Ohio Carnegie Libraries D - M

3 of Dayton's public libraries

Ohio is traditionally considered to have the best public library service among the states. They certainly started off with a boatload of Carnegie grant money.

Note that the Dayton card (left) shows two Carnegie branch buildings plus its signature Romanesque main library.


Defiance, OH Carnegie Building

1903 grant: still in use after a recent renovation.

Architecturally, a combination of Tudor and Romanesque design. As this card dates back to at least 1922, the library drop boxes flanking the entrance are distinctly ahead of their common use.


Delaware, OH Carnegie Building

1904 - 199x

Apparently the ca. 1993 building of the Delaware County District Library replaced the Carnegie building. The new building was remodeled in 2004. Where do they get their money?

Oh, I think I can answer this.
There is now a room dedicated to the history of harness racing.

 East Liverpool

E. Liverpool, OH Carnegie Building E. Liverpool, OH Carnegie Building

3 storeys; no waiting.

(L) Souvenir of East Liverpool, Ohio. The glitter spells it out for you.
(R) Card by I. Robbins and Son out of Pittsburgh.

1899 grant, building finished in 1902. This was the third East Liverpool library building. Some renovation has taken place since.

 Fostoria (McLean Library)

Fostoria, OH Carnegie Building

The city of Fostoria is known as one of the midwest's glass cities.

Real photo 'KRUXO' postcard, mailed in 1915.
There is a big black blur, vaguely shaped like a dog, around the side walkway. Train tracks run up the brick street. Other artifacts point to this being an amateur photograph.

Fostoria, OH Carnegie Building Fostoria, OH Carnegie Building

(L) Mc Clean Drinking Fountain and Public Library.
I smile when I see 'Mc Clean drinking fountain.' I don't know from when that dates, but the library building dates from a 1903 Carnegie grant. The attractive linen-finish card was mailed in 1949.
(R) Marchion Studio photo used on a Curt Teich card.

Still in use, with a 1968 and a 1989 addition. I don't know about the 'Mc Clean' drinking fountain.


Galion, OH Carnegie Building Galion, OH Carnegie Building Used by permission of the Galion Public Library

(L) Early (ca. 1906) monochrome card.
(C) Tinted card with unevenly divided back.
(R) Postcard scan courtesy of the Galion Public Library.

Did you know that the library began in a log cabin?
The Carnegie grant came in 1904. Expansion of the lovely Carnegie building came in 1991.


Greenville, OH Carnegie Building Greenville, OH Carnegie Building Greenville, OH Carnegie Building
Divided back.ca. 1910.1933 Curt Teich 'C.T. Art-Colortone.'

Several views of an 1901 Carnegie library.

The precursor was the 1889 Free School Library. This building was recently renovated. It's huge!

(L) Delicately colored early glossy card: publisher unknown.
(C) Monochrome view, possibly from the same photograph.
(R) This Curt Teich linen finish card is a little discolored with age. Then again, someone had a rather lurid day in its production.


Kent, OH Carnegie Building Kent, OH Carnegie Building

1901 grant, with a 1903 grant for furnishings. Built in 1902 by A.C. Stambaugh. The building, now called the Carnegie section, contains a genealogy room, the Keller Room, and a quiet reading room.

(L) Vignette-style card, mailed in 1908.
(R) German 'Blue sky' type card, mailed in 1909. The library windows look strangely blank.


Lebanon, OH Carnegie Building

1902 grant; Richards, McCarty and Bulford were its architects. Opened 1905. Renamed 'Hardin County District Library' in 1936. Replacement building dedicated 1969. Renamed 'Mary Lou Johnson - Hardin County District Library' in 1977.
Building now used by Kenton Dental Care, per Shari Laster.

Early C.T. American Art card sent in 1916. A 'W' in a diamond also appears on the card, indicating its production for F.W. Woolworth.


Kenton, OH Carnegie Building

1903 grant. Opened in 1908. A rear wall collapsed during its renovation, calculated at 1987. It reopened in 1988.

The library's web site is beautiful, and showcases the melding of the old Carnegie building with a large addition.


