Library Postcards: Civic Pride in a Lost New York

Long Island Carnegie Libraries

Unlike many states, there is no large website that lists all the New York libraries. New York appears to differ from many states in that its library districts correlate with its school districts.

 Far Rockaway

Far Rockaway, NY Carnegie Library

Not listed by Bobinski as a Carnegie building. Incorporated into the Queens library ca. 1907, and some time later, replaced.

Plain brick building with a policeman in front. Postcard mailed in 1906.


Flushing, Queens Carnegie Library

Built in 1904. Thought to have been demolished after its 1957 replacement. Commercial Photo Art Card.


Patchogue, LI Carnegie library

Built from a 1905 grant. Now known as the Patchogue-Medford Library. I don't know if the building is still in use.

Unusual card with a red border more typical of scenic view cards.

Non-Carnegie Libraries


Founded in 1895. Replaced.

Tomlin Art Card, with Nov. 8, 1943 date in pencil.

 East Hampton

E. Hampton, LI Library

Bears a solid resemblance to Highland Park, Illinois' Carnegie Library.
The Library's web site describes it as 'Neo-Elizabethan.' It was built in 1912, with Aymar Embury serving as its architect.

The 'Eagle Quality' card was mailed in 1937.

 Southampton (Rogers Memorial Library)

Rogers Memorial Library


Tomlin Art Card.

 Author's comments

To the best of my knowledge, the majority of these cards has reached the public domain by virtue of the postcards' age. I claim full copyright on the text, which may be used in citation only. Also, I claim copyright on the scans.

If you have evidence that any of the non-Carnegie cards are really of Carnegie libraries, please e-mail me at (first name)(at)roadmaps (dot) org.

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