The Abraham Adams Family of Maryland

to Greene County, Pennsylvania

Abraham Adams died about 1832 in Greene County, Pennsylvania, leaving a wife Elizabeth and several children. Elizabeth renounced her right as administrator to his estate and appointed Jacob Adams. The exact relationship between Abraham and Jacob is unknown at this time but it is assumed Jacob was not his son since he is not named as an heir to the estate. Jacob's son Archibald H. Adams was a witness to the appointment of administrator.

Abraham Adams was a Free Person of Color in Greene County. Census information in later years for his children indicate he was born in Maryland. The earliest record found to date for him is a 1798 court record. Abraham does not show up in the census until 1810 but could be among the 11 others in the household of Jacob Adams in 1800.

The Abraham Adams Family of Maryland Outline

Greene County Court Records for Abraham and Isaac Adams