Knapp/Napp Reunion

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Conrad Napp, born in Werlau, Prussia, was a peace-loving, Christian man who did not want to see his sons serve in the Prussian military.  So he, along with his wife, nine children and son-in-law, left his homeland to establish new roots in America.  The family left Antwerp, Holland on June 11, 1846 on the Brig Conte Zichi and arrived in New York on September 11, 1846.  

In April 1847, Conrad purchased a 180-acre farm in Hurricane Corners, Grant County Wisconsin, for $1,500.  He owned the farm until 1874 when he sold it to his youngest daughter, Maria Sophia and her husband, Lewis Gelbach.

Conrad Napp and his wife, Mary Margaretha Napp (b. December 28, 1804 in Werlau) had nine children: 

  • Anna Maria "Mary" (b. May 1, 1824)
  • Phillip (b. August 26, 1825)
  • Carl "Charles" (b. April 12, 1827) 
  • Conrad II (b. October 15, 1829)
  • Anna Catharina "Catherine" (b. October 27, 1832
  • Jasper (b. January 18, 1836)
  • Wilhelm "William" (b. April 20, 1838)
  • Anton (b. October 5, 1840)
  • Maria Sophia "Sophia" (b. October 27, 1842)

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Conrad Knapp II and family
Back: Emma, Conrad III, Mary, Charley, John, Carrie
Seated: Lizzy, Elizabeth, Mattie, Conrad II, and David

Descendants of Carl (Charles) Knapp


Generation No. 1

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Rebecca Kaufmann

1. CARL "CHARLES" KNAPP (CONRAD NAPP I, CASPAR) was born April 12, 1827 in Werlau, Coblenz, Prussia, and died December 18, 1882 in Cassville, Grant County, Wisconsin.  He married REBECCA KAUFFMAN March 27, 1853 in Cassville, WI, daughter of JOHN KAUFFMAN and MARGARET SCHELENBERGER.  She was born August 20, 1835 in Bethlehem, Star County, Ohio, and died September 13, 1921 in Beetown, Grant County, Wisconsin.


Citizenship papers for Charles were filed on November 7, 1848 under the name Karl Napp.

Excerpted from "The Knapp/Napp Family History by Myra Ellenetta Knapp, 1922, annotated and reissued for the Knapp/Napp Family Reunion 2001 by Mary Thiele Fobian":

"Charlie Knapp was born in 1827 and died in 1882.  He worked in the meat market for Nathan when a young man, then went on the west prairie with a threshing crew.  There he met Rebecca Kaufman, and they lived in Cassville. He burnt lime, did team work, and conducted a store.  Often when he sold to customers without receiving pay, and it was suggested the account be charged, he would reply, 'Oh, no use.  We won't get it anyway.'  Such generosity accumulated book accounts to between one and two thousand dollars which were never collected.  At the time of the war he went to Prairie du Chien to enlist but was rejected because of a physical disability.  He had ten children: Henry, Ed, Eli, and Cliff went to Albany; the three last live there now.  Laura (Mrs. Sam Snider) lives near, and Leon in Bloomington.  John lived in Iowa and died in Washington a few years ago.  Three other children died young.".  Annotation by Mary Thiele Fobian: ["When the history was written in 1922, Ed (Edmund Quincy) Knapp probably lived in Oelwein, Iowa."]


Obituary (excerpted from The Grant County Herald, December 28, 1882]:

"Died in Cassville, December 18, 1882, Mr. Charles Knapp, aged 55 years.  Mr. Knapp was born in Merlow [sic], Prussia, April 12, 1827.  He came to America and settled in Potosi in 1846; then moved to Hurricane.  The last 18 years of his life has been spent in the Village of Cassville.  He was an honest, industrious citizen, and leaves a wife and seven children."



Burial: Cassville Cemetery, Cassville, Grant County, Wisconsin

Immigration: 1846, From Werlau, Prussia to Grant County, Wisconsin

Occupation: 1860, Farmer


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Young Rebecca on left


Burial: Cassville Cemetery, Cassville, Grant County, Wisconsin

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Cliff, Eli, Laura, Leon, and Edmund


i. WILLIAM HENRY KNAPP, b. May 16, 1854, Grant County, Wisconsin; d. November 17, 1890, Albany, Wisconsin.

ii. JOHN CONRAD KNAPP, b. June 16, 1856; d. March 14, 1918, Yakima, Washington; m. ALICE MARGARET CANNON, September 25, 1878, Grant County, Wisconsin.

iii. EDMUND QUINCY KNAPP, b. January 20, 1858, Cassville, Grant County, Wisconsin; d. March 04, 1937, Oelwein, Iowa.

iv. LAURA ANNA KNAPP, b. February 25, 1862, Wisconsin; d. December 21, 1941, Grant County, Wisconsin.

v. MELISSA SOPHIA KNAPP, b. February 23, 1864; d. July 02, 1876.

vi. CHARLES LEON KNAPP, b. July 05, 1865, Wisconsin; d. April 13, 1949.

 vii. ELI MORGAN KNAPP, b. February 12, 1867, Grant County, Wisconsin; d. May 1956, California.

viii. WARREN EMERY KNAPP, b. January 10, 1869; d. May 24, 1872.

ix. FRANK KNAPP, b. December 11, 1870; d. April 17, 1872.

x. CLIFTON SHIRLEY KNAPP, b. November 29, 1872, Cassville, Grant County, Wisconsin; d. January 29, 1937, Albany, Wisconsin.


