My Stories

Welcome to my collection of short stories, novellas and novels.  Please be advised that my stories run anywhere from mild humor to the absolutely insane.  Some stories are based on events I've experienced myself, or were experienced by people I know.  Other stories are pure fiction, but you won't know for sure whether one is fact based or fiction, unless you leave a comment about the story in question. . . 

If you came looking for The Circle of Wounded Souls Trilogy, you can now find it at  Its available for dowloading to your e-reader or you can buy the books as paperbacks.  I will greatly appreciate your purchase and look forward to hearing your comments. 

I  promise, as you read these stories, you will laugh out loud, cringe, cry and seriously doubt my sanity, but you will not regret having read them.

Thanks for stopping by.

Enjoy the read!

Jim Ricca