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     Robert von Klüber        

Robert Emil von Kl
(15.9.1873 - 2.3.1920)
place of birth: 

erman lieutenant colonel best known for his distinguished service as a general staff officer during the Great War. He was awarded the Pour le Merite in June 1917 while serving as chief of general staff in General Fritz von Below's First Army. After the War, he was the War Ministry's liaison officer to the Government, then representative in the Weimar Republic. In March 1920, von Klüber was brought before the Military Council in Halle/Saale and was later thrown out into a mob. He was shot a couple times and thrown into the River Saale where he died of his wounds.

Assignments and Commands  (pre-War)
00.00.1906 Großer Generalstab - Berlin
00.00.1912 Major
00.00.1913 Militärattaché - Brüssel  (in Brussels and Paris)
Assignments and Commands  (during Great War)
02.08.1914 unknown
04.01.1917 Armeeabteilung "A"  (d'Elsa's Chief of Staff)     (replaced Eulitz)
11.04.1917 1. Armee  (Fritz von Below's Chief of Staff)     (replaced Loßberg)
22.06.1918 Armeeabteilung "A"  (Eben's Chief of Staff)     (replaced Bronsart)
18.10.1918 17. Armee  (Mudra's Chief of Staff)     (replaced Pawelsz)
Pour le Merite:  14 June 1917
highest rank:  Oberstleutnant

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