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     Emil Hell        

Emil Hell
(26.5.1864 - 24.1.1931)
place of birth: 
 Giegel, Westpreußen  (West Prussia)

Originally trained in the Prussian Army as a field artillery officer, Emil Hell is best recognized as being a competent Chief of Staff throughout the Great War. He initially served as Friedrich von Scholtz' XX. Army Corps Chief of Staff during Germany's August 1914 victory at Tannenberg. Following promotion to Major General, Hell briefly commanded an infantry division, before finishing the final three months of the War as Army Group Chief of Staff in both the Western and Eastern theaters. General Hell died in January in Groß Grieben, West Prussia.


Assignments and Commands  (pre-War)
01.10.1884 Feldartillerie-Regiment ,,Prinz August von Preußen (1. Lithauisches ) Nr. 1 - Gumbinnen
13.06.1885 Leutnant
00.00.0000 Preußische Kriegsakademie - Berlin  (Student)
00.00.1901 Großer Generalstab - Berlin 
00.00.1901 1. Posensches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 20 - Posen  (Bty Cdr)
00.00.1903 Großer Generalstab - Berlin
00.00.1909 1. Masurisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 73 - Allenstein  (Bn Cdr)
00.00.1912 Großer Generalstab - Berlin
01.10.1912 XX. Armeekorps - Allenstein  (von Scholtz' Chief of Staff) 
22.05.1914 Oberst
Assignments and Commands  (during Great War)
02.08.1914 XX. Armeekorps  =  8. Armee  (von Scholtz' Chief of Staff) 
26.01.1915 10. Armee  (von Eichhorn's Chief of Staff) 
17.07.1916 Heeresgruppe Kiew  (von Linsingen's Chief of Staff)
07.12.1916 Heeresgruppe Mackensen-Rumänien  (von Mackensen's Chief of Staff in Romania)
20.05.1917 Generalmajor
23.04.1918 unknown
13.06.1918 28. Infanterie-Division  (Cdr)     (replaced von Böhm)  
07.09.1918 Heeresgruppe Herzog Albrecht von Württemberg  (Herzog Albrecht's Chief of Staff)
31.10.1918 Heeresgruppe Kiew  (von Kirchbach's Chief of Staff)
02.04.1919 außer Dienst 
Pour le Merite:  21 September 1916  (Oakleaves: 11.1.1917)
highest rank:  Generalmajor

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