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Cover of High Tea

These audio clips are encoded in RealAudio G2 28K mono format. You’ll need the RealPlayer Version G2, Version 7 (or later). We recommend that you right-click (Mac users: click and hold) on the link to the RealAudio (.rm) file. When the popup menu appears, select “Save this link as...” or “Save Target As...” and choose where you wish to save the file. This way you can listen to the clip later without having to download it again. Those needing immediate but ephemeral gratification can left-click on the link labeled streaming version. The music will begin to play after a few seconds, but the free RealPlayer doesn’t allow you to save the audio file to disk. Download the player from here:
Download Free RealPlayer

0The False Bride -- RealAudio G2 28K mono
(streaming version)

0All The Tea In India -- RealAudio G2 28K mono
(streaming version)

0When a Man’s in Love -- RealAudio G2 28K mono
(streaming version)

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