Bennett truck up front, Randal 150 w/ flipped hanger in back, 76mm Retro Big Zig wheels.
- Long Distance Pumper: 38” Custom Roe 5ply maple, double carbon fiber with a slight camber, Bennett truck up front, Randal 150 w/ flipped hanger in back, 76mm Retro Big Zig wheels.

Future Outlook: Continue to raise my expectations in skating and other endeavors, be pumping strong as long as I am able.




Current Dwelling : Kirkland, Washington.

First Skateboard: Wood.

Best Skateboard Memory: All lost in college hemp fests.

Skate Quiver : Often.

Best Boards: Borrowed.




Current Dwelling : SOUTHside!

First skateboard: RIDE 155 w/skate wheels.

Best skateboard memory: Flying down a gargantuous hill on a snowboard with skate wheels (refer to First Skateboard). Fun, bouncy ride. Quick, painful stop.

Best Board: Flexdex Pro60. Tinkering with Original trucks.





Current Dwelling: Roads and camp grounds of North America

Hometown: Puyallup, Wa

First Skateboard: Arbor Rail

Best skateboard memories: Every large group ride.

Distance: First trip from Seattle-Puyallup, raining the entire time.

Down hill: First time doing DH with turns with some of the NWlongboarding crew. Hitting 45 on Tolt Hill for the first time.

Walking/Dancing: Sliding the board in a cross step to make a turn

Pumping: Every time I make it up a hill.

Skate Quiver: Arbor Rail, Bustin Boards Complex, FibreFlex pintail 38" and a couple street decks for sliding.





Current Dwelling : Bellingham, Washington.

Favorite Simpson's Character: Groundskeeper Willie.

Favorite Book : Walden and Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau.

Favorite Mullet: The Skullet - "if you've got it, rock it"

Pet: One cat - seniore pancho

Favorite Skate Memory: Cruising the "Promised Land" and just feeling the
"flow" of nature's beauty.

Best Boards: Flexdex 60", Lib Tech




Current location: 'Beirut' Crawley, England.

Status: Not quite married, with 1 girl and 1 boy.

Tunes: My mp3 player's got 80's electro/hip hop, 90's grunge, loads of the
beastie boys and 70's funk.

Cravings: I like a hill on my back, a long run off and the smile from anyone riding one of my decks. I bodyboard a hot buttered fatboy.

1st deck: A nasty 'flyer deluxe' (they were horrible, didn't even have real trucks?!)

Favorite skate memories: Doing a catamaran down the 'black alley', with my brother laying head-first across our legs. Being able to tic-tac my 1st pig deck, with tracker sixtracks and green and black 'simms' the wheel II's for miles and miles.

Favorite decks: (all my own, I've only ever bought one) Right now, my LDP set up, 'flatwave' 43 solid pine pintail, 36 'cruiser' and 24" 70's 'bert' deck.




Current Dwelling: Redmond, Washington. EASTside!

Lucky number:3

Favorite letter: J

Favorite cereal box character: Dig’M

Craziest thing I ever did: Changed my name to 'Alive' for about two years.

First skateboard: I think it was a veriflex, but I can’t remember- it said “Voodoo” on it or something, and I got all kinds of flack about that…

Best skateboard memory: In 1975 I tied a cardboard box to a skateboard and took it down the hill and pretended I was in a train. The scabs from that crash were like 2 inches thick.

Best Boards: RoeRacing 45.5" Custom Surf Shape! Rode a long time on Flexdex 60 incher… Gullwings and Flashbacks.




Current Location: Elk Grove, CA (flat!)

Family: Happily married with 2 boys

Current Job: Fisheries Branch Chief with California Dept of Fish and Game

Education: - way too much! : B.S. M.S. Ph.D.

Quick synop: I've skated since I was about 8, when my family moved to southern California and I never stopped. I used skating as my primary form of transportation for years. I was skumping long before I knew anyone had coined terms for it. Skating is still just as fun as when I was a kid, and helps to keep me feeling young!

First board: Wooden Super Surfer with clay wheels...many hard falls from those unseen pebbles.

Favorite skate memory: Too hard to choose. But the general good vibe of skating to the beach as a kid with my friends is tough to beat.

Current set ups: Various and sundry decks that I have scrounged or purchased over the years from 60's clay-wheeled model to gravity 39" pro model deck, 80's pool decks, various longboards, all mixed and matched with several wheels such as gravity BFDs, No Schoolz, Powell Bombers, etc, and trucks like indies, trackers, Originals, and Carvers. Plus a carveboard.
Man, with all the great gear these days we are lucky to be skating today! I'm still looking to get a nice snappy (expensive) deck for my birthday though...





Current Dwelling: Seattle, Washington. WESTside!

Boarding Highlights:

ASPHALT: Longboard... every day!! Grassroots Slalom series 2003-2009.

SNOW: Hood, Bachelor, Stevens, Crystal, etc...

SURF: Longboard, SUP board and 5-mil wetsuit for the NWest -- yeaaahh!

First Skateboard: My big bro's Mattel Magnum deck down on the strand at Redondo Beach.

