Indiana Carnegie Libraries, A - G

Butterfly Art Nouveau postcard from Greensburg, Ind.

Part of Library Postcards: Civic Pride in a Lost America.

The best resource I had found on this topic was the Indiana State Library's Carnegie Library page, which appears to have disappeared.

Modern Indiana libraries are organized at the county level: in some cases there are more than one Carnegie building in a county library.


The Library at Alexandria No, not that Alexandria I'm not sacked yet

Now known as the Alexandria-Monroe Public Library. A 1902 grant resulted in a strangely asymmetric building.
(L) The picture shows another brick building close to the short side. Card by Weixelbaum.
(C) The only identification on the card is a horseshoe logo on the back.
(R) Silver border 'Clear View' card from the Wayne Paper Box & Prtg. Corp.


Anderson, IN Post office 
     and Public Library Anderson, IN Carnegie building 
     and Central Christian Church

Grant obtained in 1902: the library left this fairly standard building in 1987, to expand into a Sears, Roebuck store. (I suppose that somewhere, someone is complaining about the idiots who turn perfectly good retail buildings into libraries.) It apparently sat empty for 10 years and since 1998, houses a Fine Arts Center. The building was restored in 2006, if I interpret the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana site correctly.

(L) Library pictured with the Anderson Post Office on a Curt Teich linen-finish card.
(R above) Library pictured with Anderson's Central Christian Church. Its framing effect is due to embossing. Postmarked 1909.

Anderson, IN Carnegie building

(R below) Close-up of a staid Carnegie building. Souvenir Post Card, with entire back, mailed 1909.

There are more photos, including some interior photos on Indiana Memory Digital Collections' site.


Angola, IN Carnegie building Angola, IN Carnegie building

Now known as the Carnegie Library of Steuben County.

1909 grant. The building underwent some heavy renovation in 2003 - 2004.

(L) Photo-Tone card shows neighborhood details.
(R) Auburn Post Card mailed in 1929.


Attica, IN Carnegie building Attica, IN Carnegie building

Began as the Ladies Library Association of Attica (this has to have been a Michiana thing).
The Neoclassical Carnegie building opened in 1904, was renovated in 1988, and received an addition in 1995. Still in use.
Information from the state government's site of historical markers.

(L) Late autumn photo on the Gartner & Bender postcard, mailed in 1907.
(R) Nice 'Litho-chrome' card shows off the decorative fountain.

Attica, IN Carnegie building

(L, below) C.U. Williams 'Photoette,' printed in Bloomington, Illinois, mailed in 1911.


Bedford, IN Carnegie building Bedford, IN Carnegie building

Grant obtained in 1902: bare-bones building heavily renovated in 1984.

(L) C.U. Williams 'Photoette.'
(R) Rather ordinary monochrome card published by the Owl Drug Store.


Bluffton, IN Carnegie building Bluffton, IN Carnegie building

Grant obtained in 1903: again, a very basic building. Replaced by the Bluffton - Wells County Public Library, it now serves as a county governmental annex. There seem to have been some minor cosmetic alterations made.
(But the Library now has donuts. Dunkin Donuts.)

(L) Rotograph card mailed in 1908.
(R) Hugh C. Leighton card mailed in 1913.

Bluffton, IN Carnegie building Bluffton, IN Carnegie building

(L) National Press card. National Press seems to have been more known for its commercial advertising cards of roadside businesses than library post cards.
(R) 1916 'Blue Sky' card by Curt Teich.


Now the Boonville-Warrick County Public Library, no longer occupying this rather snazzy ca. 1914 building.


Brazil, IN Carnegie building Brazil, IN Carnegie building

Rather ordinary limestone library enlivened by the frieze, and what I suspect is a semi-circular stained glass window, over the doorway. According to the library's history page, this is the only Carnegie building marked with carved letters as a donation from Andrew Carnegie.
I'm not so sure about that.

The card on the left has an entire back. The card on the right is a C.T. American Art Blue Sky postcard, by Curt Teich, of course.

Brazil, IN Carnegie building interior

It's a special treat to find an interior picture of a Carnegie building. This interesting shot of the library's original desk and other furnishings is dated 1910. Too bad that the postcard is in such poor condition.


Brookville, IN Carnegie building Brookville, IN Carnegie building

Built in 1912: a very interesting history was published by the Brookville American-Democrat upon the Library's centennial.
Did you know that many Carnegie buildings have 13 steps leading to the Library? This symbolizes the 13 Steps to Wisdom. According to the article, Carnegie thought that young, ambitious people would comprise the majority of the users.


(L) Suspect postcard. Despite a 9/1/1913 postmark, the message and address appear to have been written in ball point pen.
(R) The card was produced in California, by Mike Roberts Color Production, color being the operative word.


Clinton, IN Carnegie building

Per the Woody's Library Restaurant web site, clearly the oddest reference I have used, this was built in 1913 and replaced in 1970. The $11,000 grant came in early March of that year. Bobinski and the postcard concur.
From 1972 to 1989 the building served as town offices and courthouse. In 1998, it became the restaurant.

