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Little has been published collectively online about Slavery and Free Persons of Color in Greene County and Southwestern Pennsylvania.  The original purpose of this site was to share information about Slaves, Slave owners, Free Persons of Color and those who helped people along their way to Freedom on the Greene County Line of the Underground Railroad. With the help of other contributors we have expanded to include documents and information for Washington and Fayette County.

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     Glen Dixon's Fayette County Birth Records for Negroes and Mulattoes


     Freedom in the Courts


     Manumissions Found in Deeds and Wills


    Court, Census and Misc. Records by County


     Old Slavery Days: History of the Underground Railroad


     Bill Davison's Greene County Cemetery Map


     The Trial of the Negroes



Please contact me at rslater463@aol.com if you have information you are willing to share with other researchers.   ~ Jan Slater

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