Generation No. 2


2. WILLIAM HENRY KNAPP (CARL, CONRAD NAPP I, CASPAR) was born May 16, 1854 in Grant County, Wisconsin, and died November 17, 1890 in Albany, Wisconsin.  He was buried in Albany,  He married DORLESHA J. BONHAM April 20, 1875 in Grant County, Wisconsin, daughter of F. J. ALTSWAGER.  She was born Abt. 1858 in Grant County, Wisconsin.



i. MAUD R. KNAPP, b. Abt. 1878, Wisconsin.

ii. MABEL R. KNAPP, b. September 1879, Wisconsin.

3. EDMUND QUINCY KNAPP (CARL, CONRAD NAPP I, CASPAR) was born January 20, 1858 in Cassville, Grant County, Wisconsin, and died March 04, 1937 in Oelwein, Iowa.  He married ALICE ORIZINIA RAMSEY May 27, 1883 in Wilson, Kansas, daughter of ALEXANDER RAMSEY and MARY NOLAND.  She was born December 29, 1866 in Wisconsin, and died August 01, 1955 in Mercy Hospital, Oelwein, Iowa.

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Laura Knapp Schneider and Family

4. LAURA ANNA KNAPP (CARL, CONRAD NAPP I, CASPAR) was born February 25, 1862 in Wisconsin, and died December 21, 1941 in Grant County, Wisconsin.  She was buried at Dodge Cemetery in Grant County.  She married SAMUEL SNIDER April 19, 1882 in Grant County, Wisconsin, son of FREDERICK SCHNEIDER and MARIA FEGER.  He was born June 09, 1854 in Hazel Green, Wisconsin, and died November 30, 1954 in Grant County, Wisconsin.  He was buried at Dodge Cemetery in Grant County.


Children of LAURA KNAPP and SAMUEL SNIDER are:

i. MARY GENEVA SNIDER, b. February 01, 1883; d. December 27, 1975; buried Cassville Cemtery, Grant County, Wisconsin; m. DELBERT NAPP.

ii. WILLIAM HENRY SNIDER, b. September 30, 1885; d. July 20, 1976; buried Hillside Cemtery, Lancaster, Grant County, Wisocnsin; m. ELSIE SADIE BLACKBOURN, February 23, 1910; b. April 05, 1889; d. April 03, 1969; buried Hillside Cemtery.

iii. LESTER SAMUEL SNIDER, b. March 22, 1887; d. August 29, 1967; buried Lancaster, Grant County, Wisconsin; m. OLLIE EDWARDS.

iv. FREDERICK LAVERN SNIDER, b. August 27, 1888; d. August 31, 1990.


Frederick L. Schneider lived to be 102 years old.

v. EDITH REBECCA SCHNEIDER, b. September 29, 1890; d. June 05, 1967; buried Dodge Cemtery, Beetown, Grant County, Wisconsin; m. RALEIGH BLACKBOURN, 1910; b. February 15, 1887..

vi. ELMER SCHNEIDER, b. May 06, 1892; d. May 23, 1895; buried Dodge Cemtery, Beetown, Grant County, Wisconsin.

vii. AMY MAE SNIDER, b. May 24, 1897; d. December 24, 1979; buried Dodge Cemtery, Beetown, Grant County, Wisconsin; m. RAY TAYLOR.

viii. MELVIN HAROLD SNIDER, b. August 21, 1899; d. February 01, 1973; m. FRANCES HEINRICKS; d. September 15, 1998; buried Lancaster, Grant County, Wisconsin.

ix. VIOLA SNIDER, b. July 19, 1902; d. November 14, 1993; m. (1) DAVE RUNDELL  (2) RAY TALBERT. 

x. CHARLES LEON SNIDER, b. April 22, 1884; d. April 20, 1908; buried Dodge Cemetery, Beetown, Grant County, Wisconsin.

xi. INFANT SNIDER, b. June 20, 1894; d. June 20, 1894 (stillborn).

xii. INFANT SNIDER, b. August 30, 1895; d. September 01, 1895.

xiii. INFANT SNIDER (died at 17 days old).


5. CHARLES LEON KNAPP (CARL, CONRAD NAPP I, CASPAR) was born July 05, 1865 in Wisconsin, and died April 13, 1949. He married MARY PRIDEAUX, daughter of WILLIAM PRIDEAUX and MARY E.. She was born February 1866 in Wisocnsin.



i. FRED LEON KNAPP, b. October 21, 1894, Grant County, Wisconsin; d. November 22, 1986, Orchard Manor; buried Bloomington, Grant County, Wisconsin; m. HATTIE PIERCE, October 22, 1915, Dubuque, Iowa; b. October 14, 1894; d. November 28, 1983; buried Bloomington Cemetery.

ii. MARION B. KNAPP, b. September 26, 1892, Grant County, Wisconsin; d. December 21, 1983, Madison (choked while recovering from back surgery); m. PEARL SCHREINER; b. June 11, 1896; d. August 21, 1973; buried Blakes Prairie Cemetery.