Austin Bond was the local (per Arcadia Press's Carmel) architect.

The card appears to have been in the Hamilton County Public Library Commission's collection, according to its notations mad in 1925. It's an Americhrome brand production.


Clinton, IN Carnegie building Clinton, IN Carnegie building

The State Library of Indiana waxed positively lyrical about this 1908 Carnegie building, tripled in size in 1991.

Maybe it's just these rather blah cards, but I'm not as impressed.
(L) Black and White brand card.
(R) One of the last classical Curt Teich cards in my collection to be mailed, it's postmarked 1958.


Columbus, IN Carnegie building Columbus, IN Carnegie building

Built 1901: razed 1969.

Slightly iconoclastic Carnegie building with a strange convex entry. Something about the retouching makes it seem as if the walls are also curved. The library probably had the fan-style stack arrangement used in the smaller buildings built on corner lots.

Built 1901: razed 1969.


Connersville, IN Carnegie building

Built 1908 - 9: razed 1980. Now known as the Fayette County Public Library. The H. H. Hamm postcard was possibly printed by Curt Teich.


Crawfordsville, IN Carnegie building Crawfordsville, IN Carnegie building

Crawfordsville District Public Library.
From the Indiana State Library:
In 1969 the front steps were removed and a street level entrance installed. In 1977 to 1979 the building next door was renovated and connected to the Carnegie library. In 1996 the special services department was renovated.

(L) Litho-Chrome brand card.
(R) An entire back signifies the card predates 1907, and may even have been printed shortly after the grant date of 1901.

Crawfordsville, IN Carnegie building

(R, below) Monochrome card published by Auburn Post Card Manufacturing Co.
Photography credit went to Franzlau, which was run by the eponymous brothers William A. and Harry O. Between 1906 and 1916, the firm was in Blackford County, and moved to Crawfordsville to operate as Franzlau Photo Shop between 1925 and 1935, according to Blackford County Photographers Collection, ca. 1880-1939, by Tranfield and Nicholson.

 Crown Point

Crown Point, IN Carnegie building Crown Point, IN Carnegie building

1906 grant, built in 1908, and replaced in 1972. The library's history page was excellent, but has gone offline (June, 2010).
Today the Carnegie building is used as a meeting hall for a fraternal organization.

Two versions of a Vilmer photo. Which was produced in Germany, and which in Chicago by Curt Teich?


Culver, IN Carnegie building

Built in 1915: still in use after additions and renovation. Now known as the Culver - Union Township Public Library. History is found on the library's web page, along with some interesting city history and photos.


Danville, IN Carnegie building

Built in 1902, with additions in 1979 and 1999. Merited a two-sided historical marker. Still in use, and still known as the Danville Public Library.

Yet another Classical Revival library on an entire back postcard, dating between 1902 and 1907.


Delphi, IN Carnegie building Delphi, IN Carnegie building

Originally organized by the Oracle Club.
1904 grant. Still in use after a 1990 addition.

Shouldn't they have known it would become too small?

Attractive, classic web site with an extensive history page. It's interesting to see that they have an interpreter/translator on staff.
It's especially essential any time there's an oracle involved.

(L) Western News' 'Litho-Chrome' card, mailed in 1908.
(R) Photo card gives us the June 19, 1906 dedication date for the Library. The view is very similar to that on the printed card.

 East Chicago - Indiana Harbor

Two 1903 grants. Appears to have been replaced.

East Chicago-Indiana Harbor, IN Carnegie building East Chicago-Indiana Harbor, IN Carnegie building Indiana Harbor, IN Carnegie building
1938 Curt Teich linen finish card, mailed in 1940.
Notice the streetcar tracks in front,
which help the building look just that much more like a railroad station.
Charming scene with four girls and a man mowing the lawn.
Planters and a fancy brick foundation are Prairie architectural details.
A steep (but practical) roof destroys the effect.
Sky-tint card with a park to the side, and no tracks.


Elkhart, IN Carnegie library Elkhart, IN Carnegie library

1901 grant: building completed in 1903. Replaced in 1963: 60 years is not a long time, considering how well these buildings were constructed. In 1969, a bank purchased the building, tearing it down in 1970.

I'd really kvetch, but this building is not all that special. It's a lot like that of Blue Island, Illinois.
Whoops, that got torn down, too.
Time to start kvetching, boys and girls.

Elkhart, IN Carnegie library

(L) E.C. Kropp card.
(R, above) Produced for the A.D. Frank News Agency.
(R, below) Manufacturer unknown, but it was sent with the compliments of Uncle Dan.


Elwood, IN Carnegie building Elwood, IN Carnegie building

Built in 1903: superceded in 1997 due primarily to wiring problems. Temporarily used as the Updegraff's Furniture Store Annex in 2006, per a high school online newspaper, until the heating system quit.
The Library is now part of the North Madison County Public Library System. These Indiana folks sure like long library names.

