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Latest Update on February 3rd, 2005! Check out new shots of The Spare, an entirely revamped Friends section, editing in the Convertible's modification section, and a new peak inside of a T5 in the Coupe section.

I'm Jason, and this is my personal web site. I'm also known as DarkMesa8, and on the AIM I'm TheMolarMass. This website is oriented towards a lot of pics with small tech and suggestions, so if you're dial up you won't find it the friendliest of sites (a little warning beforehand). Otherwise, enjoy my collection!

On the page 1995 Mustang GT Convertible you will find information and pictures of my current ride. Also included is a quick overview of my dry nitrous setup with pics, and many images of my AODE to T5 conversion.

On the page Racer Walsh Cruisins you will find images from the cruisins of January, February, March, and April of 2004. Racer Walsh, a Jacksonville Ford performance shop, used to host these cruises on the last Sunday of every month. Since Dustin left, there haven't been any for a very long time.

The page 1995 Mustang GT Coupe contains images and information on my last Mustang. There's a list of modifications and a complete walk-through of the twin turbo installation which I performed. This car was traded with Anaconda who than traded it for a motorcycle, and than bought a Dodge Viper. Click his name for his website to see what the latest news is.

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