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AirSnare is a completely free program. Creating and maintaining AirSnare has required - and still does - a considerable amount of work and effort.

If you like AirSnare or you are using it for a commercial application, then you may wish to support AirSnare development by making a voluntary donation.

It's easy and secure - you can donate a sum of your own choice online in just few seconds with your credit card using the PayPal online payment system.

Thank You,
Your Humble Developers



1)  You will need an 802.11b (wireless) network card.  If Ethereal works with your network card, AirSnare should do the same.  (AirSnare will work on a wired network card also).

2)  The computer that is going to be running AirSnare must be associated with the Access Point. What this means is the computer must have it's wireless client SSID set to the same SSID as the Access Point.  (Setting the SSID on the AirSnare computer to:   ANY    has also worked in LAB testing.)

3)  You must have the WinPcap Library installed.  If you are running Ethereal (the free sniffer software) then you already have this, if not you can download it from

4)  Download AirSnare and install it.

5)  Start AirSnare.  As long as you have the above installed you shouldn't get any errors.

AirSnare is installed, now what?

1)  When AirSnare starts, select your network card from the list.

2)  Click Start to begin scanning network traffic

3)  You can select the Tracking menu and then select Track with AirSnare or with Ethereal.

4)  If the border color turns RED this is the "visual alert", you can right click and select "Acknowledge Alarm" in the Alarms menu and it will go back to black.

Have fun...