Skate Quiver: RoeRacing, Subsonic, LBL, Galac, G-Bomb, RollsRolls, Fatboy, Original, Flexdex, Loaded, Carveboard, Landyachtz, LBL, etc.

Favorite Setups:

#1: RoeRacing Mermaid LDP - 39" with White Avilas, Bennett front / Virage LDP rear and assorted bushings

#2: Subsonic Pulse - 40" with pink Gumballs, Bennett front / Virage LDP rear

#3: LongboardLarry Walkabout - 41.5" with lime/lemon Big Zigs, Bennett front / splitfire rear

#4: RollsRolls Sportster with 97mm Abec11's - the perfect rain board.




Current Dwelling: Studio loft in Vancouver, B.C

First Skateboard: At the age of 42 I finally got my first board a Skullskates transition deck. I had been wanting to skate since I was a kid.

Best Skateboard memories:

- 23 km Seawall skate on my 60-inch LongboardLarry cruiser with my Pomeranian pal, Jim.

- First homemade slalom sesh at a local college parking lot with my best pal Andrea and our very own pro photographer Sheila.

- First (and last) DH sesh on Cypress mountain road with my skate pal Mike.

Skate Quiver: Longboardlarry custom deck x 4, Landyachtz DH, Roe Crossfire Cutaway, Roe Unlimited, Fatboy slalom

Best Board: Have I mentioned LBL, yet? Any one of my LBL's, Kahakai Cruiser, Otter, Drop Pin or Sandpiper, depending on the type of skating I feel like doing.




Current Dwelling: Upper EASTside!

First Skateboard: G&S 21.5" x 5.5" fiberglass number circa '76 (only skateboard for 29 years!)

Best Memory: Watching my 14 yo daughter Thea gettin' the pumpin' thang down on her first lap of Green Lake.

Best Board: PHAT Ride, 38" Roe Racing custom built carbon fiber job (Used to be James' but it stole my heart and James kindly let it go.)




Hometown: the 'vallis, Oregon

Most memorable flight: Down this hill by my house. I figure I was going about 17-20 mph (hitting about 24 mph at the bottom) and the board turned without me. Must have flew about 6 feet before tasting the ground again. INDY TRUCKS == pain. I got torn really bad, like my phone needed a new faceplate and my pavedwave shirt broke the fall and got shredded, but I still wear it with proud battlewounds.

Best board: Surf-1 iron cross pintail with big green Gummies and Invader trucks.

Other setups: 60" Flexdex with Randals and NoSkools. I also had a Flowlab (with indies) but after I broke my arm, I loaned it out to a friend.

Cravings: Playing CS, longboarding, snowboarding, bass guitar (mostly sorta).




Current Dwelling : Ballard -- NORSEside!

Favorite Skate Spot: Drainage ditch outside my old neighborhood – could launch arials off the hipper as Metro busses passed inches away.

First Skateboard: Makaha surfer: 12” orange plastic “cheddar” board with open bearings & kicktail!! Bought at Toys R us.

Best Skateboard Memory: Bombing cheddar board down the neighborhood “big hill” and using angled curbs to launch for distance into yards along the way.

Skate Quiver :

Pumping & Downhill: Tannis Watson Speedboard w/ Original super 10’s, 85mm flywheels & ceramic bearings.

Cruising and carving: Custom BigStix 60’s surf model w/ Original super 6’s, carver 65mm – corners like a Porsche but watch for the wheelbite!

Sliding: Epic 57” hardwood, Indy 165s, Powell Cubic IV’s. Now I just need some Bozi gloves and to assemble the darn thing…

Pool and Park: Alva 36” Cadillac, Indy 215s & Powell pool rocks.

Ramps: Duane Peters + 1 Indy 155 & a Gullwing + Powell crossbones 92a.

Street: Dynasty + GrindKing + some white wheels or other. It’s a street board – doesn’t matter!

Best Boards:

GT Starfire – fiberglass, kicktail at both ends.

Dad’s old wooden sidewalk surfer with clay wheels.




Current Dwelling: Hillsdale, New Jersey

First Skateboard: My dad's old Mustang - Its a solid piece of wood with
some weird crazy torsion trucks and clay wheels. Yum.

Best Skateboard Memory: 16 mile pumpfest with my friend Dan. Rode on a banana board (1970's RMI) that had 60mm Krypto Slammers (85a without Cores = Yikes!), Invader Slalom Trucks with cracked bushings, and Abec 1 bearings (no speed washers). Oh yeah, 1 of the bearings was seized and 2 of the others made really annoying squeaking noises. And it was around 95 degrees out. IT RULED!

Skate Quiver: Fatboy, THC Speedskate, Fibreflex, Wave Hog, Deathbox, Dregs, RMI, Mustang, PPS, and a bunch of homemades...

Best Board: Fatboy Fata$$ w/ front and rear Splitfires w/ 80a/83a Retro ZigZags w/ Biltin Abec 7's and a Foamified Custom C-Blocked top. Gotta get a Radikal Dragon Claw up front and it will be perfect.





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