Dakota Public Libraries

Alas, I have little to offer you. North and South Dakota do not tend to have had many postcards made, excluding SD's tourist attractions.

North Dakota

Bismarck (Veterans Memorial Library)

Bismarck Veterans Memorial Library

Replacement for the Carnegie building.
I believe that I have been inside this building with family members.

Published by North Dakota Scenes.

Jamestown (Alfred Dickey Library)

Alfred Dickey Library of Jamestown

Information from the James River Library's history page.
Built in 1919 in Louis Sullivan's Egyptian style by student J.A. Shannon. No wonder they are planning so carefully for a forthcoming addition.

Dexter Press card mailed in 1953.

Lakota (A.M. Tofthagen Library & Museum)

Lakota's A.M. Tofthagen facility

Not often that a library admits to being small.
Small, but mighty: on the National Register since 1991.

L.L. Cook photo postcard.

Williston (James Memorial Library)

James Memorial Library, Williston, ND (L) Early Auburn Greeting Card postcard.
(R) Bloom Bros. card.
James Memorial Library, Williston, ND
James Memorial Library, Williston, ND (L) Unknown photo postcard.
(R) Street view; unknown publisher.
James Memorial Library, Williston, ND

Now in use as The James Memorial Art Center.
Built in 1911; replaced by the pretty Williston Community Library.

South Dakota

I am looking for Ipswich's library on a postcard.


Day Co. Museum and Webster City Hall

Also serves (served?) as the Day County Museum and Webster City Hall.

Photo postcard.


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