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     Adalbert von Falk        

Adalbert von Falk
(1.9.1859 - 4.3.1930)
place of birth: 

erman divisional commander who was the son of supreme court justice and Prussian Minister of Culture Adalbert Falk. General von Falk served under von Hindenburg during the battle at Tannenberg, commanding troops of the 2nd Infantry Division. In 1916, he became von Quast's deputy commander of IX. Army Corps.

Assignments and Commands  (pre-War)
02.04.1909 9. Infanterie-Brigade - Glogau  (Cdr)
19.09.1912 Inspektion der Kriegsschulen - Berlin   (Inspector General of military schools)     (replaced von Wallenberg)
Assignments and Commands  (during Great War)
02.08.1914 2. Infanterie-Division = 8. Armee
04.10.1914 I. Armeekorps  - Führer  (temporary Cdr until 8.10.1914)
02.06.1916 IX. Armeekorps - stellvertretender KG  (Deputy Cdr to Quast)   
Pour le Merite:  n/a
highest rank:  General

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