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Dedication: To bass player Pete Kraemer and vocalist/flutist Elise Kress, Founding Father and Mother of The New St. George. Without Peteís zeal to create the band, his good musical taste and his powerful recruiting, there would not have been an NSG. Without Elise Kressís artistic creativity and ambitious vision, the band would never have survived its infancy or left home to go on the road. Profoundest thanks to both of them.

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Selected Press Quotes

New and longtime fans of British folk-rock should find the distinctive first album by this Washington, DC area band just the ticket. Like the Fairport of old, the band boasts strong original tunes by transplanted Brit Jennifer Cutting, wise choices in traditional songs, and terrific singing - especially by Lisa Moscatiello. Also production seasoning by bassist Rico Petruccelli makes this quite the occasion for high tea. Pass the scones, please. - Billboard, (USA)

MEATY, MATEY, BIG & BOUNCY--And bawdy and beat-y too. Who? The New St. George, Washington D.C.ís irresistable Old World/New World, electric eclectic cult band who may have the surest finger yet on the pulse of what makes folk music live. - Eve Zibart, The Washington Post (USA)

Infectiously schizophrenic! The New St. George infuses the timeless ballads and dance tunes of British tradition with a new-fashioned pop intelligence. - Mike Fleischer, Treasures from the Isles WDCB-FM radio, Glen Ellyn, Illinois (USA)

“...the album [High Tea] is SO good, I had a little trepidation about seeing them live - could they possibly live up to their exquisite CD? Could anyone? Well, yes, to my delight, they can. Favorites from the album and new treats in the anciente/nouvelle category prove that this band is a marvel live, vocals as sure as any recorded version, music joyful and beautifully blended...Get out and see them if you can! - Tay Mueller, New American Folk Music discussion list (USA)

Great fun, superb players, and excellent vocals. English folk-rock is alive and well in the U.S.A.! - Steve Edge, Rogue Folk (Canada)

Donít miss The New St. George live or on CD with High Tea. Riveting...You canít sit still for this avant/traditional British music fivesome! Youíll rock out...and then sail with the beauty and fullness of their ballads. Earning praise from both sides of the Atlantic... Itís a once-in-a-million chemistry... - Zassafras Music News, Arkansas (USA)

...dusts off the yellowed pages of old English manuscripts to give us an electrifying album that goes from epic ballads with riveting vocals to rollicking button-accordian-driven dance tunes. The New St. George redefines folk music for the í90ís. - Paul Hartman, Editor, Dirty Linen Magazine (USA)

We all know how rare it is to find an album where every track grabs you on the first listen, and at the end you wonder where this band has been all your life. Well, take it from me, this is one of those albums. If theyíre this good on their debut album, itís frightening to consider what theyíll be like a few years from now! - Michael Hunter, Fiddlestix Magazine (Australia)

...High Tea is a well-produced recording and something The New St. George should be proud of. Full of good (mostly English) music, itís almost as much fun as seeing them perform live (something youíll have to travel to the States to do, Iím afraid). So as the liner notes say íTake a sip. You may never be the same.í - English Dance & Song, London (England)

It is a while since an album from a group whose music I donít know hit me so squarely between the eyes from the first to the last. I look forward to future releases... This may be a difficult album to find in the U.K., but itís worth any trouble you may have. - Ian Burgess, Editor, The Ledge (Wales)

This quintet has a unique take on their material that could carry them far and should earn them a large following...Excellent from start to finish.Ē - Karen White, Victory Review, Washington state (USA)

A fine work in traditional folk-rock. - Mastumoto, Marquee (Japan)

The New St. George are a folk-rock band for the year 2000. An in-your-face mix of traditional music, folk, and rock and roll... The New St. George are folk-rockers par excellence . - Rock íní Reel (England)

...the second worst folk/rock band Iíve ever heard. - Ian A. Anderson, Folk Roots Magazine, (England)

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