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This is a sample home page.  I'm a programmer.  I am not a graphics person.  I have gotten the hang of applications, and I would like to get started on Web applications.  I shall post some sample Web apps on my site.
First test failed.
In Visual Studio, I select Build > Publish.
I choose the website "".
Visual Studio tries for 30 seconds and gives me this error message:
Error 1 Failed to connect to '' with the following error: Unable to create the Web site ''.  The Web server does not appear to have FrontPage Server Extensions installed. 1 1 IP5CS
Second test failed.
Same method with website"".
I am asked to log in.  I type in my username and password correctly, but I keep getting the same login box.  It doesn't remember my password even though it offers to. 
Third test failed.
I select Build > Publish again.  I create a setup file by selecting a file on my PC instead of a website.  I upload "setup.exe" onto Comcast using the site's file manager.  I can get the file uploaded, but I cannot make it accessible.  I can make the file public, yet I cannot properly link this webpage to the file.  As you can see, the links posted below fail.  The file automatically uploads to a specific directory, which is unrelated to the location of this webpage.  I can move the file to a subdirectory, but I cannot move the it outside the directory.  A link to the file's location will not work. 
Fourth test failed.  SmartFTP does not work.  SmartFTP is also no longer free.  My trial lasts only 29 days, as of 3/24/10.  I can upload the file, but it once again does not upload to the right directory.  On the left hand pane, the file appears to be in the root directory.  There is no way to get it into my real home directory so that it will be available by one of the above links.  This webpage also does not show up in any of my directories in SmartFTP's view.
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