Taken from "Custer's Last Stand" by Mort Kunstler


The 7th

The Campaign

The Village

The Troopers

The Scouts

7th Marches

June 25th

The Aftermath


Maps, Photos and Links

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Map of Sioux Country Crook/Reynolds Campaign Gibbon Campaign Terry Campaign Crook's Rosebud Campaign & Reno Scout Routes of Custer Terry & Gibbon
Approach to the Little Big Horn Custer Ridge The Stern Chase

George A. Custer Sitting Bull Crow King Crow Scouts Curley Gall
Low Dog Two Moon Wooden Leg Crazy Horse


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Little Big Horn Battlefield www.nps.gov/libi/index.htm

Friends of the Little Big Horn www.friendslittlebighorn.com/

Authenticated Photo of Crazy Horse www.custermuseum.org/rieckmann/crazyhorsenews.htm