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     Rudolf von Borries        

Rudolf von Borries
(27.10.1863 - 30.08.1932)
place of birth: 

erman general serving as von Heeringen's Seventh Army Chief of Staff from 1915 through early 1917. Borries was later given command of of the 13th Infantry Division, winning the Pour le Merite in August of 1917.

Assignments and Commands  (pre-War)
27.01.1911 XVI. Armeekorps - Metz  (von Prittwitz and von Mudra's Chief of Staff)
Assignments and Commands  (during Great War)
02.08.1914 XVI. Armeekorps  =  5. Armee  (von Mudra's Chief of Staff)
28.03.1915 7. Armee  (von Heeringen and von Schubert's Chief of Staff) 
10.02.1917 13. Infanterie-Division  (Cdr)     (replaced von dem Borne)
27.09.1918 48. Landwehr-Division  (Cdr)     (replaced von Hanstein)
Pour le Merite:  4 August 1917
highest rank:  Generalmajor

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