Nellie O'Boyle and Herbert Plott

Herbert Plott was born on 09 Jan 1880 near Essen, Germany, to Heinrich ("Henry") Plott of Forst Kreis Cochem, and Phillipena Daum of Moselkern (both in Rheinland-Pfalz). He was baptized at St. Nikolauskirche in Stoppenberg on 18 Jan 1880. He had at least one brother, Charles, born 30 Sep 1876 and baptized on 08 Oct 1876. A church birth certificate providing this information was marked with the church seal on 16 March 1881. Stoppenberg is a suburb of Essen in Nordrhein-Westfalen. The Plotts immigrated to the U.S. later that same year. The certificate was probably obtained in order to provide proof of age and identity for the two boys for immigration.

Ellen Gertrude ("Nellie") O'Boyle was born in England on 19 Aug 1883 to Thomas O'Boyle and Helen Glenn (or Glynn?), both originally from Ireland. It is unclear exactly when she immigrated to America and with whom. (Recently, I discovered a possible family connection from the Pittsburgh area -- Northside, formerly Allegheny City. Still hunting...)

1898 -- Herbert Plott participates in the Spanish American War, possibly as a member of a cavalry regiment from Ohio.

1901 -- Herbert Plott rides a horse in the funeral procession for assassinated President Wm. McKinley in Canton, Ohio. This may be as part of the Black Horse Troop, or Troop A, from Cleveland, Ohio. (See below.)

The city directory for Canton, Ohio, 1904-5, lists "Hobart" and William Plott living at 1219 N. Belden Avenue with John Plott and his wife Harriet. The three men are all listed as "tinworkers." The directory also includes a listing for "Boyle Nellie, wks 201 Louis ave," probably the right person.

Herbert and Nellie were married on 07 Jun 1905 at the Church of St. John the Baptist in Canton, Ohio. William Plott and Mary Serpell (sp?) were the witnesses the wedding.

The Canton directory for 1905-6 shows Herbert and "Helen" living at 618 Lawrence Avenue in Canton, while John, Harriet, and William C. Plott remain on N. Belden.

The Canton directory for 1909-10 shows Charles and Bessie Plott at 1236 Lawrence Ave. John & Harriet, William, and "Nick" Plott are at 1219 N. Belden Ave. Herbert and Nellie are not listed; they have moved to Massillon by that time.

The 1910 Census lists Herbert and Neliie as living at 38 Dwight Street in Massillon, Ohio, with their infant son Paul and a boarder named Mabel Butler. As she grew older, Nellie began to go by the name of Helen and then Ellen.

The 1915 Massillon Directory lists Charles and Bessie Plott at 1112 Wood St.; Herbert and Helen Plott at 613 Jarvis Ave; William C. and Mary Plott at 213 Arch St. All three men are listed as workers at the Massillon Rolling Mill Company.

By 1918, Herbert and William moved their families to Baltimore, Maryland. The 1920 Census shows Herbert Plott and family living at 108 North Lakewood Avenue in Baltimore -- the children were Paul (1909), Bernard (1910), Mary Eleanor (1913), and Rita (1919). The listing says that Herbert and Ellen became naturalized citizens in 1918. The 1920 Census also shows William and Mary Plott as living at 609 N. Lakewood Avenue with their daughter, Margaret.

The 1930 Polk's Baltimore City Directory lists the Plott family as living at 619 North Curley Street. Herbert and Paul are listed as steelworkers (probably working for Bethlehem Steel Co.), while Bernard is working as a secretary. William C Plott, a tinworker, and his wife Mary are living 5 blocks west at 609 North Lakewood Avenue.

Paul Plott died from appendicitis on 05 May 1932. He was only 23 years old.

Mary Eleanor Plott married John Nicholas Boia on 27 Mar 1937 at St. Peter's Church in Canton, Ohio. Interestingly, his application for Social Security (Form SS-5), dated 03 Dec 1936, shows him living at 619 N. Curley Street -- the Plott residence -- and working at Bethlehem Steel Co. in Sparrows Point, Maryland, just southeast of Baltimore. Mary's SS-5 form shows her as living at the same address and working for the A. S. Abell Company, the publisher of the Baltimore Sun newspaper. The marriage record for John and Mary lists him working as a machinist and living in Uhrichsville, Ohio, which is about 20 miles south of Canton. It would seem that Mary and John met in Baltimore, then moved to and married in Canton, Ohio. They eventually resettled in Baltimore.

Ellen Plott suffered a stroke and died 08 Jun 1943. She was 59. She and Herbert were living in Braddock Heights, near Frederick, MD.

Herbert Plott died of a heart attack on 05 Mar 1952. He was 72. He was living at 537 North Highland Avenue.

Bernard Plott died on 07 Mar 1985 at age 74.