6. ELI MORGAN KNAPP (CARL, CONRAD NAPP I, CASPAR) was born February 12, 1867 in Grant County, Wisconsin, and died May 1956 in California.  He married AMELIA DUERST.  She was born December 1868 in Wisconsin.

Children of ELI KNAPP and AMELIA DUERST are:

i. LEROY KNAPP, b. September 21, 1889, Green County, Wisconsin; m. IDA MYTHALER, 1911; d. August 1962.

ii. FLORENCE KNAPP, b. September 30, 1894, Green County, Wisconsin; d. October 13, 1963; m. DON TROW, February 16, 1916.



7. CLIFTON SHIRLEY KNAPP (CARL, CONRAD NAPP I, CASPAR) was born November 29, 1872 in Cassville, Grant County, Wisconsin, and died January 29, 1937 in Albany, Wisconsin.  He was buried at Hillcrest Cemetery in Albany,  Wisconsin.  He married GERTRUDE BURNS November 13, 1892, daughter of CHARLES BURNS and MARY CONNET.  She was born November 08, 1870 in Wisconsin, and died November 21, 1947 in Albany, Wisconsin.


Clifton Knapp operated a general store with his brother Eli. In 1919, they sold their store to Christopher.




Descendants of Edmund Quincy Knapp


Edmund and Allie Knapp


Generation No. 1


1. EDMUND QUINCY KNAPP (CARL, CONRAD NAPP I, CASPAR) was born January 20, 1858 in Cassville, Grant County, Wisconsin, and died March 04, 1937 in Oelwein, Iowa.  He married ALICE ORIZINIA RAMSEY May 27, 1883 in Wilson, Kansas, daughter of ALEXANDER RAMSEY and MARY NOLAND.  She was born December 29, 1866 in Wisconsin, and died August 01, 1955 in Mercy Hospital, Oelwein, Iowa  She was buried at Attica Cemetery in Attica, Wisconsin.

Obituary (excerpted from an unidentified newspaper):

Edmond Q. Knapp, third son of Charles and Rebecca [Kaufman] Knapp, was born at Cassville, Wisconsin, on January 20, 1858. Here he spent his early life and received his education.

At the age of twenty years he moved to Wilson, Kansas, where he experienced some of the pioneer tasks and hardships. While living at Wilson, he became a member of the Methodist Episcopal church and for many years was active in church work.

On May 27, 1883, he was united in marriage to Miss Alice Ramsey, at Wilson, Kansas. To this union were born four children: Clyde A. of Crete, Ill.; Leon, of Oelwein, Ia.; Mrs. C.R. Bartlett of Monticello, Wisconsin; and a son Winfred, who preceded his father in death in 1926.

In 1894, Mr. Knapp moved to Attica, Wis., where he engaged in business until 1920, when he moved to Oelwein, where he has resided ever since.

Mr. Knapp began to fail in health last fall and though he was up and around the house nearly every day, he gradually grew weaker until release came to him on Thursday evening, March 4th, when he entered peacefully the immortal life.

Besides his wife, two sons and a daughter, he leaves to mourn his death two brothers: C.L. Knapp of Bloomington, Wis., and E.M. Knapp of San Diego, Calif., and one sister, Mrs. Sam Snyder of Lancaster, Wis., also fifteen grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

In the prime of his life, Mr. Knapp was active in church work, holding nearly every office in the local church of the community. He was a trustee, a Steward, Teacher in Sunday School and for many years, the Superintendent of the Sunday School at Attica. He united with Grace Methodist Episcopal church of Oelwein in 1922, and has lived in a deep abiding faith all these years. With a beautiful Christian confidence he awaited his "Homegoing" in a full readiness of heart and mind.

He has triumphed in the faith.

Brief services were held at the Brant funeral home Saturday, March 6, at 9:00 a.m. Rev. F. C. Wtizlgman, his pastor officiating, Mrs. G.B. Ferrel sang "Face to Face" and "The Old Rugged Cross."

Funeral services were held at the Attica Methodist church on Sunday, March 7 at 2:30 p.m., Rev. C.H. Pierstorff pastor officiating.

Miss Lona Swann and Nellie Towne sang two songs: "Whispering Hope" and "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere" accompanied by Mrs. Ivan Kittleson.

Interment was in the Attica cemetery.



Excerpted from ARLENE BARTLETT OLIVER's notes:

"Allice 'Allie' Ramsey died at Mercy Hospital in Oelewein, Iowa on July 30, 1955.  The same day, her beautiful, wide-band wedding ring disappeared.  She was not yet 17 when she married in May 1883.  She was married in Wilson, Kansas where she remained until the spring of 1894 when she and Edmund moved to Attica, Wisconsin.  In 1920, she and Edmund moved to Oelewein.  At the time of her death, she had 4 children, 16 grandchildren, and 9 great- grandchildren." 


