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Where Can I Buy The New St. Georgeís Music
& Memorabilia?

High Tea is available on CD or cassette at many retail record stores including Tower Records. CAUTION: Due to a printing error on the first run of CD booklets and cassette J-cards, the album may be filed with High Tea as the bandís name. You can also order it directly from NSGís label, Folk Era Records. The catalog number is FE1415. Their address, along with some other mail order sources follows:

Folk Era Records
705 S Washington Street
Naperville, IL 60540-0782
Phone: 800-232-7328
Fax: 708-305-0782

High Tea
may also available from the following online music stores:

Roots and Rhythm
Tayberry Music
CD Universe

The Putumayo compilation A Celtic Collection, containing Donít You Go from High Tea, is available in the World Music section of Tower Records. It may also be available at other large record stores. The catalog number is PUTU125-2.

Hungry For Music - A Holiday Feast, containing the otherwise unavailable NSG recording Time to Remember The Poor, was pressed in limited quantities and may now be unavailable. Try DC-area Tower Records, Olssonís Books & Records, or contact Hungry For Music at:

Hungry For Music
2020 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite 384
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: 202-994-4875 (Days)
            703-516-0487 (Evenings)

New St. George Memorabilia

Collectorís Items for Hard-Core Georgeheads

(Limited quantities available - first-come, first-served)

High Tea-bag: An actual teabag with the High Tea cover art printed on the front cover.
The High Tea-bag was a novelty item sent out to broadcast and print media with review copies when the album was released in 1994. An intoxicating brew reputed to have aphrodisiac properties, but donít drink it--itís a collectorís item!

1985 Original Lineup Tour Poster (black & white - 11" x 16"). A very young and geeky New St. George (pre-drummer) had these printed up as they headed out to win the East Coast to English Folk-Rock.
$5.00/each (shipped rolled)

Prices include domestic postage & handling. To order, send check or money order payable to:
The New St. George, 34 Hickory Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912

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