Monster Mud For "The Guardian"

Many prop makers use Monster Mud for their creations.  The great thing about Monster Mud is it does not have to be exact.  Monster Mud is a mixture of two components, joint compound and latex paint.  The normal mixture rate is 1 gallon of paint to 5 gallons of joint compound, however it can be a "best guess".

After Monster Mud has been applied to a "creature" and it is allowed to dry, the joint compound will become very stiff and hard.  Any folds and flows of the burlap will stay and not move.  If your creation will be outdoors, it is recommended that you seal it with a polyurethane sealant.

Get all of your items together, joint compound, latex paint (black exterior), mixing bucket, power drill and mixer.  Pour about 2 gallons of joint compound into a mixing bucket, add some of the latex paint and then start mixing.   I highly recommend you use a power drill with a mixing attachment.  While mixing, add more paint to darken the color.

TIP:  The color of the Monster Mud will be lighter once it dries.  You may need to add enough paint while mixing, so that the color is about 2 to 3 shades darker than you want.

For my creation, I used about a half gallon of paint to 2 gallons of joint compound.  Remember how much you used in your first Monster Mud batch, in the event you need to make more to finish a project. If you use the same ratio, you will have the same uniform color when it dries.



When applying the Monster Mud, you can use a paint brush with a good portion of the mud on it.  Then just paint it on.  However, after starting to do this, I realized that it would take a long time and I might miss a few spots.  So I decided to just use my hands, with gloves on and spread the mud out.  I then used the paint brush to get in some of the smaller areas and smooth out uneven spots.

The next section will cover applying the Monster Mud in stages.



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