The Vessel …


1965 Luhrs FlyBridge 32


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A vessel with much character and charm...   

We have spent many years of fun times aboard the Woodwind cruising Boston Harbor and the Islands. 


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Docked safely in protected the waters of the Town River in Quincy.















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For cruising or living aboard, it has been my “cabin on the water” over the past 10 years…




A closer look at the Helm shows the instruments and original design of the mahogany main station.  Gas gauges were added when the 2 new stainless steel gas tanks were installed behind a new mahogany transom in 2003.  The original Heathkit depth sounder is still functional on the right side.

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The bunk bed folds down into a comfortable settee for entertaining. 
And a private v-birth with cushions is forward of the main cabin.
































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A fully functional head with holding tank & macerator are indispensible for a live-aboard vessel.


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Above board is the bridge, maintained in original condition.  Note the portal under the wheel for viewing instruments below before the instruments were installed on the bridge.














Master Jazz Saxophonist and teacher Jerry Bergonzi at the helm of

a different kind of Woodwind.


Jerry enjoying the breeze on the bridge…
















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A freighter in the wake cruising past Spectacle Island…








In front of the USS Constitution - behind the Captain’s head...

Nice going cameraman!


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            Cousin Astrid and the kids…

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Cousin Johnny and the Captain..

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Ma & Cousin Everlyn wrap up the cruise for the day on the Woodwind.





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Offered for Sale in Massachusetts.

For information please call the captain at…

(617) 285-9210

** Please only call between 9AM -9 PM Eastern Standard Time **