Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh

I'm not dead yet.

As expected, Andrew Carnegie treated his adopted state to bigger grants and grander buildings. What most consider to be the flagship (mother ship?) Carnegie building is the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.


I'm not dead yet.

Some call this America's first Carnegie Library. It was dedicated in 1890 by Benjamin Harrison. (Honestly, it's the only thing I can think of in association with this president.) It's now the Allegheny City Historic Reading Room. A new building serves full library functions.

April 6, 2006. Lightning bolt to the tower.

By the way, the clock took a lickin' and kept on tickin'. It survived its multi-story fall and the lightning.

(L) Beautiful Detroit Publishing 'Phostint' card. That is some rockin' fountain in the foreground.
(R) Early monochrome card.

 Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Private Mailing Card,
authorized by Act of Congress, May 19, 1898.
Tinted Rotograph card. Caption: New Carnegie Library, Pittsburg, Pa.
Yet, it has a divided back (1907 and forward).
Embossed card with glitter. Pioneer era card. Self-framed card.
Unknown publisher,
mailed in 1908.
Center vignette features Prof. Samuel Andrews, the superintendent of the city schools. Center vignette features Frank Ridgway, the director of the Department of Public Safety.
Unevenly divided card by W.G. MacFarlane,
mailed in 1907.
This card, postmarked 1910, has plenty of interesting information. The photo was by R.W. Johnston and featured 'A Bird's-eye View showing Carnegie Library, Pittsburg, Pa. Note the empty land. The 1917 card looks positively bucolic with hills and trees in the background.
Published by Minsky Bros. Publishing Division, this C.T. Art-Colortone linen finish card is postmarked 1945. A train track appears to end behind the building. The general perspective of this entire card seems somewhat 'off.' 1930 Curt Teich card,
from the transition to linen-finish cards.
This is a closer view of the Carnegie Institute and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, as photographed by J.E. Ihrig. It dates from the 1950s. If the colors are accurate, it has become nearly black from the smog and soot of industrial Pittsburgh.

Interior views

Lobby Reading room

It's always a coup to find nice interior views of a library. Both Albertype cards were never mailed and have entire backs.

(L) This shows the lobby of the art gallery, with an unfortunate composition which has led me to file this card upside down more than once.
(R) Fabulous view of the reading room, with rock-hard chairs and card catalogues way off in the back.

Carnegie Library, East End

(L) According to the 1907 message:

The 'Branch' is not far from our home. I pass it twice a day on way to train - (and) the girls get books occasionally - There are other branch libraries in the 'West End' - 'Lawrence ville' - 'South Side' (and) 'Wilkinsburg' - all run in connection with the 'Central.'

(R) PSC brand card mailed in 1912.
It's uncertain if the East Liberty branch is the same as the East End branch.

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