Children of EDMUND KNAPP and ALICE RAMSEY are:

2. i. CLYDE ADELBERT5 KNAPP, b. June 25, 1884, Wilson, Elsworth, Kansas; d. October 10, 1973, Michigan City, Indiana.

3. ii. LEON CLARENCE KNAPP, b. June 02, 1887, Wilson, Kansas; d. December 11, 1954, Oelwein, Iowa.

4. iii. WINNEFRED ALLEN KNAPP, b. January 25, 1890, Wilson, Kansas; d. August 01, 1926, Belevedere, Marengo, Illinois.

5. iv. FAYE MARIE KNAPP, b. January 11, 1892, Wilson, Kansas; d. March 01, 1971, Attica, Wisconsin.


Generation No. 2

2. CLYDE ADELBERT KNAPP (EDMUND QUINCY, CARL, CONRAD NAPP I, CASPAR) was born June 25, 1884 in Wilson, Elsworth, Kansas, and died October 10, 1973 in Michigan City, Indiana.  He married (1) FRANCES BELLWOOD September 27, 1904 in Lexington, Kentucky, daughter of GEORGE GARRETT and ELLEN HARLOW.  She was born June 05, 1884 in Lexington, Kentucky, and died December 07, 1969 in Rogers Memorial Hospital, Washington, D.C.  He married (2) EMILIE MARIE DEHN June 22, 1926 in Cook County, Illinois, daughter of EDWARD DEHN and MARIE CLAUS. She was born May 24, 1884 in Chicago, Polk County, Illinois, and died February 15, 1952 in Crete, Illinois.


EMPLOYER: Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad Co. from December 1909 - June 30, 1949


Uncles and WEEKEND

Musings on Meanings


Cynthia Bagley

August 1998

On Friday evenings we turn to WHA-TV (a PBS station) and enjoy an hour of WEEKEND, a program designed to reflect on current issues and topics of importance to Wisconsin citizens. Lead by informed and genial hosts Dave Iverson and Patty Lowe, viewers are treated to lively discussions that include a variety of guests who often represent a variety of political viewpoints.

Although WEEKEND is indeed contemporary, the setting transports me back to the 1940's and a southern Wisconsin rural community. My parents played the role of hosts and visiting uncles were WEEKENDS Bill Dixon and Bill Krause. Both of my mother's brothers had long before left their home community to live their lives elsewhere.

Uncle Clyde was an engineer from Chicago. It was a special day when walking home from country school. I could see Uncle Clyde's shiny black bathtub Nash in our driveway, and I knew that he had come to visit.

His first stop was at the local cheese factory, and he would now be sitting at the table eating a limburger cheese sandwich on rye bread with sliced onions and drinking strong black coffee. Uncle Clyde wore matching gray pants and shirt, pressed to perfection. He always wore the silver and red circular pin that reflected his allegiance to the Technocrat movement.

After supper (the evening meal was supper then), the white tablecloth was brushed of homemade bread crumbs, and political discussions began in earnest. Uncle Clyde's forehead and furrowed above his bushy steel eyebrows as he explained how the Federal Reserve Board and the International Bankers (I visualized them as proper nouns) manipulated the economy and exerted great power with few controls.

War time issues of how diverting natural resources would be a way to gain control that might be exerted by our enemies. Uncle asserted that scrap iron needed for war efforts was being allowed to be diverted on the black market.

The discussion would continue and the national debt would be a heated topic. The national debt would be a horrible burden for children like me. (He would point to me who was being small and quiet so that I would not be noticed and reminded that it was far past bedtime. The next day he would show me now many zeros it took to make a trillion dollars of debt). Such discussions would be a nightly event until the day when goodbye was said, and the black Nash with the intense driver headed back to Chicago.

At another time, with equal anticipation, I would observe a polished light green Oldsmobile in the driveway as I came home from school. I knew that I would find another uncle finishing a limburger sandwich on rye bread with onions and drinking black coffee. Uncle Leon was a steadfast Republican businessman and mayor in a medium sized Iowa community. He always wore a shirt as white as his soft wavy hair and carried a gold Shaffer pen in his shirt pocket. As mayor he had been called upon to introduce President Roosevelt, of whom he could do a fair impression. Even a small child could sense a certain honor in that, even if his views were disagreed with.

That evening the eagerly anticipated discussion would center on the Democratic social program that would build generations of dependent citizens, according to Uncle Leon. He would state that the country must stick together because it was wartime, but economic policies were incurring debt that children like me (being small in the corner) would inherit and find their burden.

The discussions would continue nightly until, all too soon, the uncle would head west to Iowa. Much, much later I would wonder how these brothers who were born to a third generation German storekeeper father and a young Scottish/Irish mother could express such differing political viewpoints. After all, they had the same parents, had eaten at the same table, attended the same school and experienced the same community influences.

