Manumission: Thomas Hughes to Moses, a Negro Boy

Transcribed by Bill A. Davison

Note: This is the younger Thomas Hughes.  The Elder Thomas Hughes died February 13, 1823



“Manumission: Thomas Hughes to Moses, a Negro Boy”

"Know all by these presents Whereas Thomas Hughes of the County of Greene in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania lately purchased of William G. Yerby of Farquier County, in the State of Virginia, a certain negro boy, a slave for life named Moses aged ten years in the month of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred twenty three, Now know ye that the said Thomas Hughes moved by philanthropy and benevolence towards the said Moses for this and divers good causes and valuable consideration doth by these presents release and acquit to the said Moses and grant to him all claim to the service of the said Moses, to which he would be entitled after the said Moses shall attain to the age of twenty eight years, and as the particular day in September on which the said Moses was born is not known by the said Thomas Hughes, the said Thomas Hughes releases, acquits and gives and remits to the said Moses all claim and title to the residue of the life time and all claim he has in the said Moses from and after the last day of August in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty one, after which the said Moses shall be free from all claim of the said Thomas Hughes, who retains only the right to the said Moses or his services till the day last mentioned in testimony where of the said Thomas Hughes has to these presents set his hand and seal this sixteen day of January 1824
Wm T. Hays Thomas Hughes (seal)
Green County
(seal) personally came before the Subscriber Justice of the peace in and for said County Thomas Hughes named in the above instrument of writing and acknowledged the above instrument of Writing to be his act and Deed and desires it may be recorded as such Given under my hand and Seal this 16 Day of January 1824.
Thomas Burson
Recorded January 20th 1824 Examd Kenner S. Boreman Recorder.