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Thanks for visiting this site. it has been a while since i updated it it is just a pain in the rear to update and edit this site soooo..... the good news is I have made a facebook fan page for all us to enjoy. I hope to post more often and do a better job of keeping everyone that is not able to attend the meetings in the loop. the url is: 

So come on over and check it out. 


The meeting in alliance happened. we actually had a a meeting in alliance. not much happened at the meeting was calm compaired to conway meetings. if i decide to post a brief minutes of the meeting it will be on the face book page (see above)


Next meeting will be held at Alliance, OH. Nominations for  Octobers's elections will be accepted. I Hope to see you there! 





This site is FINALY up and running at 100% and I want to- 

Thank you for taking intrest in this site!!


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Last Meeting Update:



I hope to see enough people to have a meeting in Feb. Please make it a point to attend. It will be at the YMCA in alliance ohio. The time and date are yet to be set. SO DON'T PLAN ANYTHING FOR THE WHOLE MONTH SO YOU CAN BE SURE YOU ARE FREE THAT NIGHT!!!!!!!


Our last meeting was held in Alliance, Ohio. Not enough people showed up to have a meeting (5 are needed). The only buisness conducted was to raise the dues to $85 per mo. This was necessary because Grand lodge and United General Committee raised our percapita tax inacordance with our wage increase. We hope we will not have to raise dues again under this contract.

Feb 2008-- meeting cancled due to snow

May 2008-- meeting in conway!!!!!

Well we had an actual meeting. we had 5 people show up .  thanks to all who attended!!

Many items were discussed at this meeting. I gave a report on grevences and goings on. Also trials and punishments were talked about. Don't get caught napping in the company truck even if you are sick! I would suggest calling your supervisor and telling him your sick and going home to take a nap. then driving home taking a 20 minute nap and then driving back to work and calling your boss and telling him you feel better and are back on duty!

Also the issue about NS's absolutely nearsighted, ignorant, argoent, stupid and foolish decision to start eliminating the ES/ET position