Later still, I would add my father, their schoolmate and friend before he was their brother-in-law, to the equation. He was also raised in the same community, but his family supported and expressed active participation in the Progressive movement. Long hours and hard work never prevented him from being knowledgeable of Wisconsin legislative activities. How could this small community, certainly the most parochial of places, have produce these divergent viewpoints?

Of course, the question is not that at all. The real question then, and now in the form of Mr. Dixon, Mr. Krause and WEEKEND, is what Wisconsin influences create a lifelong passion for the role of being a citizen and how is that commitment conveyed and taught? The Uncles and WEEKEND are good teachers. I hope they know they are appreciated.


OBITUARY (unknown newspaper):

Clyde A. Knapp, 89, who had lived for the past four years at the home of his son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Knapp, 215 Northbrook Drive, Shoreland Hills, died at home yesterday at 4:30 p.m. Born in Kansas June 25, 1884, he was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Knapp.  He had worked for a railroad for 41 years, retiring as an engineer.  In 1905, he was married in Bethlehem, Ky., to Fannie Aldrich, who is deceased.  In addition to his son, a daughter, Mrs. Jessie Lewis, Suitland, Md., also survives.  Burial will be in Attica, Wis., Cemetery. Root Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.


Cause of Death: Acute Myocardial Infarction due to Arteriosclerosis Heart Disease

Occupation: Bet. December 1909 - June 30, 1949, Fireman & Locomotive Engineer, Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad



There is some controversy concerning Fannie's maiden name: Fannie's daughter Catherine's birth certificate states that Fannie's maiden name was Bellwood; the 1900 census shows her name as Fannie B. Garrett; her marriage certificate with Clyde Knapp and Clyde's pension records state that her last name was Eldridge.  [Eldridge may have been a married name as she once told Annie Noonan Lewis, her granddaughter-in- law, that she was married before she married Clyde Knapp, but that her husband died young].  

It is known that Fannie had a step-brother named Narvy Garrett, but whether they shared mother's or father's is not known for sure.  Information to date indicates that both Narvy and Fannie had the same mother, a full-blood Cherokee Indian woman.  If this is the case (as suspected), Narvy's father was George Garrett, and Fannie's father is unknown.

Fannie divorced Clyde Knapp after having seven children, and married Earl Reid.  That marriage also ended in divorce.  Her third (known) husband was Edward "Shorty" Canton whom she also divorced within months of their marriage after an argument over his treatment of a woman in her care.

Fannie ran a boarding house for a number of years.  One day, shortly after Fannie married Shorty Canton, he got into an argument with one of Fannie's female borders and struck her.  Fannie told Shorty, "No man will ever strike a woman in my home." 

Shorty replied, "Well, then either she goes, or I go." 

So Fannie showed him the door.


Fannie and Clyde outlived their parents, contemporaries, and five of their seven children (Catherine and Ray were still alive at the time of their deaths.)


Interment Card at Cedar Hill Cemetery states:

Name: Fannie B. Canton

Age: 85

Cause of Death: Coronary Thrombosis

Date of Death: December 7, 1969

Date of Interment: December 10, 1969

Place of Death: Rogers Memorial Hospital

Section: 19, Lot 69, Site 11

Owner of Lot: Bernard T. Bury

Undertaker: Simmons Brothers

Permit No. 69-9652

Fannie lived with Bernard "Bernie" Bury during her later years.  She had taken care of Bernie's mother, Mary, and after Mary died, Bernie took care of Fannie.  Bernie was a very dear friend of the Lewis family.  He was born February 12, 1915, and died on September 30, 1981.  He played the piano for a living at the Bassins Restaurant (Piano Bar) in Washington, D.C.


Fannie's Obituary (unknown newspaper)

On Sunday, December 7, 1969, Fannie B. Canton, beloved mother of Catherine K. Lewis and Raymond E. Knapp. Grandmother of William and Raymond Lewis. Dear friend of Bernard Bury and Norman M. Saunders. Also survived by several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Friends may call at the Simmons Bros. Funeral Home, 1661 Good Hope Road, S.E. (parking facilities) after 1 p.m. Tuesday. Mass will be offered for the repose of her soul on Wednesday, December 10 at 9 a.m. at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Interment Cedar Hill Cemetery. Visiting hours until 9 p.m.



Register of Marriages dated February 23, 1907 from Lexington County, Kentucky states: "Rites of marriage were legally solemnized by me between Clyde Knapp and Fannie Belle Eldridge at Lexington, Ky. in the county of Fayette in the presence of Edith Whits??, H. G. Buckl??, John J. riley and Wilson Rose. Signed Be?? D. Bill." 



i. CATHERINE KNAPP, b. June 21, 1917, Dolton, Cook County, Illinois; d. March 02, 1999, Washington, D.C.; m. WILLIAM JOSEPH LEWIS, October 10, 1934, St. Barnabas Church, Oxon Hill, MD; b. September 01, 1900, New York City, New York; d. September 13, 1939, Alexandria, VA.


