John & Lori Boia's
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Last updated 25 August 2004

John's Paternal Genealogy

Transylvania - Leabu/Boia

Terezia Leabu (1892-1975) and Nicolae Boia (1892-1975).

John (Ioan) Boia (1881-1970) -- a Romanian sheepherder who died in Hot Springs, Montana in 1970. At this time I do not have enough information to connect him to my family tree.

A great resource for researching Romanian ancestry is the Romania World GenWeb.

Cautare in Pagini Albe!

England/Germany - O'Boyle/Plott

Ellen Gertrude O'Boyle (1883-1943) and Herbert Plott (1880-1952).

Much information on the Plott family was obtained from the Stark County District Library in Canton, Ohio.

John's Maternal Genealogy

Bohemia - Petrik/Strejcek

Katerina Petrik (1855-1922) and Josef Strejcek (1848-1910).

Bohemia - Hladik/Krivanek [updated]

Maria Hladik (1858-1905) and Anton Krivanek (1847-?).

Bohemia - Zak/Handlir

Josefa Zak (1858-1934) and Joseph J. Handlir (1853-1919).

Bohemia/Poland - Kalal/Rutkowski

Barbara Kalal (1867-1938) and Jan Rutkowski (1867-1907). I am not currently investigating this line. It has already been thoroughly researched and documented by another genealogist

Czech out the Czech Genealogy Research Page. Much information about my Bohemian ancestors was obtained at the Maryland State Archives from the microfilmed church registers of St. Wenceslaus Church..

Lori's Paternal Genealogy

Indiana/Ohio - Collins/Schroeder (Under construction)

Eleanor M. Collins and Louis Schroeder.

Canada/Denmark - Beelman/Petersen (Under construction)

Hazel Beelman and Valdemar Petersen.

More information on these and other couples is forthcoming.... check back soon.

Lori's Maternal Genealogy

Pennsylvania - Steel/Guthrie (Under construction)

Jane Steel and William Guthrie -- Perry Twp, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. Jane's grandparents were Jane Barr & Isaac Steel, early settlers of Armstrong Co.; and Elizabeth Craig & Alexander Storey, also pioneers.

Ohio - Cernilogar/Zupancic (Under construction)

Cecilia Cernilogar and John Zupancic -- Slovenian immigrants fron Novo Goritza who settled in Cleveland.

More information on these and other couples is forthcoming.... check back soon.

If you have any information to share, please send me email!

Check for messages about these names: Leabu, Handlir, Strejcek, Zak.

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