Rita Plott died of cancer on 05 Sep 1997 at age 78.

The Plotts are buried together in Holy Redeemer Cemetery in northeast Baltimore, except for Mary Eleanor. She was laid to rest in the same cemetery, but in another grave.

Roosevelt's Funeral?

Herbert Plott is said to have served with Teddy Roosevelt in the battle of San Juan Hill in the Spanish American War of 1898. Herbert's daughter, Rita Plott, had been in possession of his military uniform, a saber, and a noose that was used to hang enemy prisoners. There is a family story that Herbert Plott rode a white horse in the funeral procession for Teddy Roosevelt. Let's examine the facts and see what we can deduce.

Theodore Roosevelt served as a colonel in the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment (the "Rough Riders"). He led the charge up Kettle Hill and San Juan Heights on 01 July 1898. Roosevelt was elected Governor of New York in November 1898, and won the Vice Presidency on the Republican ticket with William McKinley's re-election as President in 1900. Inaugurated on 04 March 1901, he served for only six months as Vice President. President McKinley was shot by an assassin on 06 September 1901 at the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. He died eight days later, and Roosevelt was sworn in as the 26th President of the United States. Roosevelt was re-elected in 1904 and his term as President ended on 04 March 1909 when William. H. Taft took office. Roosevelt died on 06 January 1919, and was buried on 08 January at Young's Memorial Cemetery, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York. These details were derived from a very comprehensive timeline of TR's life created by the Theodore Roosevelt Association.

Now, in 1919, Herbert Plott had been living in Baltimore for about two years -- his wife and four children were with him. He was 38 years old and working at Bethlehem Steel Corp. in Sparrows Point, Maryland, on the southeast side of Baltimore City. A photo of the Roosevelt funeral procession shows automobiles but few if any horses. Herbert would have had to travel to New York with less than two days' notice.

I believe that Herbert Plott actually rode in the funeral procession of slain U.S. President William McKinley. McKinley died on 14 September 1901. His body was brought by train from Buffalo to Washington, D.C. where he lay in state. His body was then taken by train to Canton, Ohio, and he was laid to rest in Westlawn Cemetery. (Note that many Plotts are also buried there!) A movie filmed by Thomas A. Edison shows the funeral procession.

William C. Plott was born 14 Jun 1882. He married Mary Gossler at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Massillon OH, on 06 Nov 1909. They moved to Baltimore sometime between 1915 and 1920. They had at least one daughter, Margaret Plott. William died on 24 May 1935 in Baltimore, and Mary died on 14 Jan 1973. They are buried together in Holy Redeemer Cemetery.

Herbert's brother, Charles H. Plott, a.k.a. Karl or Carl, was born 30 Sep 1876 and baptized on 08 Oct 1876. Charles married Bessie E. Harget 28 Dec 1902 in Stark County, Ohio. Charles died on 08 Jun 1945. Bessie died 08 Mar 1988 in Canton, Ohio. They are buried together in West Lawn Cemetery. I am investigating this line and will provide more data soon.

John Plott (b. Mar 1873) married Harriet M. Evans (b. Nov 1876) on 29 May 1895 somewhere in Stark County, Ohio. John died on 04 Jan 1948, and Harriet on 17 Mar 1967. They are buried in West Lawn Cemetery in Canton, Ohio. I will also be pursuing this line of research and post new data here when I have it. I believe John to have been the oldest brother of the other three Plott men.

We now know that there was a fifth brother, Nicholas Plott, born 18 May 1874 in Germany. He married a Welsh woman named Mary in Ohio about 1898. They had at least six children, including: Leroy, Lewis, John, and Harriette. The 1910 Census places this Plott family in Morris Township, Greene County, PA. Nicholas died on 02 April 1918 in Canton, Ohio while visiting his brother, John. According to the death notice I found, he and his family were living in Little Washington, Washington County, PA. The death notice names all four of his brothers, and places Herbert and William in Baltimore at this date.

Nicholas was buried in Westlawn Cemetery in Canton. I don't know if his wife or children were with him when he died; if not, it is unlikely that they attended the funeral two days later. I have not yet tracked down any of Nicholas' descendants.

Update: The 1930 Census index includes both Leroy and Lewis Plott in Pennsylvania.

Philippina (Daum) Plott, the mother of these five men, died in the Massillon area on 03 October 1894. She had just executed a will on the day before her death, probably knowing that the end was near. A copy of this will was located in the Stark County records. It states that she left no husband, so we now know that Heinrich Plott preceded her in death, and died sometime between 1881 and 1894, probably in east-central Ohio.

Much information on the Plott family was obtained via the Stark County District Library in Canton, Ohio, as well as from the vital records on microfilm at the Maryland State Archives.

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