When Catherine Knapp was born, Fannie wanted to name her Jessima.  However, the doctor who delivered her said that Fannie was not going to name this beautiful baby "Jessima". So, the doctor decided to name Jessima after his mother, and he placed the name "Catherine" on the birth certificate.  Although she legally used the name "Catherine", she was known to her friends and family as "Jessima" or "Jessie." Over the years, she acquired several nicknames including GGJ (Great Grandma Jessie) and Grandma "J". The 1920 census shows her name as "Jessie."


Jessima's Obituary:

On Tuesday, March 2, 1999; the beloved wife of the late William J. Lewis; mother of William J. (Annie) and Raymond H. (the late Margaret) Lewis. She is also survived by eight grandchildren, twelve great-grandchildren, and one great-great grandson. Friends may call at THE GEORGE P. KALAS FUNERAL HOME, 6160 Oxon Hill Road, Oxon Hill, MD, on Friday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m., with prayers at 3:30 p.m. Mass of Christian Burial will be offered on Saturday, March 6, at 10 a.m., at Mt. Calvary Catholic Church. Interment Resurrection Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Mt. Calvary Catholic Church, 6700 Marlboro Pike, Forestville, MD 20747.



The name "Lewis" was not William's birth name, but an alias. He was 1 of about 12 children.  His parents came to America from Ireland in the late 1800s or early 1900s.  He was married to a woman (name unknown) in New York at the same time that he was married to Jessie.  He lived with Jessie until his death in 1939 when he committed suicide.

Jessie received a telegram from Helen Coffee in New York, NY, stating that her niece Irene Clancy would be attending the funeral. Comparison of Irene Clancy's signature on her Application for Social Security number (SS-5) and her signature in William Lewis' burial book makes it appear that the two are the same person.  Irene's parents were Anna Coffey and Michael Clancy.  Because of this, the Lewis family believes that William's birth name may have been Clancy or Coffee/Coffey.  However, no proof has been located yet.\


William's obituary:

Suddenly, on Wednesday, September 13, at his residence, 100 West Glebe Road, Alexandria, Va., William Joseph Lewis, beloved husband of Catherine J. (sic)* Lewis (nee Knapp) and father of William Joseph Jr., and Raymond Howard Lewis. Remains resting at Lee's funeral home, Fourth Street, and Massachusetts Ave., N.E., until Saturday, September 16, at 12 noon; thence to St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Oxon Hill, Md., where services will be held at 2 p.m. Interment church Cemetery. Relatives and friends invited to attend.


ii. ALVIN KNAPP, b. Abt. 1906; d. Abt. 1906 (died within a few months of birth).

iii. RAYMOND KNAPP, b. July 06, 1907, Blue Island, Illinois; d. June 1974, Michigan City, Illinois; m. ANNA M. STOFFLE, May 16, 1925, Chicago, Illinois; b. November 05, 1907; d. February 21, 1988.


Raymond's Obituary (unknown newspaper, June 29, 1974)

Raymond Knapp, 66, 215 Northbrook Drive, died at 2 a.m. Saturday at his home after a 2-month illness.  Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. Tuesday at Root Funeral Home with the Rev. Darrel Longstreet officiating.  Cremation will follow the service.  Friends may call at the funeral home from today until the hour of service.  He was born in Blue Island, Illinois, July 6, 1907, the son of Clyde Knapp and Fannie Aldridge Knapp.  He was a resident of Michigan City since 1958 and was retired owner of the Gift Shoppe in Chicago.  He was married in Chicago May 16, 1925 to Anna Stoffle, who survives.  Also surviving are two daughters -- Mrs. Ruth Herzke, Oak Forest, Illinois, and Mrs. Irma Fitzgerald, Midlothian, Illinois, a sister, Mrs. Jessie Lewis, Forestville, Md.; six grandchildren and two great- grandchildren.  A daughter (Neola) preceded him in death.


Notes for ANNA M. STOFFLE:

Anna M. (Stoffle) Knapp died on February 21, 1988.  Funeral services were held at McKenzie Funeral Home, 15618 S. Cicero Ave., Oak Forest, Illinois on Tuesday, February 23, 1988 at 9:30 a.m. Officiating was Rev. Mark Twietmeyer.

iv. GLADYS KNAPP, b. June 19, 1911, Illinois; d. May 21, 1939, Washington, D.C.; m. WILLIAM SYDNEY CARROLL 


From Newspaper: Washington Star, May 22, 1939, Pg. A-10

Death of Housewife Is Called Suicide

A certificate of suicide was issued today in the death of Mrs. Gladys Carroll, 27-year-old housewife, found dead yesterday in the gas-filled kitchen of hr home at 1329 Belmont Street.  Mrs. Carroll's body was discovered by her husband, William S. Carrol, 55, a salesman.  A note found in the home written by Mrs. Carroll, asked forgiveness of her relatives, but gave no reason for the act.  Several jets on the gas stove in the kitchen were on when Mrs. Carroll was found.  The fire rescue squad attempted to revive her and she was pronounced dead by an Emergency Hospital doctor.  Coroner A. Magruder MacDonald issued the suicide certificate.


