The Adams Family from Maryland to Greene County, Pennsylvania

Jacob Adams, our earlist known ancestor, was born in Maryland about 1780 and arrived in Greene County prior to 1800.

What little is known about Jacob and his family has been gleaned from the census; court, land and probate records; as well as newspaper accounts and some family letters and stories told by his descendants.

We do know that Jacob was a Free Person of Color in Greene County, as were his descendants. In the latter half of the 19th Century many of his descendants still residing in Greene County were persons of color. When branches of the family left the general area, leaving their history behind, their skin color faded to "white". Within a generation of leaving Pennsylvania, my direct line was living as white and their children were never told about their colored heritage.

The story of Jacob Adams and his family is beginning to take shape but there is still much research to be done.

If you have an interest or believe you have a connection to this family please contact me via e-mail. I am happy to share the information I have collected in the past 15 years of researching.

Jan Slater

Jacob Adams Family Outline

Jacob Adams Early Court Documents