(L) Unattributed card mailed to Rockford in 1916.
(R) Early Curt Teich C.T. Blue Sky card mailed in 1947.


Two branch libraries of the Evansville/Vanderburgh County Library were built with Carnegie grant money. For more Evansville cards, see my non-Carnegie library page.

Evansville, IN Carnegie building Evansville, IN Carnegie building

Identical twins, unveiled to the public on January 1, 1913. The grant money was approved January 6, 1911, per Bobinski. Even today, these buildings remain identical.

(L) Uncertain as to which building this is. The card refers to it in the plural, but gives the information:
Clifford Shopbell & Co. Architects. The Wikipedia article linked does not list these libraries, but I think a contemporaneous post card mailed in 1913 is better evidence, eh?
(R) The card, mailed in 1916, was a product of Chicago's Acmegraph. It clearly states that it shows the East Side Branch.

 Fort Wayne

Ft. Wayne, IN Carnegie library Ft. Wayne, IN Carnegie library Ft. Wayne, IN Carnegie library

Morphed into the Allen County Public Library, which is one of the most amazing libraries I've had the pleasure to use. Even during library construction, the genealogy collection was accessible and useable. It reminds me of the Oshkosh library--on steroids.

The Carnegie grant came in 1901. The resultant building was demolished in 1965. There is nothing in its place.


Fowler, IN Carnegie library Fowler, IN Carnegie library

1906 grant. Now part of the Benton County Public Library, but I had to use Google maps Street View to learn this is the same building.

(L) No information on this card, and its postmark is illegible.
(R) Mulson Studio card mailed in 1953.


Frankfort, IN Carnegie library Frankfort, IN Carnegie library

Built in 1906. With a 1988 addition, still in use. Now known as the Frankfort Community/Clinton County Contractual Public Library. The library's web site is quite accessible and useful. The link above will take you to its history page.

(L) Although the card shows a dotted line evenly dividing its back, it was mailed as if it were an entire back card in 1908. The attractive card is German (Dresden- Leipzig-Berlin) and published by the Indiana News Company of Indianapolis.
(R) Dexter Press 'chrome' card, mailed in 1981.


Garrett, IN Carnegie library Garrett, IN Carnegie library Garrett, IN Carnegie library
Here's a postcard maker for you:
Chucks Color-Fotos, Hicksville, Ohio, ©1958.
Lovely Commercialchrome card,
possibly a Curt Teich brand.
Photo postcard,
date uncertain and publisher unknown.

Built in 1914, and possibly renovated ca. 1995. Still in use.


Gary, IN Carnegie library Gary, IN Carnegie library Gary, IN Carnegie library

One of the more surprising members of the Carnegie family (1910 grant).
It received a 1939 addition, but by 1955, it was outmoded, out of repair, and was demolished between 1962 and 1964.

Shuttered to the public ca. 2011, the Administrative Offices building was its replacement. Four branches remain open to serve the public.

The flanking cards above are rather plebian, but the center card (slightly retouched) is a Crose photo. Crose Photo Co. did a bang-up job with Northwestern Indiana photography.

Gary, IN Carnegie library Gary, IN Carnegie library

Pieces of the system's history are found on Wikipedia, as well as on a new history page on the library's web site.

Cards 2 and 4 are by E.C. Kropp, and the photo card is unattributed.


Goshen, IN Carnegie library Goshen, IN Carnegie library

This is it!
The very first Indiana Carnegie Library, dating from a 1901 grant.

Beaux-Arts building, designed by Patton and Miller of Chicago, IL, was superceded in 1968. It was restored in 2004, and now serves as the Goshen City Hall.

(L) Very early E.C. Kropp (No. 3175) with entire back. If there is such a fault, perhaps the hand-coloring is a little too subtle.
(R) German card displays the wording and date above the entrance.


My sister went to DePauw, and all I got was this postcard. Greencastle, IN Carnegie library

(L) Kind of a disappointing DePauw souvenir, in my opinion.
(R) Attractive German Litho-Chrome card, mailed in 1910.

1902 grant. If the 1905 date on the DePauw card is correct, the builders took some care to preserve the surrounding trees.
The library is still in use, but has been modified.

Greencastle, IN Carnegie library

By the time the right hand card was published, the Indiana movement toward county libraries was begun. This card is labeled as the Greencastle-Putnam County Library.
It was mailed in 1955.


Greensburg, IN Carnegie library Greensburg, IN Carnegie library

Surprisingly well documented library. Finished in 1905, the library was built on the site of an old foundry. In 1994, it outgrew the Carnegie building, and is now known by the unwieldy moniker of the Greensburg/Decatur County Contractural Public Library.
The building now serves as a city building, and has been treated with sensitivity.

(L) The back of this C.T. American Art Duotone card is stamped 'Sample from New York Office//Alfred Robbins//11 West 42nd St. New York// Lackawanna 5766'
(R) The photograph on the postcard bears the attribution 'St. John & Guthrie.'

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