Galdys' Obituary (Washington Post)

Suddenly, on Sunday May 21, 1939, at her residence 1329 Belmont St., N.W., Gladys Carroll, beloved wife of William Carroll, and daughter of Clyde Knapp and Mrs. Fannie Canton.  Funeral services at the Saffell Funeral Home, 475 H St., N.W., on Wednesday, May 24, at 2 p.m. Interment Cedar Hill Cemetery [Suitland, Maryland].

v. DOROTHY KNAPP, b. Abt. 1913; d. Abt. 1913.

vi. NEOLA KNAPP, b. February 09, 1916, Illinois; d. 1934.

Notes for NEOLA KNAPP:

Neola died in a car accident at age 18 on a road trip from Washington, D.C. to New York City, New York.  News story from Washington Star, Washington, D.C., September 3, 1934:

"D.C. Girl Killed, 3 Hurt in Wreck - Auto Shears Off 4 Poles Along Roadside in Altoona Accident - by the Associated Press

ALTOONA, PA., September 3 – Injured when their automobile careened from a highway, sheared off four roadside poles and overturned four times into a cornfield, a Washington, D.C. girl is dead and three companions are in an Altoona hospital, seriously injured.

  Leola (sic) Knapp, 18, was killed as the automobile escaped the driver’s control on a steep hill near Mount Union last night.  Her injured companions are Robert G. Lewis, 23, the driver; Naomi Bradley, 20, and Wayne Goss, 24, all of Washington.

  Robert G. Lewis lives here with his mother in a rooming house at 1215 E. Capitol street.  His mother had no information of the accident today.  She said she knew nothing of the trip her son was making and that she does not know any of the other occupants of the car which her son was reported to have been driving.

  The only one of the four names carried in the Altoona Associated Press dispatch appearing in the Washington City Directory is Wayne C. Goss, U.S.A, Walter Reed Hospital.  At Walter Reed Hospital the first sergeant of the Medical Detachment said the only Goss on the hospital rolls is a Pvt. Edgar O. Goss, now carried on the rolls as absent without leave.


 Neola's obituary (Evening Star, Washington, D.C., September 4, 1934)

Suddenly, on Saturday, September 1, 1934, at Mount Union, at Mt. Union, Pa., NEOLA KNAPP, beloved daughter of Mrs. Fannie Knapp Reid and Clyde A. Knapp.  Remains resting at the Lee funeral home, 4th st. and Mass. Ave., n.e., until 2:15 p.m. Wednesday, September 5; thence to St. Barnabas’ Episcopal Church, Oxon Hill, Md., where services will be held at 3 p.m.  Relatives and friends are invited.  Interment in church cemetery.

vii. HOWARD A. KNAPP, b. December 31, 1905, Green County, Wisconsin; d. January 21, 1954, Cincinnati, Ohio; m. GRACE KONOW; b. November 04, 1908; d. July 07, 1968.


3. LEON CLARENCE KNAPP (EDMUND QUINCY, CARL, CONRAD NAPP I, CASPAR) was born June 02, 1887 in Wilson, Kansas, and died December 11, 1954 in Oelwein, Iowa.  He married KATHYRN MURRAY.  She was born November 25, 1886 in Wisconsin, and died September 02, 1943 in Oelwein, Iowa.  She is buried in Oelwein..

Leon's obituary: [Extracted from the Oelwein Daily Register, Monday, December 13, 1954]

Leon Knapp Rites Tuesday

Tuesday, funeral services will be conducted for Leon C. Knapp, 67, who died Saturday night.  The Rev. P. J. Maguire will officiate.  Services for Mr. Knapp will be held at 2 p.m. at Brant funeral chapel. Burial will be in Woodlawn cemetery. The Rosary will be recited tonight (Monday) at 8:00 at Brant chapel.  The body will lie in state at the funeral home.  Mr. Knapp, owner of Knapp Coal Co. and a former Oelwein Mayor, was born June 2, 1887 in Kansas, The son of Edmond and Alice Ramsey Knapp.  He died at 11 p.m. of a heart attack.  A resident of Oelwein for 36 years, he was a director of the First National Bank and Oelwein Federal Loan; member of the Elks and Moose and a past president of the Rotary club.  He was mayor of Oelwein from 1925 - 1930.  Survivors include one son, Jack, Oelwein, and three daughters, Mrs. Harry Thiele [Mildred] and Mrs. James Deyo [Kathleen], Oelwein; and Mrs. James Hartford [Leone], Gibson City, Ill.  His mother Mrs. Alice Knapp, Oelwein, also survives.  His wife Katherine, preceded him in death Sept. 2, 1943.   Mr. Knapp resided at 448 South Frederick.


