Jennifer Cutting's The New St. George

Other Recordings by The New St. George

One track from High Tea, John Martyn’s anti-war song Don’t You Go, is featured on the Putumayo compilation A Celtic Collection (Catalog #PUTU125-2), which reached #14 on the Billboard World Music charts. The New St. George are joined by such luminaries as Capercaillie, Figgy Duff, Andy M. Stewart, Andy Irvine, Dougie MacLean, Sharon Shannon, Old Blind Dogs, and several others with tracks on the CD. The CD is available in stores everywhere.

There is an NSG track, Time to Remember the Poor, available only on a Christmas 1995 compilation CD of DC-area artists called Hungry For Music - A Holiday Feast. Project founder Jeff Campbell asked Jennifer to come up with a new recording of a “winter” song. Conveniently, while Jennifer was assisting a researcher in the Archive of Folk Culture, the book she was holding fell open to the song Time to Remember the Poor, and she knew it was “the one”. Her transformation of this traditional British and Irish song combines a chilly, synthetic sound with low-fi retro-rock, yielding an eerie, wintery head trip. The session includes Al Petteway in an extremely rare electric guitar outing.

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