Lima, OH Carnegie Building Lima, OH Carnegie Building

Large ($30,000) grant in 1901. One carpenter lost his life during construction. Still in use as the Paulding County Carnegie Library.

One of the most Federal looking of all the Ohio Carnegie libraries. That should scare away any ostensible ghosts, but the library is rumored to be haunted. Methinks someone has spent too much time reading in the Dewey 100s.

Kropp Large letter card featuring the Lima library Interior of Lima Carnegie Library Lima, OH Carnegie Building
E.C. Kropp 'Blue series'
large letter card.
Interior view, ca. 1907-1915.Steeply angled view.

Wow, these Limans are (rightfully) proud of their library!
(L) LLC features a vignette of the library, view same as above.
(C) Beautiful view of the interior, taken from about 20 feet in back of the desk. It's easy to keep a neat desk without labor saving devices.


London, OH Carnegie Building London, OH Carnegie Building

Early 1902 grant. Opened in January, 1905. Apparently still in use.

(L) Silver border monochrome card, characteristic of the Wayne Paper Box Co.
(R) Delicate postcard from the Art Mfg. Co., of Amelia, Ohio.


Lorain, OH Carnegie Building Lorain, OH Carnegie Building

Hello-o-o back there!

1902 Carnegie grant. After a period of abandonment (1957 - 1970), the Carnegie building was renovated for use as the Lorain Parks and Recreation Department.

(L) Fred Dinkel card, printed in Germany.
(R) Attractive Rotograph card, printed in Germany. Notice the man proudly displaying the bike rack. One might wonder if he had made it himself.

Interior of Lorain Carnegie library

(Lower R) Interesting Hugh C. Leighton card showing an insider's view of the reference desk.

And what was it like then?

No phone.
No computer.
Lots of books.


Mansfield, OH Carnegie Library Mansfield, OH Carnegie Library

1903 grant. Still in use.

(L) Litho-Chrome card, without chimneys, mailed in 1909.
(R) This Tom Jones card must have been produced shortly after the library's construction. There doesn't even seem to be a lawn, much less landscaping.


Marietta, OH Carnegie Library

Established in 1829. In contrast, the Carnegie grant was rather late: 1913. Then the library was built (by Levi Cowell) on an Indian mound, which seems a little disrespectful (by George Walter Hovey, architect). Today, it's the hub of the Washington County Public Library System.

K-Win card, never mailed but still bedraggled.


Marion, OH Carnegie Library

Attractive H.H. Hamm/Curt Teich American Art card, probably dating from between the world wars.

Late 1902 Carnegie grant. No information about the building on the library's website.


Maumee, OH Carnegie Library Maumee, OH Carnegie Library

A September 1915 grant puts Maumee's Carnegie building at the new end of the endowment timeline.
The library has been engulfed into the Toledo-Lucas County Library juggernaut, but the building is still in use as a branch. Notice the adaptation on the right side, with short windows, probably meant to better accomodate stacks.

(L) Silvercraft card, by Dexter Press.
(R) The undistinguished Eagle Post Card was mailed in 1940.


Miamisburg, OH Carnegie Library

I was hesitant whether to place this library, built from a late 1908 grant, under Dayton. The building became a school district library in 1923, and the library became part of the Dayton Public Library system in 1966. Dayton-Metro replaced it in 1981.
What a pleasant surprise it was to discover that this building is now a rentable meeting facility.

Wedding reception, anyone?

From this 1915 postcard, I certainly would not have guessed that the building was built of dark brown brick.


Middletown, OH Carnegie Library Middletown, OH Carnegie Library

1902 grant, per Bobinski, but the cornerstone, clearly visible on the card, shows 1911.
Replaced, fate unknown.

(L) H.H. Hamm card displays an unusual angle of the building, perhaps meant to display the cornerstone.
(R) Kraemer Art card mailed in 1912.


Milan, OH Carnegie Library

Now the Milan-Berlin Township Public Library.

1911 grant. Still in use.

RPPC, mailed in 1920, shows a lovely example of Prairie architecture.

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