Children of LEON KNAPP and KATHYRN MURRAY are:

i. LEONE MARGARET KNAPP, b. July 05, 1910, Illinois; d. March 09, 1995, Gibson City, Illinois; m. JAMES JOSEPH HARTFORD; b. May 03, 1908; d. July 09, 1994, Gibson City, Illinois.

ii. MILDRED MARIE KNAPP, b. November 05, 1911, Illinois; d. April 06, 1975; buried in Oelwein, Iowa; m. HARRY FREDERICK THIELE I, December 24, 1909; b. December 25, 1909; d. July 20, 1968.

 iii. JOHN "JACK" WILLIAM KNAPP, b. January 29, 1917, Illinois; d. September 26, 1969, Oelwein, Iowa; m. (1) DOREEN SMITH; b. March 27, 1924; d. June 21, 1984, Mercy Hospital, Oelwein, Iowa; m. (2) PATRICIA WILES; b. June 06, 1922; d. October 21, 1993.

iv. KATHLEEN MARIE KNAPP, b. February 14, 1928; d. February 06, 1986; m. JAMES ANDREW PERCY DEYO; b. August 29, 1927; d. October 19, 1993.


4. WINNEFRED ALLEN KNAPP (EDMUND QUINCY, CARL, CONRAD NAPP I, CASPAR) was born January 25, 1890 in Wilson, Kansas, and died August 01, 1926 in Belevedere, Marengo, Illinois.  He married (1) ETHEL WONDRISKA . She was born 1891, and died 1911.  He married (2) GERTRUDE NYE December 1912.


Winnie's obituary: (Unidentified newspaper, apparently Marengo, Illinois)

Winfred Allen Knapp was born at Wilson, Kansas, January 25, 1880, and died at his late home in Marengo, Illinois, August 2, 1926.  His age was 37 years, 6 months and days.  He was married December 12, 1912 to Getrude L. Nye, and soon after they came to this city where they began domestic life together, and where they lived happily and prosperously, until death called him suddenly away to his eternal home.  Two children were born to them: Glenn Allen, 12 years and Fay Charlotte 10.  These, with their widowed mother, remain to mourn the loss of a devoted husband and a tender and affectionate father.  He also leaves a mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. E. Q. Knapp, and a grandmother, Mrs. Mary Ramsey, all of Oelwein, Iowa.  Two brothers and a sister survive him: Clyde of Chicago, Leon of Oelwein Iowa, and Mrs. Romayne Bartlett of Attica, Wisconsin.  A host of other friends and relatives and Marengo and in his former home at Attica, Wis., and elsewhere, will sincerely mourn his sudden and unexpected departure.

He was a contractor for cement and concrete work for about 10 years and was capable and successful, winning the confidence and approval of those for whom he did his work, by his fidelity and honesty.  His loss will be felt in our community. He was a good man and honored most by those who knew him best. He became ill Saturday with pneumonia complicated with heart weakness, grew rapidly worse on Sunday, and Monday night, all unexpectedly, he passed quietly away. His loved ones are dazed by the suddenness of their great loss and are deeply afflicted.  They are at a loss to understand it, and find it extremely difficult to adjust themselves to the new conditions which this sudden death has brought about.  But we are assured in the word of God that "What we know not now we shall know hereafter."  We must wait God's time for the explanation of his providences. In the meantime "we mourn not as do others who have no hope." These friends know where their loved one has gone and they can find comfort and cheer, in their sorrow is the hope that they shall meet him again.  They have the sincerest sympathy of the community where they have lived during their married life.

Brief services wee held at the home at 8:30 Wednesday morning by Dr. Gover C. Clark, a resident M.E. minister, and the body was brought to his former home at Attica where regular funeral services were held in the Attica Methodist church, Rev. T. Watters of Brodhead officiating. Interment was in the Attica cemetery.






5. FAYE MARIE KNAPP (EDMUND QUINCY, CARL, CONRAD NAPP I, CASPAR) was born January 11, 1892 in Wilson, Kansas, and died March 01, 1971 in Attica, Wisconsin.  She is buried in Attica Cemetery, Attica, Wisconsin.  She married CHAUNCEY ROMAYNE BARTLETT II January 17, 1912 in Attica, Wisconsin, son of CHAUNCEY BARTLETT and ANNA.  He was born July 18, 1887 in Attica, Wisconsin, and died October 01, 1962 in Attica, Wisconsin.  He is buried in Attica Cemetery.


i. NAOMI ARLENE BARTLETT, b. December 26, 1912, Attica, Wisconsin; d. October 31, 1987, Albany, Green County, Wisconsin; buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Albany, Green County, Wisconsin; m. EDWARD CLARENCE OLIVER, April 20, 1938; b. April 27, 1905, Belleville, Wisconsin; d. December 1994, Albany, Green County, Wisconsin; buried Hillcrest Cemetery.

ii. VIRGINIA FAY BARTLETT  m. FRED J. BLUMER, December 24, 1937, Attica Church; b. October 31, 1912; d. February 07, 1959, St. Clare Hospital, Monroe; buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Albany, Wisconsin.

iii. CYNTHIA ANN BARTLETT m. LOREN DONALD BAGLEY, June 06, 1954, Albany Methodist Church, Albany, Wisconsin;